A Rumor Dismissed – Jessica Chastain in TRUE DETECTIVE

People_JessicaChastainHere at HBOWatch we try not to go to deep into rumors. You can track down many angles that lead to dead ends and pull your hair out sifting through it all. But, the speculation on what will Season 2 of TRUE DETECTIVE be all about has been quite fun. So, with that how about the rumor that Jessica Chastain, of Zero Dark Thirty fame, is landing a lead role in the second season? Now, we are fully aware that this is last week’s news, but since it was out of the rumor mill we were just going to let it go by, but monitor the news closely. We have not, unsurprisingly, been given a confirmation of her casting, but rather a dismissal of her involvement instead.

The rumor stemmed from the notion, we think, that creator Nic Pizzolatto was interested in having a female-driven cast for next season. That was never confirmed. Note: it was only confirmed by Mr. P that “hard women” would be in the story; that doesn’t necessarily mean though, as the leads. We recall complaints from the premiere season that Mr. P. must have been misogynistic because of the way women in Marty & Rust’s lives were depicted; though he rebutted that it was merely an aspect of our lead detective’s mindset. That could have brought around the notion that female detectives should be utilized, but we doubt that Pizzolatto would conform his ideas because of a few grumblings. Somehow, then Chastain’s name gets attached to the project.

TrueDetective_logo2Now, Jessica Chastain is a fine choice to fill a strong role in the series. We could see her partnered with Brad Pitt or investigate alongside another actress. But, if IMDb, is accurate then she won’t be available for Season Two at any rate; even though Interstellar is in post-production her listing shows her involved in six other movies. It was all nipped in the bud this week when Chastain and HBO both denied that she was signed on. Oddly, a dozen sites or so all claim this denial, though none of them cite an actual statement from the actress or the network; therefore neither can we, though we wish we could.

So we are back at square one with no Season Two commitment from HBO and no lead detectives either male or female. Though, we are eager for answers we also want TRUE DETECTIVE’s Season Two done correctly. All of that will take time, but we will have fun with the rumors while we wait.

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