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Silicon Valley: “Maleant Data Systems Solutions”

by Jason Godfrey
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When we last left our heroes of Pied Piper, their secret Skunkworks plan failed before it even got started. When Jack called the four into his office, I was fully expecting the hammer to crash down on their heads. It started that way, but as if by some miracle, Richard found his testicles that his doctor checked for earlier in the season. He explained that if order for Jack to get what he wants, he can’t fire Richard and his team. It may have been the first time he stood up for his project that resulted in it actually sticking.

Even more surprising is that throughout the episode, he continues to show that he’s got a pair of balls. Maybe if he showed these characteristics earlier and provided undeniable proof before, he probably wouldn’t have bend fired from his company in the first place. Things not only seem to be going his way for once, but it also seems like he’s learning how to deal with other people, especially executives. Has he had enough of being pushed around and knocked down that he decided it was time to fight back? Jack even credits Richard for saving the deal with Maleant.

s03e04_400-300x168Things are finally looking up.

But wait: this is Silicon Valley. Our characters usually get built up just to get knocked down.

Gavin Belson is convinced into buying End Frame to compete with Pied Piper, essentially re-hiring the Nucleus employees. This normally would be bad news for Pied Piper because their biggest competition now has the financial backing of the technology powerhouse hooli, but it quickly realized that this gives a dollar amount to middle-out technology. Elrich would have explained this if he wasn’t having a bong-induced coughing fit. It was funny for the first 5 seconds and then it got annoying as made it a bit more challenging to hear what the other characters were saying. Once again, it seems we’re set up so high, it’s going to be a long fall.

Big Head is back again and… doing nothing of course. It’s made him a millionaire. He’s quite an ironic character. While the others seem to be working towards something, he doesn’t seem to be motivated to do anything. He’s just floating through life. Of course Elrich is a bit frustrated when Big Head accidentally creates a more successful incubator. Elrich is okay with it, though, because he squeezed himself into a partnership with him.


Entering the Pied Piper office, the group was prepared to announce the good news. This is where we are to expect the bomb to drop before the credits roll. It was all set up. We see two employees packing their things and the office is looking unusually empty. Laurie informs the group of a new development: Jack has been fired. I guess she’s been pushed too far as well.

The question we’re left with is: Who is taking over as CEO? It’s not Richard. Despite the power plays he’s made this episode, he’s not ready yet and Laurie clearly sees that too. It’s not Elrich because… well… “no” as she says. Honestly, if it’s anyone from the current cast, it’ll probably be Monica as she seems like she would be the only one that would have a clue what to do as a CEO. We may just a see a guest star fill that empty chair.

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