Bill Maher, Vice Partner for New HBO Series

bill-maher-New-HBO-Vice-Series-300x219Vice Media, a news heavy conglomerate of media outlets with several websites and a TV show will partner with Bill Maher to produce a new HBO series.  The series is said to be a ’60 Minutes’ -like program with emphasis on extreme events going on in the world such as Siberian slave labor camps, North Korean virtual slaves, child suicide bombers in Afghanistan and teen assassins in Peru.  Some heavy subjects there but hopefully veteran comedian Bill Maher will add some levity and insight into these sad tales.

In addition to executive producing this yet to be named program, the “Real Time” host is helping with story input.  He may also contribute a time slot. “The rough plan is to take his slot when he’s not on air,” said Smith one of the show’s producers. “That’s when he takes his vacation, so we have to plan it carefully. We want to work with him as much as we can.”

No word on a premiere date for the program or even if it’s began filming.  We’ll update our 2012 HBO premiere page once we’ve heard more.

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