“A Man Without Honor” Trailer

There are so many individuals without honor in the world of Game of Thrones that it’s hard to decide who the title of this episode is refering to.  My personal guess would have to be MINOR SPOILER Theon Greyjoy but I’m gussing this episode title is a double, triple or quadrupal ententre for the many characters lacking in tastefulness and manners throughout the world of Westeros (and beyond).  This season’s ratings are holding steady at around 3.8+ million viewers per episode and that only includes views that same night!  Many of you are watching on HBO Go and through other, more nefarious methods.  Take a look at this video preview trailer for the latest episode “A Man Without Honor”:

I don’t mean to startle anyone but there are only a few more episodes of Game of Thrones season 2 left. We’ll be looking towards season 3 soon as rumors are that casting has begun in earnest. Stick with HBO Watch for all of the latest news on Game of Thrones and every other HBO series you’ll be watching while waiting for the return to Westeros.

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