10 Things I Want to See in True Blood Season 5

It’s almost that time again–the time when the countdown to the premiere of True Blood hits fever pitch and wannabe fangbangers the world over can hardly contain their anxiousness. I myself am very excited about the season 5 premiere (just less than one month away!), and to hold you (and me) over until June 10, I wanted to talk about what I most want to see from this upcoming season. Please feel free to comment and tell me what you want to see too!

1. I want to see Jason become a werepanther hybrid, and then kill Crystal.


Because she’s AWFUL.

2. I want to see Bill stop being so emo. 
Seriously, what is with his hair?

3. I want to see Eric and Sookie get it on again. 

For obvious reasons.

4. I want to see the introduction of Quinn!


(For those that read the books,  you’ll know who this is. For those that don’t, I’ll just say “tiger.”)

5. I want Sookie and Alcide to get in on FINALLY. 


There is too much flannel separating those two crazy kids.

6. I need Russell to co-anchor another edition of nightly news.


Snazzy catchphrase and all. I mean just look at that screen presence!

7. I want Eric’s sister Nora to become BFFs with Sookie.


Girl power! (Literally)

8. I want Steve Newlin the Vampire to drain someone wearing a sweater vest. 


God hates those who do not color coordinate, and all.

9. I want Christopher Meloni to solve a vampire-related crime.



10. I want Sam and Alcide to become BFFS.


I mean, wouldn’t that be just the cutest interspecies bromance EVER? They could rule the world in plaid.

So some of those may be long shots, I get it. But a girl can dream can’t she?  True Blood season 5 begins on June 11th so I guess we’ll see what happens then.  What do you want to see, Truebies?


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