Sookie Stackhouse Novel “Deadlocked” Hits Stores Today!

Deadlocked-True-Blood-186x300True Blood fans are nothing if not passionate about their favorite vampires.  The HBO series has turned millions of followers over the past few years and season 5 looks to continue that trend.  Those fans who can’t wait for the next HBO installment (or better yet were reading before the show came on the air!) are well aware of the release of the 12th novel in the “Sookie Stackhouse” series of which True Blood is based.  Today, May 1st 2012 will mark the release date of “Deadlockled” another installment in Charlaine Harris’ beloved vampire series.  Readers know that the HBO series deviates from the books in many ways but most forgive Allan Ball’s tresspasses on sacred territory when they see Alexander Skaarsgaurd with his shirt off.

If you want to be ahead of the game or are simply a Sookie Stackhouse aficionado be sure to order your copy of the new novel now!  It’s available on Amazon for only 15 bucks and if you need to catch up you can grab the first 10 novels in this True Blood themed boxed set.  Waiting sucks but why not catch up on the original source content by reading these lovely novels?


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