Alan Ball Partners with Elton John for New ‘Amadeus’ Style Music Series


Do you remember the multi-Oscar Award winning film Amadeus? What if the look and feel of that movie were extended into an HBO series about a music academy in Vienna circa 1790?  The candelabras, the tapestries, the wigs and, of course, the music all in stunning HD, on an HBO budget.

Roger Friedman, an accomplished reporter and writer is reporting that Alan Ball (True Blood, Six Feet Under) is teaming up with Sir Elton John (the one and only) for a new series to be titled “Virtuoso“. Very few details have emerged just yet but Friedman’s report says we’ll actually be receiving music lessons from none other than Mozart’s supposed nemesis Antonio Salieri. No word on whether Amadeus himself will make an appearance but the prospect seems too appealing to skip at some point in the series. Young sex and heated rivalries are also promised as would be expected with this producer on this network.

Are you young, breathtakingly gorgeous in a 1700’s sort of way and know how to woo the opposite sex via a grand piano? Alan Ball and Elton John may just want your number.

This is the first information we’ve heard about one Alan Ball’s new projects. Since leaving True Blood before season 6 he’s been working on several new things of unknown destination. Perhaps this is one of them. It sure sounds plausible, exciting, and right up HBO’s alley.

We’ll let you know more once the pilot is 100% confirmed and we have a better idea about a release date for “Virtuoso” (title pending).  Here’s one of our favorite scenes from the movie Amadeus for a taste of the flavor of 1700’s Vienna if you’re unfamiliar:


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