Andy Sandberg Offers Another HBO ‘Mockumentary’

People_AndySamberg-199x300Evidently, 7 DAYS OF HELL was a success for HBO and Andy Samberg. We failed to mention that another mockumentary special is in the works from Andy Samberg and company. They first served up some fun-time satire with their take on Wimbledon level tennis and now focus on doping in the world of professional cycling. That’s right, they are poking fun at Lance Armstrong.

The comedy bit is entitled TOUR DE PHARMACY and will race through the sport of cycling (like it did with tennis) and also play absurd with a doping scandal surrounding one of the athletes. Samberg will serve as producer and star of the work which will include appearances by Broadway’s Hamilton star Daveed Diggs, Last Man on Earth’s Will Forte, Julia Ormond, Phylicia Rashad, Dolph Lundgren, John Cena and Mike Tyson. 

If it is anything like 7 DAYS OF HELL it is bound to be quirky, raunchy and fun. Some of those actors listed above will surely pop up in some odd cameos like Howie Mandel and June Squibb did in the first special. If you missed that special it took us to an epic tennis match that went on for days, well seven of them actually as Aaron Williams (Samberg) battled out on the court against Charlie Poole (GAME OF THRONES Kit Harington). Here, instead of a rehash check our review. TOUR DE PHARMACY should be its own bit of fun in the same vein hopefully, but not repetitive. If it is perhaps takes place at the Tour de France, then it could be shot through the French countryside, but with no film shot yet it is too hard to say. We will revisit this concept to announce air dates and clips, but it is not likely to appear until 2017.

What do you think? Do you like that Andy Samberg is returning to HBO with his take on humor?

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