Why True Blood won’t be canceled any time soon

By Jacob Klein on Feb 21, 2012 to HBO Watch Originals, True Blood

After nearly four years of love, horror and betrayal it’s hard to imagine Sunday evenings in the summertime without HBO’s True Blood.   But like all good (bad, bad) things, the show will someday come to an end.  A few are even calling for the show’s ‘true death’ right now.  But critics aside, the show continues to see financial sucess on all fronts.  Some may see this summer’s installment of the program of True Blood as it’s last but here are just a few reasons we doubt this beloved show is going anywhere soon.

Ratings are steady

HBO isn’t a network that cancels a show soley based on ratings anyway but for it’s part, True Blood seems to be holding steady about around 5 million viewers per episode (with higher numbers on premiere/finale nights).  These numbers fail to take into account subsequent airings, viewing parties and HBOGo watches that would most likely boost ratings.  But even setting that aside, True Blood is one of HBO’s top three programs with numbers comparable to Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire.  There is even a case to be made that True Blood is HBO’s strongest performing program.

In television, numbers are everything.  TV executives, even those are the usually pragmatic HBO, often find themselves awash in a sea of analytic data.  When looking at these numbers day in and day out it would be tough to even consider cutting that number one program from your ranks.  But if one episode of True Blood purportedly costs around $3-5 million to produce ($50-60 Million per season) you’re going to need to make that back somehow.  Keep reading to understand how HBO surely makes that and more from True Blood.

DVD sales are incredible

One of the more obvious ways HBO makes money on a program is through DVD and Blu-Ray sales.  Earlier I quoted a season of True Blood at ~$50 million.  With that number in hand would it surprise you to learn that the first season of True Blood on DVD brought in a staggering $26 million dollars… in it’s first two weeks?!  Now those numbers may have declined with subsequent seasons but even the third season  debuted at #1, and that’s based on UNITS sold, not dollars!  The bottom line is this: HBO makes half of it’s money back on any given season of True Blood immediately following it’s digital release.  Not too shabby considering all of the other tangibles and intangibles True Blood has going for it.

Syndication and overseas deals are super-lucrative

More and more television programming is becoming a global concept.  And why wouldn’t it?  The massive populations of Europe, India,  and China are not only producing their own quality programming but consuming more American syndication.  HBO sells its shows to other networks at quite the premium.  By one estimation HBO are looking for around $800,000 to syndicate a single episode of True Blood.  This means that if one other network decides they want to air a season of True Blood, they’ll be picking up the bill for about 15% of the total cost of producing the show!  These numbers just don’t look like they’re coming from a show in danger of being canceled any time soon, do they?

There’s so much source material left

Although the creator of the Sookie Stackhouse, Charlaine Harris, novels (of which True Blood is derived) has stated that the series will not go on forever, the content Alan Ball has presented on HBO has yet to utilize even 75% of what has been written.  This isn’t to say that the show hasn’t severely deviated from it’s source material but the fact that there is so much story left to be told gives fans hope that the show is far from over.  Could you imagine HBO canceling Game of Thrones after the events of Storm of Swords? (Season 3)  There would be blood in the streets! (and not in a good way)  HBO may decide to hastily wrap up the series in the next two seasons but I’d predict the show continues until at least 7 full season have run their course.  That means season 5 this summer and two more bloody summers after that.  They have to give us some time to prepare our fragile vampire-loving psyches… don’t they?

This doesn’t even take into account the merchandising that most likely all parties don’t want to stop any time soon!

Fans Don’t want it to end

True Blood is one of those shows that actually drives subscriptions.  Most people probably don’t pay the extra $25 / month for Treme or Hung or even Eastbound and Down.  True Blood is one of those shows that people talk about the next day, a show that everyone knows about and is part of the fabric of our culture.  Much like The Sopranos, Sex and the City and now Game of Thrones, there are people out there who subscribe to HBO for this show exclusively, and may or may not rethink their subscription the day it went off the air.  The main criticism of the show I’ve heard is that it seems to be getting more insane, with more characters and more inexplicable situations every seasons.  But what did you expect from a show like this?  The werewolves, faeries, witches (and explicit sex involving all three)  are exactly what the show’s fans are pining for.. and they’re finding it-  only on HBO.

But that’s just our opinion, what do you think?  Leave us a comment below and vote in our poll to express your own views!

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You suck at predicting things.

i only subscribe to HBO so i can watch true blood im having it cut off first thing in the morning! and i dont have any reason to ever turn it back on

good for you…

yes it is…

I’m laughing at the people who suggest HBO will lose thousands of viewers and

money once this show is canceled. Really? The main reason for cancelling this show is the viewership dropped from 5.6 to around 4 million….yes MILLIONS. In retrospect a couple thousand people that get huffy and cancel their membership is kind of laughable.
The HBO website was crashed because so many people were trying to stream True Detective and lest we not to mention Game of Thrones, whose season 4 finale grabbed around 7 million viewers.

