Barry: “Chapter Six: Listen with Your Ears, React with Your Face” & “Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast, and Keep Going”

Barry is absolutely out to ramp up the action to ride out this season. The last few moments of episode seven were absolutely pulse-pounding. Since Barry has already been renewed for a second season, now we are left wondering what even more pulse-pounding situation we’ll be left with the next episode, the season finale. For now, let’s catch up with our favorite hitman, actor.

“Chapter 6: Listen With Your Ears, React with Your Face”

This episode starts strong as we figure out one of Goran’s henchmen is obsessed with killing Barry after he took out the henchman’s brother. But since Goran rules Barry off-limits, the bloodthirsty henchman sets his sights on Sally. Which proves to be a complication.

In the meantime, Barry is talking to Taylor about the idea of getting out. He would have to kill Fuches, something that could be incredibly difficult since Barry has known him a very long time. While Barry darts to the bathroom at Taylor’s apartment, Taylor takes it upon himself to remove the acting book from Barry’s backpack and instead stuffs in half the money they took from the stash house job, which is dirty money and can’t be used. Barry stashes the stash house money in the ceiling of the bathroom at acting class. Barry then tries to give Taylor the slip but being shockingly bad at confrontation, he just makes the situation worse when Taylor shows up with Vaughn and Chris. Bad news bears. Barry tries to get Chris out of the car, knowing this guy has a wife and son and this could easily result in his death because Taylor is a reckless asshat. Sure enough, when they go to bumrush the Bolivians, they get shot and the car rolls. Well, shit.

Back to the henchman situation. Earlier in the episode, Janice the cop tells Gene the acting coach that their little love affair can’t continue. After all, she’s actively investigating his acting class for a murder suspect. He’s pretty crushed. But it just so happens that she decides to go see him, casually bumping into the henchman as he’s on his way to kill Sally. She draws her gun and a shootout ensues, all while Sally is happily blasting “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten in her car for getting the part of Macbeth in the showcase. Good song. Great for working out. Once the dust settles on the shootout, they find the cash in the bathroom and pieces are continuing to fall into place.

One of the most important quotes of the show comes from Gene and it isn’t his quote, it’s a saying that’s been around, but he tells Sally, “If you want to go fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, you go together.” Inspiring people to the idea of teamwork and not always relying on just yourself to accomplish things is really important. But for Barry’s situation, I might almost say it’s the quote in reverse. In order for Barry to go far in the direction he wants, he needs to ditch the people around him and go solo. Unfortunately, that’s proving hard for Barry to manage at this point.

“Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast, and Keep Going”

So last we saw the car containing Barry, Chris, Taylor, and Vaughn took a lovely flip-de-doo by way of some Bolivian bullets. Barry and Chris have made it out, but when Barry’s life is in the balance, Chris is wavering on his ability to shoot. He ultimately does, but this decision costs him. Actually, his decision not to get out of the damn car in the first place is what costs him. Barry tells him to lay low but Chris is having some trouble.

Fuches hasn’t heard from Barry and based on word from Noho Hank assumes that Barry is dead. Both Fuches and Noho Hank are mourning the loss of Barry, which was a good bit of light-heartedness in the episode…well, okay. Not light-heartedness, necessarily. But what you see are two people sharing stories about someone else that they miss. And it’s sweet and just a little bit cheesy. Of course, Noho Hank ends by telling Fuches his inspiration to start a war with the Bolivians will result in his death and the Chechens are coming to kill him. I feel like Noho Hank has been a little underutilized as a humor source with the show because he had some of the best one-liners and I wish we could have seen more of him through the season. Perhaps season two will provide more of Noho Hank.

Sally is still a diva (#overit) about the scene she’s sharing with Barry and even Gene is starting to doubt Barry has the chops. Barry shows up late to the showcase and has the most intense raw emotions anyone has ever seen. Of course, they have no idea what Barry has done and the fact that he has compromised himself in a way he never believed he could. Semper Fi goes out the window when it is every man for themselves. So right now, Barry is having a freaking meltdown. Sally nails her scene and gets in touch with an agent and then she’s suddenly all fine with Barry being a total mess. Again, over it. Over it, Sally!! You only care about Barry, who is actually not a half bad guy minus the killing thing, when he advances your career. Move on. Go find someone else to suck the energy out of for your selfish needs.

In any case, Barry is at a pretty heavy crossroads at the moment. The promo for next week’s episode is followed by Bill Hader’s insights on the good versus bad sides of Barry and I highly encourage watching it. I have zero doubt that next week’s episode will absolutely come to a stunning conclusion. Whether they leave us hanging or not, I think Barry will continue to provide some intense viewings for us next season and I can’t wait to see if Barry can get out of the life or not. I’m tending to doubt it. You? 

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