24/7 Finale Tonight on HBO – The Winter Classic

247-HBO-NHL-Winter-ClassicThe first three episodes of HBO’s 24/7 have truly captivated the attentions of the mainstream sports world.  The overwhelming response HBO has gotten leads some to wonder whether or not this form of sport-watching will be that of the future.  HBO Sports is taking the act of watching a mid-season hockey game and turning it into a drama-filled event with behind the scenes looks into the players and coaches that make it all happen every night.

Tonight at 10PM (check your listings/DVR to be sure) HBO will premiere the final episode in this four part series that features the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers.  They are natural division rivals and will be playing in the NHL’s traditional “Winter Classic” game which features an outdoor hockey arena.   Some of you already know who won the game but others of us aren’t so much hockey fans and can’t wait to find out what happens.  Which type of fan are you?  Leave a comment below but try not to spoil it!   Either way it should be great fun Thursday night at 10.

Here’s a quick preview:

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