HBOWatch scans the news and press releases to get all the HBO programming news that is possible to get. So when news comes our way from an People_DaveKunstunexpected source it is worth a look. Well, news has come our way via e-mail conversation about an HBO project we thought off the radar. Here is what we learned first-hand.

Gordon Manke is a stranger to us though he has visited our site to know that we ran a piece about a potential HBO project called THE MAN WHO WALKED AROUND THE WORLD. You can find that post right here from 05.09.13. Mr. Manke actually ran into the subject of the title, Dave Kunst (pictured), while vacationing. In Gordon’s own words  –    

My name is Gordon Manke. While having lunch at the London Court Cafe downtown Perth, Australia I started talking to a fellow American who turned out to be Dave Kunst, the man who walked around the world. A few months ago I saw on HBO watch that Robert Connolly was going to make an HBO film of the feat.


Mr. Kunst is visiting family in Perth and he told me that he had just met with Robert Connolly who is in Perth making a movie titled Paper Planes. Dave told me that Connolly turned in the script for the Walk movie to HBO. He has to make a few tweaks and then he believes HBO will give the go ahead for 2014.

Robert Connolly is an Australian director with some movies to his credit. It appears that HBO has seen the script and sent it back for final touches before they grant the actual greenlight to the project. So at least we know that the concept is still under consideration and the next thing we should hear is that it is a go. This quick post now concludes with further input from Gordon Manke about his encounter with Mr. Kunst and his historic sojourn.  [When I met him] 

He was with his wife and he gave me a souvenir colored post card with his website address on the back. He said most people don’t believe he really walked around the world so he hands them a card and tells them to see for themselves. The card has a map of his route, his picture, the names of his brothers and his wife, Jenni Samuel. It lists the countries walked, the start and finish dates, 21 pairs of shoes, 14,450 miles and 20 million steps. There is a tiny picture of him and his mule Willie Makeit II. It’s a nice souvenir. I checked out his website. It’s very interesting with many pictures. He told me if I wanted to really learn about the feat I should scroll down hiPeople_KunstwithMules site to find Collection of Photos. He has about eighty pictures in chronological order with his comments on each one. Made me feel I was on the walk?

If you want to get more background on the extraordinary journey of the Kunst brothers you can visit the website referenced here via this link. HBOWatch will report on this project as soon as we get anything.

 Thank you Gordon Manke for the unique news from the other side of the world about THE MAN WHO WALKED AROUND THE WORLD.



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