Like many shows or films before it, Westworld has catered a website to fit with the theme of the show. It is called BeyondWestworld. On the site you can explore, talk to your very own host, and book your experience. I eagerly signed up to see what was in store.  The website simply comes alive with possibilities at the click of a mouse. There is an ever friendly host there to answer any and all questions you might have. The host is also your main contact for booking your stay. First however, you have to sign up with your email and see if you are accepted.  Once your email is accepted, a short series of questions are posed to help create the most amazing Westworld experience for each individual person.

Screen-Shot-2016-10-07-at-10.05.50-PM-300x217Based on how I answered the questions, I was most identified with the soldier. “You crave adventure and heart-pounding action, and you’re positively fearless. What’s more, you’re anxious to use your talents for upward mobility; you enjoy the challenge of starting from the bottom and working your way up through sheer will and tenacity. You can’t bear to be idle, and you’re constantly looking for the next big journey or the next cause to champion. My enterprising friend, you’re in luck- the war game within the park is a challenge unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.”  I would say some of this is pretty accurate. I certainly like adventure. But I don’t know if heart-pounding action is necessarily what I crave most. I would be intrigued to know what the other categories are and if I self identify with any of those better. In any case, I should clearly prepare myself for some action of some kind.

When I continued from there I was greeted to choose my visit day. Of course the park is nearly booked full. Obviously. It’s absolutely incredible. But I was able to snag a date and decided to give myself a nice week long vacation in Westworld. Not only were there different options for how I would like to experience Westworld, but I also booked a relaxing week after visiting to make sure I can rightly adjust being back in my own world. It’s hard to leave the west behind. Meanwhile, I’m also clearly leaving my life savings because holy cow that price tag. Good thing I’m independently wealthy from being such an utterly talented writer.

In my way through the website I desperately wanted to catch some screen shots to capture the essence and power of Westworld.  But occasionally, a glitch would occur.  It was almost as if something was wrong…  I even asked the host who was helping me about reality and it read system error…

The flawlessness of the website displays and contributes to the beauty of the show. And tying in an element of this nature allows the public to become even more interested and invested in experiencing Westworld.  But in a much more affordable manner. Check it out for yourself and see where it takes you. No matter the results  when you are through you will be deeper involved in the world of Westworld!

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