I agree with VVVV Lillyanna VVVV

there are so many good shows on HBO right now. One show does not define the network in my opinion.

Yes, this is why I referenced other shows.

How many of you fans read the books? Seeing them go on and on making things up and not even focusing on the main story of the fairy world and messing up everyone’s story line! Jason was supposed to be a werepather. Tara was never supposed to become a vampire. Godric was never Eric’s maker. Jessica was never even MADE. They just screwed up to much. I love the cast trust me I do, I even love Jessica. I just don’t like how they don’t even follow the books anymore. I would prefer to see it end. It was a… Read more »

True Blood is the first thing I’ve seen where the show is BETTER than the books. The books are bland, the characters are one dimensional and Sookie is a Mary Sue. They read like all of the other one dimensional vampire romance stories that are being mass-produced and marketed to teens, only distinguishing themselves by being unintentionally and subtly racist. The show on the other hand, is a deep and thoughtful reflection on the culture of the south, and a dark and exciting tour of a complex and interesting Supernatural world with a fascinating set of overlapping storylines.


Please don’t end True Blood! I think I’m going to be sick. My favorite show of all time! I’ve bought every season and if there’s 50 more series, I’d purchase all 50 more series and I know that I’m not alone on this either. HBO will make a BIG MISTAKE BY ENDING TRUE BLOOD. TO ME, THIS SHOW CAN NEVER BE REPLACED.

pray tell why DID they kill it then….seriously…nobody seems to know…

7 seasons is a very respectable run. Not to mention some of these actors have, you know, other things they want to move on to. It’s not as though they could just keep making The Sopranos, Sex and the City or Game of Thrones FOREVER, right? Shows just end.

Thank you Jacob! People seem to forget how much work goes into just 7 seasons. I mean Charmed, Dexter, Breaking Bad and Buffy the vampire slayer were all around 5-7 seasons long.

Don’t do it! If True Blood ends, I’m NOT paying for HBO anymore. That’s a given! We love all the characters, the storyline, the actors and actresses, everything about this show! And HBO wants to cancel?! WTF!? No True Blood? No Hbo. BOYCOTT!

Ain’t that a bitch!!!! As this article suggests, I will be one of the first to cancel the HBO channel AND save $. In addition, I am quite sure it goes without saying that hundreds of thousands of consumers will do the same!

That whole Vampire religion/Lilith storyline was drawn out too long. But even so, True Blood should remain an HBO regular. 1000’s of viewers subscribed to HBO specifically for True Blood, and if it is cancelled HBO could certainly suffer as a whole.

It’s been reported on several legitimate news websites that season 7 will be the final season. How can we hope it will continue? There is a petition circulating however all I can say is that if True Blood is cancelled, I will no longer pay for HBO. They have some boring and ridiculous shows currently running and financially speaking, it makes no sense as to why they have chosen to cancel True Blood when it is without doubt one of HBO’s best!!!

So how do you feel about your prediction today? Mwahhahahaa! :P

Love this goddamn show!!! It’s SOOO GOOD!

I would like you all to make Tarrys death some kind of bad dream that someone has on season 7. Tarry was to much a part of a normal family with
Arline and the kids. Terry and Arline were the only normal people in t True Blood. You all made a bad call on that one.

Bill being a phrophet for Lilith is getting on my nerves pretty bad. I still love so many of the characters & I am trying to be patient with this possible end times situation but I really miss the deadpan humor. The Terry/Arlene stories seem to be weak filler. The plots of all these subcharacters makes me nervous because I like the main characters so much, why wouldn’t those great actors be offered bigger roles elsewhere? That makes me nervous they will leave the show. I will watch as long as it’s on, love the cast! Miss Hoyt! I wish… Read more »

If this show go on too long it would become boring. Love it just the way it is right now, but pls do not continue the story line for too long. Let Sookie at least find the love of her life, and have a good human forever after. Pls do not kill off Eric, he is my fav. vampire. Bill is too full of himself.

True Blood = Bloodcow

I love my Bill and TB.

please do not let true blood end the same way the books did. The last book was terrible made no sense if you’ve read all the other books, and felt like it was rushed and just does’nt tie everything together….if you can forget about all the others that came before it you might like this book…this is the first i’ve ever wanted a series/movie to be different than the books.. but please hbo dont’ disapoint us like this writer has

We have basic Direct TV package, True Blood is the only reason we are paying extra for HBO, and we will cancel it right after True Blood is over. xD Hope it lasts a couple more years!!

I love the show so much. This is the only show I have been addicted too. I hope it never ends. I love bill and Eric . I actually love everyone. It’s the best so don’t ever end please.

I don’t want true blood 2 eva end it’s 2 good of a show & im really not In 2 vamps, wovles & stuff like that In movies & shows but true blood if off the charts i never,miss it

yeah way to many characters and story lines going on. The fans want to see more of the fire and ice relationship between Eric and Sookie!! That is what we tune in for!

