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‘A BLACK LADY SKETCH SHOW’: Your Boss Knows You Don’t Have Eyebrows

by Bernard Leak
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The second episode of A Black Lady Sketch Show aired this past Friday evening and while there weren’t as many laughs, the show continues to display hilarious aspects of the black woman’s experience in the world. While I wouldn’t say that this take rings true for every black woman, I, like the creators, know that black women who oftentimes don’t feel seen should be able to recognize themselves at some point in this series. This week we saw guests Loretta Devine, Lena Waithe, and Aja Naomi King (How To Get Away With Murder).

Here were the top 3 sketches and my view of them:

The Man Who Can’t Commit

Robin Thede plays Chris who fails to say “I do” at the altar. His bride, Lachel (played by Quinta Brunson), exercises the patience most women possess when they have a seemingly decent man in front of them. Loretta Devine plays the Pastor who weds the two. Loretta finds herself throwing her hat into the ring in hopes of getting the young man to say those two very important words. This was a top sketch for me because it showcased a person we all can relate to. A man who is all about the game and won’t ever commit, and yet the woman stays by his side. She takes hints of efforts and ignores the signs that say she should run to the nearest exit. In the end, he does say “I do”, because well, the Pastor set him up for a win. Quinta’s character shines brightly too because, well, sometimes, these goofy men thrive so long because they’re attached to a woman who too, exudes some inconsistency as well.

When The World Ends…Black Women Will Be The Survivors

I didn’t talk about this sketch last week, but I could tell it would be one of the on-going sketches from episode to episode. The main cast: Robin Thede, Quinta Brunson, Gabrielle Dennis, and Ashley Nicole Black, are all gathered at Robin’s place because the world is scheduled to end. And TaDa, it does! This sketch works so well for me because it’s like being a fly on the wall of the black woman experience. I can remember as a kid, my mom and aunts, gathering, laughing, and enjoying themselves. There’s an openness, a language, and support system that this sketch represents cq5dam.web.1200.675week over week. Last week they shaded each other in “Never Have I Ever”, and this week they didn’t miss a beat, dissecting and assessing their blackness. It is okay if you don’t eat chicken, or tie your hair up, but be prepared to answer some tough questions from your girlfriends. They went through each other’s suitcases, which brought some much-needed comedy to this weeks episode. Also, it let you know exactly who these characters are in their friend circle without much exposition. What would you pack if you knew the world was ending?

Basic Ball

The opposite of the Bad Bitch support group existed this week in a tribute to the ballroom scene. This sketch was the funniest after watching the episode multiple times. Our innermost thoughts, kitchen table talk, and ridiculous self-talk were on display through each category of the ball. From clinical depression (naps, carbs overload, etc.), to black family cookout realness (someone always mispronounces your friend’s name, right?), running errands, and simple awkwardness in the ABLSS_Episode2Pic2-300x141body, no beat was missed. The emcee of the ball blends it all together so well, calling attention to every single detail. Lines like: “mother exhausted from the house of tired”, “un-medicated for the Gods”, and “you ran into your boss and now he knows you don’t have eyebrows bitch” kept me holding on for the next read.

While all of these women are shining, for some reason, I am falling more and more in love with Gabrielle Dennis and her comedic presence. I love that we get to see these women play so many characters because we see how much talent they have in them. Gabrielle really shined in the opening office scene sketch, serving multiple looks of the work-best-friend! I’m sure she’ll shine again. Check out the episode 3 preview below:

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