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Writers Guild Names THE SOPRANOS “The Best Written Series”

By Jef Dinsmore on Jun 3, 2013 to HBO News, The Sopranos

To see the complete List please visit:

To see the complete List please visit:

Now we all know that lists are just one party’s opinion of what they think is the best in whatever criteria they set. That always leaves them open for argument. Somebody else’s list is always different from the next person’s list. So take the following as you will.

Both branches of the Writers Guild of America (WGAWest & WGAEast) have announced their list of the 101 Best Written TV Series of all time. It was based on the membership of the Guild casting online votes. These voters are people of the industry who write singly or collaboratively to create the shows we watch. HBO, it so happens is well represented on the list.

thesopranos_cast&titleIn fact, the number one show considered the best written series from pilot to end is THE SOPRANOS. Now, many may argue that top honor just based on the last scene of the series alone and you may do so; that is what the Comments section below is for. Other HBO shows that make it onto the list follows:


#1   – THE SOPRANOS – Created by David Chase

#9   – THE WIRE – Created by David Simon

#18 – SIX FEET UNDER – Created by Alan Ball

#20 – THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW – Created by Gary Shandling & Dennis KleinDeadwood_Cast&Title

#30 – CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM – Created by Larry David

#32 – DEADWOOD – Created by David Milch

#39 – SEX AND THE CITY – Created by Darren Starr, Based on the book by Candace Bushnell

# 40 – GAME OF THRONES – Created by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss, Based on the books by George. R. R. Martin

# 88 – HBO Miniseries: BAND OF BROTHERS – Written by Erik Bork, E. Max Frye, Tom Hanks, Erik Jendresen, Bruce C. McKenna, John Orloff, Graham Yost; Based on the Book by Stephan E. AmbroseOz_cast&Title

#93 – BOARDWALK EMPIRE – Created by Terence Winter; based on the book by Nelson Johnson

#101 – OZ – Created by Tom Fontana

Again, check out the full List of the 101 Best Writen TV Series  and argue away. Or if that is a bit unwieldy how about just looking at the eleven (11) HBO shows written here and let us know if the list needs adjusting. Maybe, we can come up with a consensus on a different order than the one above? Have at it!

Which is the best written HBO series?

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  • law

    really…GOT unworthy?? sopranos were great but its over and it’s a overplayed genre.GOT is taking a underused genre to places TV has ever seen…just chk twitter

  • This is such a difficult decision for me, so much so that I’m still withholding my vote. I honestly can’t choose between The Wire and Deadwood; The Wire for its sheer reality and Deadwood for its Shakespearesque narrative!

  • I’ve always felt that the Wire and Deadwood leave the Sopranos in the dust! Its interesting to see which show is heading the poll, as it seems to me to be pretty obvious that while visually impressive, GoT is very badly written.

  • Hands down The Sopranos is the absolute best show synthesized by Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Absolute sheer triumphant perfection. I’d have The Wire and The Sopranos share the #1 spot. But for shit such as GoT to even exist on such a list is ridiculous, though.

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