BIG LOVE/GETTING ON Team Still Working With HBO

AnimaSolaProductions-300x169The creative team of Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer, who were behind the acclaimed hour series BIG LOVE and the stateside adaption of British import GETTING ON have let us know that they are still working with HBO. But, just what is next from them would be the big question. Is it going to be another big drama like the story of Bill Hendrickson and his three sister-wives? Or will they once again go with a smaller show of quality and humor like the one that took place at the Billy Barnes Unit? Or how about the French comedy we reported they were developing back in September of 2014?

Actually, their latest plans will be another drama series, but one they are a bit cryptic about at this time. The duo, through their company Anima Sola Productions, recently resigned for a continuing development deal with HBO for two more years, but evidently were ready to give a hit about their latest right away.

Detailed specifics are being kept under wraps, but is said to be –

a satirical drama which will explore modern relationships, identity, and politics in our times of hyper technological change.

Now doesn’t that just make you scratch your head? To make you want to scratch all that much harder comes the attachment of Emmy-nominated documentary film director Chris Moukarbel (BANKSY DOES NEW YORK) as potential director.

Don’t you just love it when you seek out some news and it turns out to be so vague that you wonder why the news was even dropped in the first place? These guys have served HBO well so far and we look forward to whatever they wish to pursue, but couldn’t you have given us a bit more to work on than the above sentence or two? HBOWatch will keep a close watch on this one as it fleshes out, but there is no guarantee that it is a given just yet.


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