A DEADWOOD Marathon!

Deadwood_AnniversaryHBO wants to draw our attention to the fact that DEADWOOD is having an anniversary! The Emmy Award winning series began on March 21, 2004 and ran for three 12-episode seasons. To mark the 10th anniversary of its debut a marathon of the series will air on two of HBO’s platforms.

HBO Zone – If you have HBO Zone, which I gather not everyone does have as a part of their HBO package, than you can watch or record all 36 episodes back-to-back beginning Saturday, 03.15  at 10:00am ET and concluding Sunday, 03.16 at 10:oopm.

 HBO Signature – This channel will play out the series on a slower pace, but won’t start its run of the series until 04.02. One episode a night will air Monday – Friday at 8:00pm.

 So if you are eager to relive the David Milch series you can check it out a number of ways by catching it on one of these channels or, of course, on HBOGO or your own copy. Or if you really want to celebrate the anniversary and don’t have your own copy than treat yourself  to [amazon_link id=”B001FA1OTU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]DEADWOOD: The Complete Series [/amazon_link]and purchase it. Enjoy it any which way!

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