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‘A BLACK LADY SKETCH SHOW’ #4: Where are my background singers?

by Bernard Leak
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A Black Lady Sketch Show aired this past Friday (08.23) and, in the event, that you missed it, here were my top 3 sketches from the evening:

Rome & Julissa

A solid sketch captures relevant pop culture topics, and nothing has been more interesting than the story of Rome and Julissa or Bardigang (fans of Cardi B) vs. Barbsz (fans of Nicki Minaj). What works well here is the way at which the story of Romeo and Juliet is modernized under the umbrella of stan allegiance. Julissa (Quinta Brunson) and Rome (Tyler James Williams) of Everybody Hates Chris) tell an amazing love story rooted in an intense fandom that is so ridiculous, yet it works. And this keeps up with this series. Often, the sketches rely on the bizarre extremes of reality which then collide with fantasy and then magic happens. Adding to their love journey, their stan-family heighten the problematic nature of their love, and their ultimate decision to commit social media suicide. This felt on brand and relevant! Stans really do go to the extreme, and I can imagine relationships ending simply because one rocks with one artist over another. This is probably based off someone’s real life. Check it out below:

Negro League Groupies

Before your favorite athlete greeted his lady of the night in a lobby, there was Feather Atwood (Robin Thede) and her friends Daffodil Dunaham (Issa Rae) and Pearlina Teatree (Natasha Rothwell). The moment I realized what was going on, I couldn’t move the smile from my face. Commentary on women’s decision to hustle and scam is again, right on brand with the times. I appreciate the conversation here because these are women who are intentional, have the answers, and want to get the job done. No shame in their game, and for that, please visit the African-American Museum to pay homage.


On My Own

At this point, I’m convinced that Ashley Nicole Brown sucks at all relationships. Week after week she’s attached to some sketch, with dialogue that’s so on the nose, that you’d think she has it figured out by now. But, she doesn’t. And that’s what makes it so good. So many of us know exactly what we must do in these relationships and yet we stay. But this week Patti LaBelle “magicked there” as her saving grace, and the message is clear— it’s time to be on your own. Patti as the fairy Godmother helping her make the right decisions is everything I need too. I too would dump someone weekly if she would appear.

With the season nearing an end, check out some behind the scene conversations Robin had with HBO about creating the series.

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