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Jacob-KleinJacob Klein
(Founder/Editor in Chief)

Our fearless leader and founder, Jacob writes much and more of the content that make their way to the front pages of HBOWatch.  He heads up our team of writers, executes rigorous editing duties and composes all of the tweets, Google + updates and Facebook statuses you’ve come to rely on every day!

Articles by Jacob
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jefme-CopyJef Dinsmore

Jef was the very first addition to the HBOWatch writing team.  This guy has a valuable background that includes an extensive knowledge of HBO’s long and storied history and also keeps an eye on some of the more obscure HBO programs and documentaries that we sometimes miss (but shouldn’t!)  Jef is also an editor.

Articles by Jef
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Ellie Wilkin-SmithEllie-Wilken-Smith-298x300

(Site Editor)

As an HBO Watch writer since 2013, I have covered a wide variety of shows from Eastbound and Down to Game of Thrones. I am also a huge Stanley Kubrick enthusiast and true crime fanatic. Outside of the world of film and TV I am an avid baker and teach teenagers how to use cameras.

Articles by Ellie

Alexandra MitchellAlexandra-Mitchell-300x300

(Social Media Editor)

Writer. Reader. Artist. Hogwarts alum. Nap enthusiast. Coffee expert. Holder of tea parties. Nerdfighter. Browncoat. Whovian. Cumber cookie. Alliteration addict. Wit factory. Can often be seen making meandering journeys through her mind in search of something profound. If cranky, approach quietly and offer either caffeine or chocolate

Articles by Alexandra

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Eleonora Iafanoarya-e1594837960425-253x300

(Staff Writer)

Eleonora is a a P/J/I teacher who absolutely LOVES all things Game of Thrones. She’s a ‘happy go lucky’ kind of lady who loves to read (and write) HBO Watch character profiles.  Be sure to check back for more from her or take a look at her blog.

Articles by Eleonora
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Matt Smith

(Staff Writer)

Articles by Matt

Travlis Hallingquest

(Staff Writer)

Travlis is a government contractor, Naval reservist, and aficionado of film, premium television, and literature. A viewerD541F9FD-FF62-4896-B56A-DB92A2862120 of HBO for nearly three decades, Travlis just completed the first draft an outline and script for a documentary titled “On a Dark and Stormy Night”. The intentionally cliché’ title serves as a double entendre’. For Home Box Office aired its first wave of programming on November 8, 1972, during a thunderstorm, and the premium cable giant‘s nearly five decade run of quality programming is anything but cliché’.

Articles by Travlis

Bernard Leak

(Staff Writer)

Articles by Bernard

Dee Bedoya

(Staff Writer)

Articles by Dee

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