BORED TO DEATH Movie On the Big Screen?

bored_to_death_posterThe witty comedy BORED TO DEATH, which ran on HBO for three seasons from 2009 – 2011, was planning to return as a TV-movie or a theatrical movie at some point. Now it appears that it just might be making its way closer to those cinema screens. HBOWatch had reported back on 01.23.13 of the potential of this happening by citing a Ted Danson quote. Danson played George Christopher, a pot-headed father figure to Jason Schwartzman’s Jonathan Ames.

The series, if you need a reminder, was by creator Jonathan Ames who wrote about a character named after himself who is a struggling crime novelist and private detective on the side. His escapades, which involved George and Zach Galifianakis’ Ray Hueston, led them all over NYC’s boroughs solving crime. The series was cancelled, as reported by HBOWatch, and the creator and the actors quickly went to other projects. Then the idea of returning to the story surfaced.

CinemaBlend recently caught up with Jason Schwartzman who is making the rounds promoting the movie Listen Up Phillip to give this interview about the latest buzz:

CinemaBlend: So, is there any update on a Bored to Death movie?

Jason Schwartzman: The update is, Jonathan Ames (the show’s creator) is writing the script, but he’s also doing another show right now with Seth McFarlane. Yeah, they’re doing a show (Blunt Talk), and they’re shooting it in LA. I don’t even know the name of it, but it’s with Patrick Stewart. Pretty fucking awesome. Yeah, so that’s that. I don’t know what’s happening, because I think everything is sort of on hold right now.

CB: Well, Ames had talked a little bit about what the movie might be about. Have you guys talked about what would happen in it?

JS: I’ve read scripts and it’s hard because…I think it was such a downer (that the show was cancelled.) HBO was the best and I would totally work with them again, if they would have me. It’s not like I feel angry, but it was sad to lose the show, because I miss those guys and seeing them every day was the best. We had the best crew. But also it was hard because we knew what season 4 was. Like it was all done. It was all figured out. So I was all ready for it in my brain. And so I had to envision all these crazy (plots), I knew exactly what waPeople_JasonSchwartzman-250x300s going to happen. It had like a real crazy story. And then when it got cancelled it was like so now what do I do with this information?

CB: But I really like the way the season ended. I was bummed that it ended, but it was an interesting note that it ended on.

JS: Yeah, it’s a bummer. But hopefully the movie will get made. I guess my secret dream is that I get a call tomorrow that says, ‘You’ve been reactivated. Bored to Death is coming back for season 4!’ Because that would be like–it’s like a teenager waiting for like one more inch of his growth spurt, you know what I mean? I’m not going to give up.

That show has been cancelled now for a few years, and there’s a movie possibility.

CB: But The Comeback came back!

JS: The what?

CB: The Comeback.

JS: See, I don’t even know what that it. But my dream is that I get a call tomorrow from HBO that is like, “You’re back! Rent a place in New York.”

So we are really no closer to any actual content from when Mr. Danson blurted out his thoughts. Were you a fan of BORED TO DEATH? Would you like to see the continued adventures of these crazy blokes in the cinema or on HBO again? If Liza Kudrow’s THE COME BACK came reappear how about Jonathan Ames both the creator and the character?

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