Boardwalk Empire: “What Jesus Said”

1884 Flashbacks

Little Flashback Nucky is running around delivering flowers and getting teased about kisses by little girls sending him postcards. He also walks in on dead bodies while Not!Dabney Coleman and the Sheriff clean it up. Some of the clips for this went by so fast that it was hard to tell when they were memory scenes and when they were in present day. Honestly, I would rather be spending more time with Joe Kennedy, or even Van Alden. I would LOVE to see Van Alden have his HULK SMASH! moment this season– I really hope we have one coming! Trivia bit: The postcard is signed Mabel, the name of Nucky’s first wife.

Chalky Is On His Own

Chalky and Milton spend the entire episode holding a mother and daughter hostage while the father is at work. At least, that’s what Milton does. Chalky kind of sulks and goes along with whatever Milton does during most of it. Milton gives the girl the creepy eye the whole time, and Chalky is disgusted but doesn’t really do anything to stop him until Milton had a gun to her head. I spent all the scenes kind of disgusted with Milton, but I was never in any kind of suspense about what would happen.

This kind of stuff is where the writing on this show becomes too predictable. I knew this was Chalky’s test to see how far gone he was, and I knew he was never going to let Milton hurt that girl. I also knew that we were going to have to sit through the entire episode to get the satisfaction of Chalky putting a hammer through Milton’s head. For the record, I’ve been waiting for that since the premiere when Milton wouldn’t stop singing. This season only has 5 episodes left. Chalky had better get to Harlem quickly if there’s going to be any kind of resolution between him and Narcisse.

Luciano And Siegel Meet With Narcisse

BE1Anybody want to guess what Narcisse has been doing? None of us knows, either, but he seems to have a nice headquarters and I didn’t see any traces of FBI guys hanging around. What we do know is that Narcisse had a heroin business arrangement with Joe Masseria, who is now dead. Luciano and Seigel want to make a new deal with him for Salvatore Maranzano to take over the heroin gap, but Narcisse isn’t interested. As Luciano observes, it’s nice that in the city everything is so close– as in, convenient for him to send his men to enforce his rules. Later in the episode, two of his agents are dispatched to gun down everyone in Narcisse’s whorehouse. There’s no way Narcisse didn’t see that coming, and he has to know it’s only going to escalate, but sometimes the characters do things because the writers want them to do things on this show. Now either Narcisse will become compliant or really, really angry. What if by the time Chalky shows up, Narcisse is ready to take him on as an ally?


Nucky and Joseph Kennedy

Can I just say the Onyx Club is NOT what it used to be? I cannot imagine taking Ol’ Joe Kennedy into a low class burlesque club like that and telling him it was mine, especially with the guy in the fez being his own best friend right at the front table like that. I know during the Great Depression you did what you had to do to get by, but really. I guess we can’t expect much else with Mickey Doyle running it, either. Mickey Doyle is low-class, and I hate that stupid laugh of his. I don’t know how he has managed to stay alive this long being such an annoying little worm.


That 9th child on the way that Joe was talking about — that was Senator Edward Kennedy. If our hero decides to become Uncle Nucky to this bunch, he better not let that one get him too close to a bridge. Anyway, you can tell Nucky is beginning to feel his lack of a legacy and sees what he wants for himself in Joe. He even begins to drink soda in public instead of alcohol, and tells Joe what he wants. If he wants to leave something behind, he’s going to need that wife and family to get Joe to take him seriously, which brings us to…

Nucky and Margaret: The Ties that Bind and Gag

Margaret is in deep doo-doo not just because she colluded with her boss to keep using Arnold Rothstein’s money for business, but also because his widow has discovered it, and she wants what is rightfully hers. With the company nearly bankrupt, she’s going to go after Margaret personally, because she knows that Margaret is Nucky Thompson’s wife, and Nucky has the money. Why those two didn’t legally divorce is beyond me. Now that the scorned Mrs. Rothstein is coming after both of them with a suit-wearing demon who has a strong sense of Latin, it’s Nucky’s problem, too. So Margaret is forced her to go back to Nucky right when he needs her. I think Sally Wheet is going to be out of the picture, and Nucky and Margaret may reconcile to possibly come out winners in the end.

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