Alcide’s Father Cast in True Blood Season 5

TrueBloodSeason5WerewolfDad-300x300Last week Joe Manganiello expressed his excitement for Season 5 of True Blood and warned us to expect many more warewolves this summer.  Today we can confirm that one of those warewolves will be Alcide’s father, to be played by The Last Exorcism’s Louis Herthum.

Described as “a beefed up marine type who wants control of the Shreveport pack and refuses to listen to the current leader.”  The actor has been booked for only five episodes so *spoiler alert* he might be exiting Bon Temps rather quickly.. and by exit we mean… well you know how it goes down on the bayou.

With all of these werewolves (and were-panthers!) running around Louisiana it’s a wonder the vampires have such a firm grip on the region.  Perhaps we’ll see that begin to slip in this summer’s new season of True Blood!  Filming is set to begin this winter and we’ll have more updates as the cast takes the stage once again.

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