‘Boardwalk Empire’ S3 / E9 – ‘The Milkmaid’s Lot’

“I will not forget this.”


Things continue to grow worse for Nucky Thompson as we observe the disorienting aftermath of episode 8’s climactic explosion. He travels through a fog throughout the episode, unable to think clearly or precisely due to a serious concussion sustained on the ravaged ‘Boardwalk.’ We knew things were going to get bad, but now it appears that Nucky’s worst nightmare is coming true – he’s alone. Billie Kent is dead, Margaret and Owen plan they’re escape, Gyp has returned to Tabor Heights, and Nucky’s closest business associates have turned their backs on him, leaving him to fight the New York legions on his own. Only 3 episodes left this season, lets go:

We knew it would come to this point, Owen has abandoned his playboy tendencies and offers Margaret her long-desired chance at freedom. Both are tired, and quite frankly terrified, of Nucky’s uncompromising control. Each has witnessed first hand how Nucky continues to morally disintegrate, but for the first time in series history we see Margaret present in his decision making process –

“I’ll wear that fucking dago’s guts like a neck tie.”

Wow. Holy shit. There are ladies present, Nucky. Margaret has always had a basic understanding of how Nucky conducts his affairs, but hearing it first hand obviously leaves a terrifying impression. In the end, she makes the choice to leave with Owen. A choice, I believe, that will lead to the demise of one, if not both of them.

  • Do you think Margaret will leave with Owen? If so, will they succeed?
  • What event or character will expose this secret relationship?
  • Who would you miss more, Owen or Margaret?

Richard Harrow continues to merit a fair amount of screen time yet still he cleverly manages to steer clear of the main plot. After tearing up the dance floor with his beautiful date, Julia Sagorski, Richard returns to the mansion where an angry Gillian awaits. In his absence, young Tommy walks in on his new friend in the middle of a business transaction (doggy-style, I might add). This sequence sets out to portray the dwindling relationship between Richard and Gillian. We all know that Richard won’t stay side-lined for much longer. This audience favorite will surely have a huge impact on the coming episodes. The question is, how?

  • Are you tired of Richard’s personal exploits?
  • Who will be his next victim?
  • What event will launch Richard into the heart of the main plot?
Gyp Rosetti makes his return to Tabor Heights, this time with an army at his back. In return for the people’s cooperation Rosetti offers a monthly income of $200 to each proprietor. The assembly has no choice but to oblige, unfortunately, Bible camp will be canceled – bummer, I know. We see Rosetti’s resolve growing stronger with each episode along with a growing list of bizarre antics. Rather than chocking himself while jacking off, Rosetti adores a new style – rocking an 18th century, colonial hat. A testament to his fiery ambition and his continued development under Joe Masseria. Rosetti’s business is under way and the gap between he and Nucky is slowly starting to close.
Gyp’s phone call serves as both a sickening taunt and a final warning to our troubled protagonist. Nucky is unable to compose himself as Gyp recites the obituary of his murdered mistress, Billie Kent, whose final moments flash in Nucky’s mind like a horrible nightmare. The delirium worsens as the episode continues effecting not only his business affairs but his family life as well. Nucky shows flashes of terrifying suspicion to both Owen and Margaret. Perhaps he isn’t as ignorant as we thought when it comes to his family. Clearly the conduction of these delicate affairs should wait until he’s had more time to recover, but Nucky’s a stubborn man. He calls a meeting of all the bosses on the East coast looking for support in his upcoming war with Joe Masseria and Gyp Rosetti. The crime lords are hardly inspired by his righteous call to to action seeing Nucky’s condition as a state of weakness and vulnerability. Now, he’s truly alone.
  • How will Nucky overcome this barrage of obstacles?
  • Will he use his new friends in Washington to his advantage? Or will his political plans unravel as well?
  • Do you think Nucky has the stomach to kill his wife, Margaret?

Only 3 episodes remain this season. Things are worse than ever for our protagonist and it would appears that Nucky’s business, political, and family affairs have spiraled into a single entity. I half expected the return of Jimmy’s ghost in Nucky’s delicate state but in the end, “The Milkmaid’s Lot’ satisfies. Be sure to tune in to ‘Boardwalk Empire’ next Sunday, 11/19 and join the conversation.

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