AT&T Offers Cheap Internet, HBO and Amazon Prime Package


Are you a “cord-cutter”? Do you want to enjoy HBO and all of it’s amazing programming without a cable subscription? Are you tired of having to live with the guilt of pirating every single episode of every single show? Internet providers have recently been offering alternatives.

Comcast led the way with an Internet + HBO package earlier this year for about forty dollars. Now we notice that AT&T is offering a $39 package that not only includes high speed internet and access to HBOGo– it also includes a year long subscription to Amazon Prime! That means you’ll also get access to Amazon’s library of older shows and movies similar to Netflix for all of your TV watching needs. But this is one step closer to finally being able to watch HBO online without a cable subscription.

Now we must warn you to read the fine print. This requires you signing up for a year of service and there may be other fees such as installation and whatnot.  Be sure to ask about that.  Oh, and it may not be available in all areas.

Many had been complaining that they are FORCED to pirate shows like Game of Thrones (ie stealing their favorite series by downloading them and watching them on their computer) because HBO had previously not been available to non-cable subscribers. Well, today that just isn’t true. Do you pay for internet already? Why not take advantage of one of these deals and heck, AT&T will even throw in a very valuable subscription to Amazon Prime to boot!

Cord-cutters: let us know what your new excuse is these day for frantically pirating Game of Thrones and watching it on your 13″ monitor alone in your basement as opposed to streaming it in glorious true HD via HBO Go.  As HBO inches closer to a complete stand-alone service these interim measures make good sense for those who don’t have or can’t afford traditional cable.

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