Boardwalk Empire: Nucky, Eddie & Mickey


HBO has uploaded two hilarious new Boardwalk Empire-related videos on YouTube. The videos relate to the relationship between Nucky & Eddie, and the eccentric Mickey Doyle.

Here’s Nucky and Eddie’s clip:

And here’s Mickey’s:

Author’s Note: I absolutely loved these clips. Putting them together was a great way to remind viewers  just how light-hearted and funny the show can be along with its serious and realistic overtones. Personally, while initially hating him, I have grown to love Mickey for what he represents; a conniving, nervously eccentric weasel who can never die. I really hope that this running gag continues, as it somehow hasn’t gotten old yet. As for Nucky and Eddie, well that relationship speaks for itself!

The new season premieres on September 8th at 9PM.


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