Bill Maher Appears on ‘The View’

It’s been almost a year since Bill Maher told the following joke about Elizabeth Hasselbeck:

“New rule: now that Hosni Mubarak has released Lara Logan, he must put her intrepid hotness on a plane immediately. In exchange, we will send Elisabeth Hasselbeck”

Apparently the feud is still alive and well because this week on The View Bill appeared to promote his ‘New Rules’ book now in stores and it seems like the only thing they could talk about was Bill’s earlier remarks.

“If I had a crystal ball and knew I was coming here and had to spend my whole segment talking about it, no I wouldn’t,” Maher jokingly replied. “It wouldn’t really be worth it.” ¬†Check out the video below for the rest:

Our favorite line of the interview? ¬†“Somebody has to be out on the edge to know where the edge is”Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher is off the air for now but will return in January!

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