Boardwalk Empire Season 4: Invitation to the Set

In a recently uploaded video by HBO, we are given a rare but welcome behind the scenes look at the upcoming fourth season of Boardwalk Empire, and among other things, it seems like we’re in for some great jazz this season!

“When men make themselves into brutes, it is just to treat them as brutes.”



Surprisingly, this short video actually reveals a lot of the background of the new season. We rejoin the cast in February 1924, 8 months on from the end of season 3, in the beginning of the jazz era. It certainly seems like Chalky’s jazz establishment is up and running in place of Babette’s Supper Club, which saw an explosive end last season. Chalky is said to be partnered with Nucky in this venture, and seems to be going smoothly until Dr. Valentin Narcisse (Jeffrey Wright) turns up. Narcisse’s part is confirmed in the video to be yet another AC visitor from New York, the “most powerful gangster in Harlem”.

Nucky himself is living in a “self-imposed exile” on the end of the boardwalk. It is implied that he is now staying in the Albatross Hotel, quite a fall for the now “lonely king”. Also mentioned is that he and Margaret are still “very much estranged”, but it is still unclear as to whether Kelly Macdonald will reprise her role this season, as she has not been seen in any of the promotional material thus far.

Richard Harrow, after exacting justice-by-shotgun towards the end of last season, is “adrift on the road, heading to parts unknown”. What his particular role will be remains somewhat of a mystery, but time will tell.

Gillian is confirmed to still be living in the Artemis Club, but is now addicted to heroin after the events of last season, when her attempt to subdue Gyp completely backfired. It seems as if this is where Ron Livingston’s character, Roy Phillips, comes into play, as Gillian is trying to sell the club. Whether he is a potential investor, partner, or straight up rival to Nucky remains to be seen.

Al Capone has taken up a living in Cicero, Illinois, after having “brought his brothers from Brooklyn”. Capone’s war with Dean O’Bannion seems like it will be in full swing when the show returns, with the newly settled van Alden (or Mueller…what do we call him now?) caught in the middle.

Finally, Nucky is still attempting to deal with Rothstein, Masseria, Luciano and Lansky, but is trying to “keep a low profile”. The last line of the video carries a foreboding tone, and promises plenty of drama this upcoming season.


Boardwalk Empire premieres on September 8th. Until then, we will be here with all BE news as it comes.

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