BEYONCE/JAY Z ON THE RUN Concert Counts Down to 09.20.

OnTheRun_Tour-300x300The musical force known as Beyonce and her right hand man Jay Z are building up the hype for their upcoming HBO Concert Event. ON THE RUN debuts Saturday night, September 20 at 9:00pm ET. HBO used to present quite a few Concert Specials back in the day, but nowadays they are rare. Are you getting pumped up for it? Come on, you know most of the songs, right?  It seems by this clip that the performers are ready at least.



And what a collection of tunes they have to draw from to make an exciting evening. Now there a number of different set lists we discovered; all with slight variations. So what we got here might not be 100% accurate, but it has got to be close because this concert toured dozens of locations before its filming in Paris, France. At any rate check it out –  



It has got everything jammed packed and HBO has front row seats just for us. We get the lights, the flash, the moves, the bodies, the energy, the imagery and the gyrations. It looks like a great time!

Now are you interested?  Remember the date is Saturday, 09.20 and in the meantime you can always catch BEYONCE x10.

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