Aaron Sorkin to Direct New Series for HBO

aaron-sorkin2-e1294968524817-254x300Aaron Sorkin, writer of such award winning dramas as The West Wing and more recently, The Social Network will make his directorial debut on HBO.

The legendary writer said this in a recent interview: “I love television, and I’m going to be doing another television series as well, this time on HBO, and it’s going to take place behind-the-scenes at a nightly cable news show. It’s going to be happening soon. I’ve written the pilot episode and we’re casting it right now.

When pressed about the amount of research that goes in to a television venture Sorkin responded:  “I’ve spent some time at CNN…with Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, Fox News, I’ve spent some time being a fly on the wall at those shows…What the hope is, is that I can bring the same kind of idealism and romanticism that made government seem sexy on The West Wing, and I can bring it to the news and journalism, which in America is held in at least as much contempt as government.

HBO Watch will have more details on the new series as soon as we have them.  Needless to say fans of Sorkin and his many projects should be thrilled so see him on HBO, a network where creative teams have free reign over their content.

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