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BARRY: S3Ep4: “all the sauces”

by Jef Dinsmore
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Another solid episode. This one was slightly different with more wordplay than sight gags; the slow-burn intensity didn’t seem to let up as much in this one. The wordplay, like Fernando’s “all the sauces” line, were spot on. But, as a side note, that phrase and episode title meant something more to me. The show has been great, of course, but wasn’t firing on all cylinders until now. What changed? For me, it was Fuches’ (Stephen Root) return to the States. We knew we just couldn’t have him lying low in Chechnya. In this episode, we learn he is back in play and has a scheme to take out his nemesis, Barry. Now all the sauces are in the mix and it tastes good! 

Barry_S3Ep4Pic2From the start of the half-hour, we learn of Fuches’ plan. Using his PI alias, he is going to fire up the families of Barry’s hits and get them hot on Barry’s trail and the scheme takes hold. That heats up just as Barry’s relationship with Mr. C. dies down. I confess I like to call Winkler’s Gene Cousineau Mr. C. because that is what his early character “Fonzie” used to call Mr. Cunningham in Happy Days. I know, I’m an old fart. Anyway, Gene’s acting stint, obtained by Barry, got good attention, even if Mr. C. didn’t stick to script, and good accolades come his way, though all he wants to do is get himself and his family out of LA. Barry shows up to give him a case of cash and says he is out of Gene’s life so the pressure is off. How long will that hold true? 

As part of his desperation, Barry has agreed to do the kill for Hank, not realizing it is bombing the whole house of Bolivians not just Barry_S3Ep4Pic3-300x190whacking Fernando. The scene with the bomb is hilarious. It doesn’t detonate as planned and Barry has to go through the detonation app’s technical support to get it to work. Funny, but is there a real app for that? He saves Cristobal from the blast, delivers him to NoHo Hank and gets paid that satchel of dough. And with that, it appears to close out that obligation and seemingly smooth over things with Mr. C. 

Looming however is still the Fuches scheme and his breakup. I’ve glossed over that but Sally, thanks to her co-star Katie (Elsie Fisher), has seen the light regarding Barry’s violent behavior and breaks off the relationship. Oooh, how is that going to affect Barry’s mood? He is not invested in her life really. He missed her show premiere, which she totally gushed through, he moves blasé through their life together and he lashed out at her. How all this impacts both of them going forward is something to watch.  


It all leads us to ask what are Mr. C.’s, Sally’s and Fuches’ next moves respectively? More will be revealed in episode 5 ”crazytimeshitshow” debuting SUNDAY, MAY 22 @ 10:00pm.   

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