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Ballers Season Three Premiere: “Seeds of Expansion”

by Bernard Leak
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You see the thing about success is we all want it and Spencer Strasmore (played the Dwayne Johnson) and Joe  (played by Rob Corddry) will stop at nothing to make it happen. The season premiere jumps right in a and it’s business as usual. Spencer and Joe are still sports agents looking for the next IT kid! Oh and now they’re indebted to Ricky Jerret (played by John David Washington) a whole $5 million via that business loan that earned them a spot back in the good graces of ASM (Anderson Sports Management)! I’m not sure if getting a loan from your client is a smart business move but I’m sure things will unfold through the season. First, though a recap from The Rock himself.

The flashiness of the rich and athletic still finds its way into the season opener. Speaking of Ricky Jerret (pictured below), he’s still arrogant and flamboyant than ever. He does an exceptional job of wearing the ego of the athlete who has the world at his feet. He comes face to face with a pregnancy scare and in an instant, we learn that he’s not ready to be a dad. He is able to equate a woman’s disinterest and distance with the fact that she’s pregnant. Ready to confront this mystery woman, he rushes to her house! After intense banter, she confesses she’s not pregnant. In fact, she’d rather the plumber be her baby’s dad! But, with the right words on the edge of the right woman’s tongue, it seems he’s willing to risk it all. They have sex again and in the end…she confesses she is indeed pregnant with his child! YIKES!


Vernon, played by Donovan Carter, is on a quest to build his brand outside of the sports arena. He does a meet and greet with fans where we see a young fan approach him and share the impact he’s had on his life. Vernon, moved by the fact that this kid knows his stats inside and out, realizes in that moment that even though he isn’t the “star” player on the team, he is in a position of power to impact young boys who look like him.


Charles Greane (played by Omar Benson Miller) finds himself on edge after a front office shake-up within the Dolphin’s organization. While we learn his job isn’t in immediate danger, we see first hand the constant push to fill seats in a stadium, have a championship team and scout the next major contributor to the team’s success. He even gets to host a press conference as the team’s media correspondent…which doesn’t go too well!

Joe finds himself in the field doing the legwork for the division. We hear it all the time really, entertainers making millions of dollars and when their career peak is over, they have nothing to show for it. And in all fairness, Spencer and Joe do their best to do right by their clients. They want them to be successful and stable in all they do. Because after all, when their client’s wealth is managed, they continue to be successful. Spencer’s health continues to be improving but he flirts with the idea that he may be infertile.


Steph Curry makes an appearance as we’re teased with the idea of him being Spencer’s power play into his boss’s, Mr. Anderson (Richard Schiff) heart. Things don’t pan out and in the end, they actually bite Spencer in the butt. Mr. Anderson agrees to meet Spencer for dinner with a casino owner in hopes of convincing him to partner with Mr. Anderson on a business deal. Dwayne Johnson gives a solid effort pitching to the casino owner, but in the end, he decides that Mr. Anderson isn’t where the opportunity is—it’s in working with Spencer and bringing an NFL team to Las Vegas!


To sum it up, Ballers didn’t miss a beat! It was funny from the first minute and they found a good rhythm throughout. This episode picks up where last season left off with the key players still finding living a life of luxury, appeal and excitement. While the premiere wasn’t filled with jaw dropping moments, it did make it pretty clear that each person has a story line that will unfold through the season.

Be sure to catch Ballers on HBO on Sundays at 10:00pm EST.

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