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Are the WATCHMEN Coming To HBO?


This writer is of the opinion that the whole Superhero genre has reached its saturation point, but then again I’m not a ‘geek.’ I was quite content with HBO setting itself above the rest and not going that route. Now, however, it appears the pay cabler is considering the realm of spandex clad do-gooders with an array of super abilities saving the world from evil.

HBO is in preliminary talks with Zack Snyder, who directed the 2009 movie Watchmen, to explore whether the concept is doable for the network. In a brief statement HBO stated – “Preliminary discussions regarding Watchmen have occurred but we have no additional information and no deals are in place.”

I’m sure there are plenty out there who know who this band of heroes is and what they stand for. This writer was clueless and so I offer a quick rundown of the characters pictured above for the uninformed. The work was a limited run comic book that takes place in an alternate reality that mirrors the world of the 1980’s. An escalated Cold War eventually puts superheroes on the outs and they are outlawed. A rouge team still exists though called Watchmen. They are – Silk Spectre, the lady of the bunch; Dr. Manhattan, the big bald blue guy; the hooded one in goggles is Nite Owl; the cigar chomping one is The Comedian; the blond Adonis is named Ozymandias and the masked one is Rorschach. They were played in the movie, respectively, by Malin Ackerman, Billy Crudup Patrick Wilson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Matthew Goode and Jack Earle Haley.

The original DC Comic, which is owned by the same parent company (Warner Bros.) that owns HBO was created and penned by Alan Moore with David Gibbons as artist. Zack Snyder, who would be manning the duties of development followed the basic outline of the original concept for his film and has done plenty of superheroes since including upcoming blockbusters about Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman.

Don’t worry fans if the WATCHMEN project takes off on HBO this writer will watch the movie and get more familiar with the characters or fellow writers already in the know will get more in depth for us.  But first, let’s see if it gets anywhere. Are you excited and hopeful for the WATCMEN? Will they be a good fit for HBO?  

(Source: Variety


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