Another Name for Scorsese’s 1970s HBO Project


Deadline put it best when they said “talk about a cool project” in describing Martin Scorsese’s new series making it’s way to HBO (presumably) sometime next year.  In addition to the living legend of a director, Mick Jagger, Terence Winter and Emma Koskoff are also on the scene to help bring this beast of an award magnet to life.

We’ve already reported that Olivia Wilde, Boardwalk’s, Bobby Cannavale and Ray Romano (yes, that Ray Romano) will take the acting reigns. But a new name, PJ Byrne has joined this list of talented individuals. Probably best known for his recent role in The Wolf of Wall Street (seen above) but you may also remember him from Horrible Bosses and he even made a small appearance in Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys as simply “fat boy” on HBO.

This project continues to become increasingly attractive and well.. just plain badass.  Set in the 1970s New York’s music world when punk and disco were entering in the scene of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.  ..And with this pedigree behind the cameras? We’re sure to get a wonderful successor to Boardwalk Empire out of this one.

The series begins filming this summer and we expect it will debut sometime in 2015.  We’ll keep you posted on a hard premiere window.

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