Big Premiere in 2015? David Fincher Directs First Season of UTOPIA

People_DavidFincheratCamera-300x180Producer/director David Fincher has just announced that he will be directing the entire first season of an HBO series entitled UTOPIA. It clearly implies that Fincher is behind this project 100% and apparently so is HBO. He wouldn’t be investing the time to micro-manage it if both parties weren’t earnest, don’t you think?

So just what is UTOPIA? We reported on it two times previously and we reprint those postings below.


From a Development Slate piece from 09.09.13 –

David Fincher’s UTOPIA

HBO continues to get more and more talents looking at making content for the premium channel. Now David Fincher, director and producer of a large number of cinematic favorites like Fight Cluband, dare I say it, HBO rival (?) Netflix’s House of Cards plans a remake for HBO. HBO has gained the American television rights to the BBC’s UTOPIA series and Fincher is interested in the State-side version.



The work is described as a dark and enigmatic thriller where we find “The Utopian Experiment” which is a legendary graphic novel shrouded in mystery – its pages contain prophesies. But when a small group of previously unconnected people find themselves in possession of an original manuscript, their lives suddenly and brutally implode. Targeted swiftly and relentlessly by a murderous organization known as The Network, the terrified group are left with only one option if they want to survive: they have to run.


Again, Mr. Fincher is just sniffing around the project; an odd project at that. Does it sound like it is up HBO’s alley? We know that the network and the BBC are in cahoots so it doesn’t seem surprising that they had their pick of what program they wanted to give the Yankee treatment too. Will UTOPIA come to HBO? We will keep an eye on it.

From a Development Slate piece from  02.20.14.

Note that this posting has a link to the U. K. version from which this U.S. version will be adapted from.

 David Fincher offers UTOPIA to HBO


David Fincher, the man behind movies like The Social Networkand Netflix‘s award-winning House of Cards, brings his next small screen venture to HBO. That should have some people excited if the adaptation he is producing is going to be as well done as Kevin Spacey’s political drama. We hinted about this happening back on 09.09.13.


People_DavidFincher The work is called UTOPIA.  Try to wrap your brain around the following concept – it involves die-hard fans of an iconic, underground graphic novel who are suddenly launched into their own thriller. The cult following of the work leaves its fan-base convinced that there is more to the publication than meets the eye. And when readers learn that a sequel is written the lines between fiction and reality become blurred. Is the graphic novel warning of near future events? Is the mysterious writer involved in a higher plan than just creating pop culture entertainment? Is he promising a UTOPIA?


It sounds a bit quirky, but the concept must work because Mr. Fincher (pictured) will actually be adapting an existing U. K. show of the same premise and title. If you’re curious you can snoop around The Channel 4 site for the British version. The Americanized version will surely have notable changes. Fincher is producing and directing a script written by Gillian Flynn. He has just directed her penned Gone Girl for the big screen.


Some conflicting news has surfaced about the HBO version that makes things a bit unclear. Some sites are touting this as a sure bet and are talking about a series commitment already while others just state that it is a pilot order. Again, having Fincher’s style grace the channel’s lineup does not seem a bad idea, but HBOWatch will wait until we hear something official before we state anything for sure. Does his deal with HBO intrigue anyone? Does it sound interesting enough to check out the British version? Let us know in the comments below.

Though it is not clear how many episodes in the premiere season of UTOPIA we know Mr. Fincher will be filming the penned words of Gillian Flynn, whose Gone Girl is on the big screen now. Could we be seeing an eight-to-ten episode run? How close will he stay true to the British version? Plus, the big question of when will this series be airing? Will be see it in place of BOARDWALK EMPIRE in the Fall of 2015?

While we wait here is a teaser clip from the U. K.’s UTOPIA.

Also provided here is a video that offers (Spoiler Alert) the first season recap of the show from across the pond.

Spoilers Ahead



(Source: HBOWatch archives and EW)


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