MaherLiveOKBill Maher hit the Brady Theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma in his regular fashion on July 7. The live standup event was a 68-minute rant on all the things you’d expect from Mr. Maher.

“The paradox of my life is, the more horrifying the country under Trump becomes, the more fun we have at my stand-up shows – I guess it’s a release, or whistling past the graveyard, or a primal scream,” notes Maher. “They want me to be mean, and I am. Half of this show is about Trump, but I am determined to make half of it about me – my way of saying, ‘Trump, you don’t get to win!’”

Maher doesn’t waver much from his methods and no one really expects him to do so, but doesn’t it get a little tiring bashing the current POTUS. It is such an easy route to take in a routine these days and anyone with a microphone in front of their face is doing it. But you don’t go to a Maher session to get something else. His OK audience didn’t and those who tune into REAL TIME don’t either. He really has an analytical mind for it all and it even gets him so worked up over it he hopes not to have a heart attack right there on the stage. You can tell he loves it.

He does divert from ranting on President Trump from time to time but everything seems to circle right back to him and his state of affairs. He certainly lets it be known that he hates Trump, that he is an atheist (he rants on religion pretty good) and whips out witticisms on rednecks and millennials alike. And even to his fellow liberals, he says that they’ve got to stop the BS and the whining over the little un-PC things like people dressing as Pocahontas for Halloween or crying foul for someone starring in “The Vagina Monologues.” It comes across as bat-shit crazy and doesn’t help the Democrats win elections. Then boom – tie all that back to Trump.

At the start of the show, Maher states that he enjoys getting out into the country, especially into the liberal pockets within the Red States like Oklahoma and his stint really shows that. He did engage the house warmly and palled around with them. In the end, it gave us the Maher we expected and he made us laugh. Another statement he stressed is that in trying times laughter is a vital necessity and he clearly, whether you agree with his political & religious views are not, provided some of that.     

Bill Maher headlined his first special on the network in 1989 and has starred in ten HBO solo specials to date. He is also an executive producer of the innovative news magazine show “VICE,” which is in its sixth season on HBO.

Catch him back on REAL TIME Friday nights at 10:00pm.

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