10 Ways To Celebrate the Game of Thrones Season Finale

The stage is set and the battle is over. Some of you have been waiting all Season for this moment, others have been dreading it. The Finale of Game of Thrones “Valar Morghulis” will be broadcast this Sunday and there are still a lot of things to talk about. Will Dany get her dragons back? Will Ramsey Snow show up and ruin Theon’s party? And what about Arya and Jon Snow? They still need their subplots concluded too. Whatever happens, I have certainly enjoyed Season Two. There have been a lot of surprises, a few disappointments, but overall it has been fantastic.

While I am definitely sad to see it come to an end, I have different reasons to be excited for Sunday. It’s also my birthday. I know, lucky me. And what better way to spend the day then to dedicate it to my favorite show? I started thinking about how to spend my personal holiday and came up with a list of ten ways to celebrate the finale. I’m not the only one that can use this list though, others can run with these ideas as well:

 385610_411774635519495_179226522107642_1302373_1858741217_n-150x1501. Show Your Colors

Got any GoT shirts, hats, or other cool swag? Pull it out and rock it! You may even have someone yell out “King in the North” at you like I did last week. Seriously, that really happened to me.

2. Relate everything to GoT

Going to Starbucks? Tell them your name is Cersei, Tyrion, Arya, or Theon. You can even be really brave and see if they’ll yell out “Mother of Dragons” when your order is ready!

3. Tell your significant other he/she is your “Sun and Stars”

If anything this should provide some nice brownie points, right?

4. Buy the new cookbook

From Innatthecrossroads.com: “Ever wonder what it’s like to attend a feast at Winterfell? Wish you could split a lemon cake with Sansa Stark, scarf down a pork pie with the Night’s Watch, or indulge in honeyfingers with Daenerys Targaryen?” These people have published the first and only official cookbook for the show called “A Feast of Ice and Fire”. You can get it now on Amazon.com. I wish I could endulge on honeyfingers with Dany.

5. Find a nerd

Do you have a friend who knows EVERYTHING about the show? Have them come over so you can pick their brain.

6. Marathon

HBOZone is replaying Season Two back-to-back-to-back leading up to the Finale. Zone stands for “Zone out on Game of Thrones until the Finale starts”.

7. Use our drinking guide

Here at HBOWatch, we have a drinking game we refer to quite often. Check it out and see if you can drink your friends under the table. I recommend a nice Arbor Gold or some Winterfell Beer.


8. Count the extra 10 minutes and make sure we weren’t cheated!

We reported earlier this week that the Finale will run an extra 10 minutes longer than normal. Most episodes are around 54-55 minutes. So, that means this one should be around 65. Set your DVR’s to accommodate this change and make sure we aren’t cheated!

9. Speculate with your friends about Season 3

Have a discussion with your friends about what you want to see in Season 3. Recently, we have been dishing out news on the Season 3 cast. Check out these three articles for banter material:

Season Three Casting Speculation

Reeds and Blackfish in for Season 3

Shireen Cast for Season 3

10. Pray to the Gods that next year goes by fast

If the show keeps the trend, Season 3 will premiere in April 2013.  Pray to the Gods that it comes quick! The Old, the New, the Lord of Light, it doesn’t matter. Pray to them all if you want.

Here is the the trailer for Sunday’s episode, “Valar Morghulis”. Thanks for enduring Season Two with us fans. I hope you had as much fun as I did. But how could you not?


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