‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 3 Finale – Predictions and Expectations


It all comes down to this. Everything is at stake, nothing is certain. Where will Terence Winter lead us on the season finale of ‘Boardwalk Empire?’ – airing this Sunday, 12/2. It’s a dangerous game; making predictions on the ‘Boardwalk,’ but that shouldn’t stop us from trying. Who will be the next to die? To betray? Who will pull the trigger? Only time will tell.

Everyone has a price, what’s Al Capone’s? What does Nucky loose by turning to his Chicago allies for help? Capone is a notorious hot-head with an insatiable lust for power. With his armies occupying Atlantic City, how reluctant will he be to leave once (if) the job is done. Nucky may have bitten off more than he can chew – he’s not used to dealing with Capone, who inspired the idea of having him killed last season. Now that Torrio is enjoying early retirement we can see how this notorious American icon continues his ascension to power. Forget Team Nucky or Team Gyp – whose on board with Team Al?

Arnold Rothstein in New York has always been a sneaky little bastard – a sneaky bastard with deep pockets and a mind that ticks like clockwork. It’s hard to say where AR’s allegiance lies but like any gambling man, my guess would be with those with the best odds. He’s an opportunist, plain and simple. With such a widespread net of chaos and disarray throughout the bootlegging world, Rothstein is bound to make a move – the question is how, and with whom? Maybe this will help you out:

I’ve always played with the idea that Nucky would one day turn to Chalky for muscle, I just didn’t think it would take this long. Call it a testament to the racial implications of the times or call it plain stubbornness on the part of Nucky, what matters most is that he now has an army of Atlantic City soldiers – not Chicago, not New York City, not Philadelphia – Atlantic City, his town. These men answer to one man – Chalky White, and Chalky White answers to one man – Nucky Thompson. With so many loyalties in question, this one seems rather well stitched. I don’t see any breaks in this alliance, but I’ve been wrong before.


Nucky still roams the outskirts of Atlantic City but it’s Gyp Rosetti whose got things on lock-down. His armies have spread throughout the entire city – setting up roadblocks, checkpoints and a fortified HQ at Gillian’s whorehouse. It would appear that everything is under control. But like almost everything on the ‘Boardwalk,’ appearances can be deceiving. Rosetti still has to answer to his superior, Joe Masseria – whom I believe will be under pressure of his own due to Charlie Luciano’s arrest. Patience runs thin in the Italian mob, we’ll see how much longer Rosetti’s reign lasts.

Alongside Rosetti is his new queen, Gillian, whose inherited a kingdom under siege. She’s still under the belief that Nucky Thompson is dead, but she’ll find out soon enough the disheartening truth – he’s alive, and coming with an army. Not only is she housing Rosetti and his men, but she’s made enemies with the most dangerous assassin on the ‘Boardwalk’ – Richard Harrow. Harrow has been sidelined since he blasted Manny Horvitz in the face with a shotgun but now the chains have been removed. It’s time for Richard to take shit to a whole new level.


Al Capone, Richard Harrow, Chalky White, Gyp Rosetti – every character on the ‘Boardwalk’ is a wild card, you never know where they’re loyalty truly lies. Sure, Chalky and Nucky have come to an agreement, but whose to say that Nucky won’t back out of his arrangement to save his own skin? We’ve seen Nucky’s conscience and character deteriorate throughout the entire season, whose to say it stops now? Let’s not forget his shady dealings in the White House. Will Daugherty or Means turn the tables? Or will Andrew Mellon be Nucky’s saving grace. Who are we kidding, these are the last things on our protagonist’s mind. He’s fighting for his life right now and it’s time to put things to rest. This is obviously the most dire situation Nucky has ever been in, but his resolve is stronger than ever. He’s a master of keeping his whits while everyone around him is loosing theirs. Come Sunday, we’ll see if that’s enough.

The time has come. It’s the season finale of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season Three. Be there Sunday, 12/2 to see how this chapter ends. This episode also features a new performance of the song “I Ain’t Got Nobody” by rock’n’roll great Patti Smith, recorded expressly for the show.

Here are a pair of previews to tide you over until this Sunday night:

Season 4 is green lit so no worries there. That will premiere in Fall 2013.

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