Ballers Season 2: Post Game Playback

The second season of Ballers has run out the clock and hit the locker room. The stunning show featuring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Rob Corddry, and many other outstanding actors has finished a fantastic season. So fantastic they have already been secured for a third. But before we break down the second half of the season, check out what you missed in the first half and here’s what we looked for in the second season.

The first half of the season kept everyone on their toes, players and civilians alike.  The second half was no different.  It featured some players in motion, a couple of significant touchdowns, and one hell of a Hail Mary pass.

In MotionJohn-David-Washington-and-Robert-Wisdom-in-Ballers-Season-2-Episode-10

Ricky (John David Washington) is still a free agent and trying to figure out where he belongs.  His old friend Charles “the Black Swan” Green (Omar Benson Miller) hooks him up with a deal to stay in Miami. But Ricky gets a better offer elsewhere and his indecision causes some friction in his friendship.  In the end, friendship always wins.  Ricky is even working on his relationship with his father (Robert Wisdom) and begins taking his advice regarding his future.  The father-son pair are bonding and seem like they might have a solid chance at making it work.

Vernon (Donovan Carter) left off with a pretty nasty leg injury and was worried about how that would affect his position with the team. Players have come back from ACL tears and still had great seasons.  But should we be worried that Vernon is pushing his rehab too far too fast?  His BFF Reggie (London Brown) certainly thinks so.  But he is trying to find balance in being a supportive friend, especially since he caused the injury in the first place.  He even takes to the road with Vernon to hit practice with the team early.  Vernon realizes how much Reggie means to him, and wants to put him on payroll.  Aww, bonding over bucks.

Tracy (Arielle Kebbel) went for bust earlier this season and quit her job after some sexist maneuvers from her boss.  But she wasn’t down and out for long.  ESPN digs her reporting style and offered her a job up north.  She and Spencer left things open and rather up in the air.  It will be interesting to see how their relationship changes, stalls, or dies in the coming season.


Screen-Shot-2016-08-09-at-12.18.25-PMCharles has been officially moved into the front office and thrown into work.  He takes to making decisions well, but his absence in noticed at home.  Julie (Jazmyn Simon) has had to shoulder the burden of housework, her job, and childcare.  She hires a male nanny, much to Charles’ disappointment.  He attempts to spend more time at home, only to be told by the boss that there is a promotion to be the number two in the office if he wants it.  How will Charles balance work and home in the future?  Are marital problems on the horizon?

Jason the super agent (Troy Garity) was able to bring the backwater, wild card Travis Mach (Adam Aalderks) into the fold with Spencer.  It was a rough start, but Spencer is still working on gaining some cred for him.  The main part is his ego.  Travis is kind of rough edge.  But as Spencer learns, Travis has his own vulnerabilities.  With a little bit of work and a large bit of humility, Travis gets the sixth pick in the draft.  Once he’s in the big league, how is his attitude problem going to gel with his teammates?  Or with the bosses?

Hail MaryRob-Corddry-and-Dwayne-Johnson-in-Ballers-Season-2-Episode-10

Spencer and Joe (Dwayne Johnson and Rob Corddry) have had their struggles this season.  Spencer revealed the truth to Joe about his past and his connection to Andre (Andy Garcia). Though Andre tries to poach Joe away from Anderson Sports Management, Joe sticks to his guns and his relationship with Spencer.  They have some beef in the beginning, but smooth it all out.  They even decide to make a bid on ASM.  But can it compete with Andre?  Everything hinges on Spencer getting endorsed to continue his job. The problem is that an old friend who got screwed over in the bad deal that lost Spencer all his money doesn’t think Spencer deserves the endorsement.  In the end, Spencer takes a heave, throws it all on the field, and hopes for the best.  We’ll have to wait for next season to see if it all pays off.

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