Aaron Sorkin taps John Krasinski for HBO Mini

9303-225x300No, not for his other HBO mini-series, More as this Story Develops, a new one has been announced called Life at the Marmont, based on the book of the same name.   John Krasinski, star of NBC’s The Office, has been cast in the leading role.   Little else is known about the project but here is the synopsis of the book from Amazon:

“Built in the late 1920s in the undeveloped region between Los Angeles and Hollywood, the Chateau Marmont, an apartment house, ran into the Depression and was converted into a hotel. The region became the Sunset Strip, and the Marmont was joined by other famed apartment-hotels and restaurants. From the start the Marmont attracted filmdom’s most famous stars and many noted writers as well. Its early guest list included Garbo, Harlow, Lombard, Bette Davis, Flynn, Stan Laurel, John Wayne and, later on, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Streisand and Sharon Tate. In the ’60s and ’70s the Marmont drew leading rock and folk stars, from Jagger to Baez, and TV performers like John Belushi, who died there. A favorite of Britishers as well, every U.K. actor worthy of the name has stayed there. An intriguing if self-promoting sidelight on cinematic history.”

We’ll update you with more details as we get them.

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