24/7 will focus on Red Wings and Maple Leafs

HBO-247-Maple-Wings-300x177There was no guarantee that HBO would renew 24/7, a sports series that focuses on two teams heading to the NHL’s Winter Classic.  But today we have word that HBO has asked The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings to participate in a behind the scenes documentary focusing on how the teams operate on and off the ice.  This year’s installment featured the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers and received much praise from hockey fans around the world as player’s personailities, coach’s tempers and the grittiness that is professional hockey went on dispay.  It was a great way for fans non-hockey fans alike to consume the game and left many wanting more.

The Maple Leafs and the Red Wings look to recapture some of that magic next year as HBO’s cameras zoom in on their way of play.  We’ll keep you updated with exact dates and schedule news but look for the series to drop Winter 2012.

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