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10 Things to do While Waiting for True Blood Season 6

by Coral Moore
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waiting-sucks-200x300Season Six of True Blood is set to begin in the spring of 2013, but that seems a long way off when faced with the long winter before us. How can we possibly last all those lonely months without dying of boredom? Fear not, friend. Here’s a list of things that aren’t quite as good as watching True Blood, but may help pass the time.

  1. Arts and Crafts – While we dearly love most of the fangers, we all know that some of them are just… unsociable. Make sure to use your time wisely this winter by whittling stakes to take care of the ones that get too bitey. Post a how-to video on YouTube, because there is a definite lack of them.
  2. Try to Find Bon Temps on Google Earth – If that doesn’t work, and for some reason it never seems to, you can follow this handy-dandy map.
  3. Learn to Juggle – Knives. While some may say this is a waste of time, it can only help your knife throwing skills for those tense moments when you’re being chased by who-knows-what in the dark.
  4. Get a Job – Seek gainful employment as a bouncer in at a dive bar. This is the best way to prepare for those Fangtasia or Merlotte’s bar fights if you want to end up on the right side of them.
  5. Better Yet, Open Up Your Own Bar – Buy some Merlotte’s and Fangtasia pint glasses and hoist a few to banish that True Blood withdrawal. Invite some friends so you don’t have to drink alone, and then charge them a couple of bucks per glass.
  6. Scour the Globe for a Sword Cane – Or you can search the web for one. Why? Why not!
  7. Hone Your Glamoring Skills – Start out practicing in a mirror. Convince yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Once you’ve managed that, go out and practice it on the unsuspecting population of your town.
  8. Come Up with a New Recipe – for Tru Blood. Since the vampers blew up all the factories last season, it seems a good time to get entrepreneurial with those latent brewing talents. Or, if you’re too lazy for that, find one in the True Blood Cookbook.
  9. Start an Antique Collection – Search the kitschy art sites for silver heirlooms. These dual purpose accessories also double as added vampire protection. Necklaces and bracelets work best!
  10. Put Together a Killer True Blood Costume for Halloween – Here’s a good place to start, but mostly just watch some old episodes and let your imagination run wild.
What are you doing to pass the time other than watching HBO’s other great shows?  Leave us a comment below with your ideas.

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