Update – HBO Film: THE NORMAL HEART Teasers & Trailer

Update – More importantly the official trailer for this HBO Film presentation has been launched so we wanted to include it here at the top of the post. I will just let it speak for itself. Feel free to comment below on whether this film and/or its topic is of interest and we will surely weigh in with some kind of review in May.


Update – Another teaser clip at 46 seconds is available about this Larry Kramer penned piece. Though the three teasers that are out, the first one was posted on 03.12.14, offer similar clips the tone of each is slightly different. The best one, I think, is Teaser Three seen at the bottom. It has the right emotional impact with the bare minimum of words.

Here is Teaser Two.

When HBO Films combine with Triple-A acting there are usually fireworks, awards and satisfied subscribers all over the place.  The Normal Heart looks to be one such concoction and this new trailer hits home once again with a couple of new scenes.  Take a look:

Is it possible to get emotional about a film that you’ve only seen 90 seconds of thus far?  The Normal Heart premieres May 25th on HBO.


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