“Barry” Season 2: Episodes 5 & 6


Episode 5: ronny/lily

The promo for this episode shows Ronny (Daniel Bernhardt) listen to Barry explain how he’s supposed to kill him but he’s not going to. Surely nothing could go wrong, right? This was easily my favorite episode. Something about it clicked for me and it was upon learning in the post scenes that Bill Hader, who portrays Barry, wrote and directed this episode. Since I consider him quite funny, it makes sense why I enjoyed it so much.

The episode centers around Ronny, the guy sleeping with Detective Loach’s (John Pirruccello) ex-wife. Also known as the guy Barry is supposed to kill in order to make the Janice Moss (Paula Newsome) murder go away. Barry doesn’t really want to kill more people and is hoping to arrange something, but not surprisingly Ronny’s not on board. And neither is his daughter (Jessie Giacomazzi). She evades Barry, though leaves him with a wicked wound. Leaves her mark on Fuches (Stephen Root) as well. “Whatever she is, it ain’t human.” And in a surprise turn of events, Ronny and Loach become not Barry’s problem anymore. The dream imagery that Barry has going in and out of consciousness was fascinating and something I thought of very differently before listening to the Behind the Scenes footage. Check it out!

Episode 6: The Truth Has a Ring to It

After acquiring Loach’s files, Barry wants out for good again. He wants away from Fuches and from the life. Fuches wants to continue on without him, but Barry makes a good point. What’s the business without Barry? He’s the gun. What can Fuches do without Barry? Apparently, Fuches is good at heading into the woods and getting totally lost in his search to screw Barry over.

NoHo Hank (Anthony Carriagn) is trying to scoop Esther’s heroin situation, and even though he has Barry train his guys, it doesn’t quite work out for him. Interesting to see where Hank’s place is now that Cristobal is pretty pissed. Meanwhile, Barry is focusing on playing Sally’s (Sarah Goldberg) ex Sam and not doing his own piece anymore. Probably okay since people likely wouldn’t take his getting away with murder thing very well. But Barry isn’t fully dealing with his own emotions regarding his actions and who he is as a person. While he can draw on his experiences for acting, in reality, he needs to face what he’s done and come to terms with who he is as a person. On the plus side, Sally and Barry do really well in the scene. The downside, Fuches knows where Moss’s car is now. Uh-oh.

How will our assassin wrap up this season? More killing hijinks or is the life truly behind him? What do you anticipate will happen for Barry next and what could we possibly look forward to seeing next season?

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