A Game of Thrones Guide to Christmas Gift Shopping

It’s that time of year! Christmas music playing way too early on the radio and television stations offer non-stop traditional festive holiday music videos around the clock. If you’re anything like me, than you have an instant dislike for the holiday season kicking into full swing in the month of November. Call me old school, but I prefer to see the festive holiday spirit up and running once December 1st rolls around. However, when it comes to Game of Thrones, I will make an exception. SO many gift options! So little time!

Let’s start off with the books, shall we? If you have someone in your household or circle of friends that loves to read, why not purchase the literary series, A Song of Ice and Fire? You can buy the actual books (they come in 2 sizes, regular and large font books) or for the more digital savvy person, the Kindle version of the series.

Either way, you get to read George R R Martin’s medieval epic tale of ancient houses vying for power, control, love and justice.



Another spin has been placed on the series: for those that love comics, there are the Graphic Novels. Colourful, wonderfully detailed and carefully scripted, this is an excellent way to bring aboard new fans to the realm!

If you’re into the prehistory of Game of Thrones, why not invest in The Hedge Knight series of books? Of course, when I say “invest,” I really do mean it, as these books are quite pricey and in my humble opinion, worth their weight in gold.

The next gift that you can purchase is the DVD boxed sets of Game of Thrones. With three seasons already out (regular or Blu-Ray), it will give that Game of Thrones fan many hours of delight, angst and unswerving loyalty, as they watch the literary series come to life on screen. Season 4 can be pre-ordered. So, get to it! While you’re at it, maybe a new plasma screen TV would make Game of Thrones pop out at you, but you’d have to discuss that with your significant other. That, or just go ahead and buy one and pretend you were making the purchase with your better half in mind. Wink! Wink!


For the Martha Stewart in your household, when it comes to décor, they now have Game of Thrones Christmas tree ornaments! Just think, if you purchase these amazing ornaments, not only will you have the most original tree in the neighbourhood, you’ll have unique and timeless holiday décor that stands out. Yes, nothing says “I love the holidays” better than a Ned Stark headless body, a drink swigging Cersei Lannister figurine or a choking Joffrey Baratheon figure!

If you’re into collectible action figures or dolls, guess what? You can buy those as gifts, too! Funko Pop! Makes two types of Game of Thrones characters: the Funko vinyl figures and the action figures. Something for everyone! Funko is also releasing another set of Game of Thrones vinyl figures for people to collect: Samwell Tarly, Petyr Baelish, Sansa Stark/Alayne Stone, Jon Snow in full Brotherhood armor and Daneyres Targaryen in her Mereen wardrobe. A must for any devoted Game of Thrones fan.


For the big squishy teddies in your life, there’s a small array of stuffed toys to cherish and collect. Perhaps the plush and very adorable Dragon Eggs and Direwolves plush toys are just the thing to bring out the softie in you, your friends or family. Except a Ramsay Snow plushy would not be ideal. That would send anyone to head for the hills and not look back!

There are countless shot glasses, drinking steins, magnetic bookmarks, notebooks, mouse pads, coffee mugs, key chains, pins, journals, series soundtracks, scarves and hats to be found at many stores. But wait! There’s more Game of Thrones merchandise to get your hands on! Just think, your VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit card will thank you when you decide to make multiple purchases this holiday season!

Tell Tale Games is releasing a six episode series game about Game of Thrones! For the competitive, game console loving Game of Thrones die-hard fan in your household, look no further! This game has pretty big expectations and the articles linked to it on the internet are full of hype. The hype looks pretty justified, in my humble opinion: with kick ass graphics, a thoughtful and action packed storyline AND several Game of Thrones actors voicing popular characters, why wouldn’t you rush out to buy this or order it online as soon as possible?!

It is now officially 30 days away from Christmas. Make sure you have plenty of cash in your wallet. Or, make sure that you have nothing on your credit card. Believe me when I say that if the special person in your life is anything like me, then their Game of Thrones addiction may end up costing you a small fortune! On your mark! Get set! Spend!



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