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5 Reasons to Watch Lady Gaga on HBO

by Jacob Klein
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HBOTrueBloodBoardwalkEmpire_biggerLittle Monsters certainly don’t need any more reason to tune in to Saturday night’s HBO Lady Gaga concert special but many out there may need a bit of convincing.  Like many amazing artists before her, Lady Gaga is a controversial character loved by many and misunderstood by others.  This weekend, HBO is taking us behind the scenes and onto the stage with the world’s newest pop diva, getting us closer to the cultural icon than ever before.  If you’re not planning on tuning in already allow me to persuade you otherwise.  Here are a few reasons to remember to set that DVR:

lady-gaga-live-in-concert-300x204Special Effects – If you haven’t been to a major concert in the past decade then you’re going to be blown away by what you see on the HBO stage.  It isn’t just bright, colorful lights with fake smoke pumping in from back stage these days.  Today’s modern stage effects are of an epic caliber.  Think Cirque du Soleil meets pop music.  Lady Gaga in particular keeps everyone guessing with her avant-guarde style and never ending stream of visual surprises that are a feast for the eyes, mind and soul.  This isn’t your parent’s Rolling Stones concert from the 70’s you’ll be watching.  Welcome to the 21st century of music and spectacle.

Lady Gaga is a Cultural Phenomenon. Perhaps not since Britney Spears has a single pop icon attracted so much media attention, hype or pure love from fans around the world.  From music enthusiasts to the Fashion Police, to your local watercooler, no one can help but reference Lady Gaga.  Some even dare to call her the new queen of pop music..  Who’s to say if Madonna has been dethroned just yet but if you still haven’t gotten around to experiencing the Gaga machine; this HBO special is a perfect opportunity to take the plunge.  If you don’t like (or understand) what you’re seeing Saturday night on HBO you’ll at least be more in tuned with what everyone else is talking about.

lady_gaga_praying_themindslut-300x168Captivating Characters – If you’ve had a chance to check out the promotional videos for the HBO special you’ll have an idea of what you’ll be in for this weekend.  Behind the crazy dresses and blinding limelight, Lady Gaga is a real person with real hopes an insecurities.  In one particular video she breaks down into tears before the concert, baring it all in a prayer, asking her God for the courage and strength to overcome herself.  Hopefully the HBO special will give us more of these tender moments which will make the performance itself carry that much more weight for the viewer.

All of the Pleasure and None of the Pain – Physically showing up for a raucous concert like this can be a pain.  From the sometimes $250 tickets to the $40 parking, to the crushing crowds and nosebleed seating, you’re not going on a pleasure crusie when you show up for a massive concert at Maddison Square Garden.  HBO’s concert will be up close and personal with Lady Gaga, getting great shots of all the details you might miss if you were stuck in the sweaty throng of the actual concert.  You won’t have to find parking or pay any more than you already do for your HBO subscription and I dare say you’ll be experiencing Lady Gaga’s music in it’s purest form all from the comfort of your living room.  So wipe down that 50″ HDTV screen and turn up the volume to 11 (if yours goes that high) and prepare to be blown away.

image-4-for-lady-gaga-s-la-concert-gallery-438847832-300x192The Music – For all of the hype and controversy surrounding a character such as Lady Gaga we often lose sight of what’s important. Gaga’s music has touched millions around the world through human rights anthems such as “Born this Way” to club hits like “Love Games” (Disco Stick).  Underneath the catchy melodies and the thunderous beats, though is a type of music that will make you want to get up and dance as the lyrics find a way to stick with you through the next morning.  Gaga is best known for her eccentricity and unpredictability but what has captivated so many around the world is her precision and command over her music own amazing music.  Couple this with House of Gaga’s stage presence and you’ve got a show that can’t be missed!

Tune in to HBO this Saturday night at 9/8c.  Don’t forget to set your DVR if you can’t make it!

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