8 HBO Characters You Can’t Help But LOVE

Perhaps you love that you hate them, or maybe you hate that you love them. Whatever your weird love/hate relationship with these characters happens to be, one thing is for sure, you have some form of love for them… I think.

boardwalk-empire-jimmy-188x300Jimmy Darmody: Boardwalk

Instead of choosing the main man on Boardwalk, Nucky Thompson, I opted for Jimmy Darmody instead. The reason is simple. Right through the first two seasons of Boardwalk, in every scene he appeared, Michael Pitt stole the show. Portraying Jimmy ever so dramatically, Pitt is a phenomenally gifted actor. As odd as it was tragic, Jimmy lived a life steeped in controversy and anguish. His extremely peculiar relationship with his mother, his strenuous relationship with Nucky, and the demons encountered during the war all contribute to his fragile mental state. A truly credible character, Boardwalk lost a certain element when Jimmy Darmody departed.  

Johnny Drama: Entourage

In the eyes of many Entourage fans, Johnny is the “lesser” of the Chase brothers. Nonetheless, he is by far the more entertaining character. A man who speaks before he thinks, Drama delivered some of the funniest one liners in HBO history. My personal favorite has to be, “Are you kidding me? The vagina is my third favorite hole.” An affectionate soul beneath all the bravado, Drama is an emotionally tender individual. If he isn’t adorably referring to Vince as Baby-Bro, Drama can be heard raucously repeating his classic line from Viking Quest, “VICTORY!”                                                                                                                          A character for the ages, say what you will about Johnny Drama, the man is a legend. Yes, he can’t act and he is rather obnoxious, but you gotta hand it to him, his audacious dress sense never failed to amuse. A poster-boy for skin-tight Ed Hardy and Affliction tees, the less debonair of the Chase brothers possessed one of the most erratically fly wardrobes we have witnessed.

Vern Schillinger: Oz


Oz was a pioneering show in every way possible. It was HBO’s first ever 60 minute drama, paving the way for other classics such as The Wire and the Sopranos. Set in a maximum security prison, Oz immodestly flashed the torch on the misfortunes encountered in prison life. One of the most authentic TV portrayals  of day to day prison life, Oz was as brutal as it was revolutionary. Quite possibly the most ruthless prisoner ever to grace our TV sets, Vern Schillinger ran the Aryan brotherhood. A man who regularly did as he pleased, Schillinger went to any length to ensure that he remained on top of prison’s emblematic food chain. Injuring and killing anyone who hindered his rise to the top, Schillinger was one of the meanest, irrefutably putrid characters to appear on HBO. Say what you will, the man is unforgettable, captivating in the eeriest way imaginable.

Tyrion Lannister: Game of Thrones                                                 

ht_peter_dinklage_tyrion_lannister_toys_game_of_thrones_ss_thg_130321_ssv-150x150What he lacks in height, Tyrion Lannister more than makes up for this charisma and wit.  A versatile actor, Peter Dinklage portrays the war hero in a startling manner. In the very first season, Tyrion was clearly a self-obsessed, egotistical maniac. Undoubtedly, the imp commands and captures every scene he is in. A womanizer of epic proportions, Lannister romps and drinks like there is no tomorrow. Evolving from a corrupted nobleman into a congenial war hero, we must kneel down and bow before the Imp!

Christopher Moltisanti: The Sopranos

christopher-moltasanti-199x300A superb character, Moltisanti’s rise from bagel boy to leading man was a thing of beauty. The Sopranos gave us an insight into mob life, it opened our eyes, expertly showing how someone makes rank in this close-knit family. Initially, Christopher is a punk, he spends most of his time robbing trucks and irritating Junior Soprano, the mob boss at that time. His life was one full of turbulence, one full of epic highs and epic lows. The viewer is taken on an intimate journey, we witnessed him make capo, we watched on eagerly as he got made, and we also saw him battle with his drug addiction. One felt that Christopher’s life was always destined to end in tragedy, nonetheless, the way he was killed off was shocking and deeply emotional. Tony always cherished Christopher, but his confidence in Moltisanti seemed to diminish with each episode. Ultimately, Tony’s patience ran out, and, well, the rest is history.

Ari Gold: Entourage

Entourage was and will always be one of my favourite ever shows. Without a doubt, Ari Gold is one of the major reasons why this show is so cherished by countless fans around the world. Ari, played expertly by Jeremy Piven, was willing to go to any length for himself or for his client.  His outbursts of unforgettable homophobic comments (mostly directed at Lloyd) were venomous yet hilarious. Piven played the agent’s role so flawlessly that he is surely the main reason the show ran for eight glorious seasons.

Omar Little: The Wire

omar-smoking-224x300Every man and his dog acknowledge the fact that The Wire boasted an array of supreme characters. From Michael Lee to Avon Barksdale, Stringer Bell to Bodie, the show was fantastic. Nonetheless, as great as the aforementioned characters were, Omar Little was the epicentre of the show. The gangster made his living by robbing the meanest drug dealers in the game. There was a comical element too that was totally enchanting; for example, take his memorable humming mantra before committing a crime, or his love of breakfast cereal Cheerios. The man who put the Hood in Robin Hood, Omar did possess an ethical conscience, never harming anyone who stayed out of the game. “You come at the king, you best not miss,” sayings like this are now legendary, a real testament to Omar as an illustrious HBO character.

Murray – Flight of the Conchords  

Folks, answer me this, who really needs their Flight of the Conchords fix? Additionally, answer me this, who would have thought that a narrative involving two inelegant chaps from New Zealand to crack the New York music scene could be so damn funny?  For many, Murray was the true star of the show. An intrepid, somewhat naive manager, almost every sentence he uttered was side-splittingly funny.

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