All the source material still available. Lol. I can see True Blood would have to make an effort to make Sookie relevant in her own story again. That could take a couple of seasons, since she’s so far gone now that everyone hates her – the fans, her friends, the vampires and I’m sure this season she can alienate the weres in her irrelevance. I’m sure they could just slot in the source material they haven’t used yet too. They can rekill the Queen. And they could introduce some more female characters to degrade. I would think it fine to… Read more »
I used to be a huge TB fan. I watched Season 1 in less than two days and couldn’t wait for S2 -which I absolutely loved even though I found most of the Maenad scenes boring. There was at least a plot and a point in it. Season 3 I still think was a good one -had a lot of great moments and the occasional f*ckery, but hey! we can’t be 100% happy with anything, can we? (well, except GoT. That series is pure perfection). Season 4 I liked in the beginning -Sookie had a spine, Askars delivered AN AMAZING… Read more »

hey I agree. I am a total Sookie fan in the books, there I get her. But I don’t even like her in the shows. Don’t get me wrong, though, Anna Paquin is a good actress. It’s not her. Still (that being said) I am a huge TB fan. Forever & ever. But that’s mostly thanks to Alexander Skarsgård… <3

True Blood’s writing has always been uneven going back to the latter part of S1. Does anyone recall when Sookie writes Bill off as never coming back and has her almost kiss with Sam when she knew Bill had to defend his life for killing Longshadow? We were suppose to believe a woman who would confront a knife wielding man by herself to rescue a stranger let alone a vampire stranger would give up on him after they were a couple? One of TB’s biggest problem though is the too many characters in dull storylines. I so did not care… Read more »

Whatever your position may be, it is undeniable that people have very srtong opinions about True Blood, and people are passionate about the show.

Diane, you are not a polite person. in fact, you are aggressively angry and rude. that attack and “challenge” simply show your lack of manners online, which reflect your true personality offline. You claim to be “older and more mature” but i think that simply means you are “old” and not quite familiar with online manners…. I do have two degrees, and know quite a bit about how to make money. I am retired early and with plenty of money due to having enough education to know how to make money in the first place! If you continue to bad… Read more »
Practice what you preach BooBear. I am not the one being rude and angry in a post. I have been civil and have used basic internet etiquette. Did you know that all caps is the internet form of yelling at someone? When you overuse that function, it makes you an internet yeller, which screams “immature” to me.I am not the one that is telling people that they have no education and that they are deluded. Furthermore, I do not need to be nice to someone who is being rude to me. Which is it, I am young and immature or… Read more »
@Diane, “You actually think you are funding True Blood. Honey, that is just extra money in their pocket as they have a very low-budget. HBO execs deposit that money earned from online merchandise in their bank accounts as well as Alan’s and the people who designed the items listed there. HBO also pockets the money from the DVD sales.” of course it is money in their pockets, due to the REAL FANS THEY ARE MAKING MONEY. do you really think that they will stop a show that keeps putting SO MUCH money in their pockets? YES, THE FANS ARE FUNDING… Read more »

“not one single season has gone by that the “certain section of the fan base” has not gone ugly and wild with their non stop criticism.”

Yeah, the Bill fans on the HBO site……

I have no issue with you being a “True Fan” I have an issue with you saying you are funding the show, when you clearly are not. HBO gets their money from subscriptions and they get free advertisements from Blogs and fansites. You are only helping to make the salaries of the ones who makes the merchandise and HBO puts the rest in their bank account, not to continue to make True Blood episodes, they have a budget put aside for that. You seem to be very angry for no real reason at all, unless you think our points are… Read more »

Also, plenty of shows have been canceled by a broadcast company no matter how much merchandise was sold. If the powers that be are getting the hint that viewers are getting annoyed with certain aspects of the show that does not makes any cohesive sense, they CAN pull the plug on that popular show. Which is why the powers that be should listen to every part of the fan base!

Ah Boobear, I am certainly more mature and older than you, considering NONE of my posts to you were immature as yours were. I did go to school and I have a Degree to show for it so that shows what you know. You may have a degree in marketing but you obviously have no clue what it all entails. Marketing is about supply and demand and giving the fans what they want and also to promote the show so people will watch it. It helps the suits at HBO and other companies make money for their product. Hence, that… Read more »
You are delusional if you think they don’t care about the money and that they will listen to the fan base that is so rude and nasty. ha ha, deliberately obtuse is thy name! money talks and bulls**t walks! you know nothing except how to complain and whine and moan and groan about what you think is WRONG with one of the most popular shows ever to air on the screen. your points are not even valid, just complaints and you don’t contribute a dime, so why would they care what you think? i fund with subscriptions to HBO all… Read more »
BTW: this fan has read all the books multiple times and has many of them autographed by Charlaine Harris herself. I also have bought and paid for every single book on audio! I have spent several thousand dollars on every season sets of DVD’s, Blu Rays, pre-ordered S4, much merchandise from the HBO store, every single magazine that the cast has appeared in stored in archival covers in mint condition, autographed items and photos bought from eBay at high prices;….there is no doubt that the fans who are so very UNHAPPY are not the ones funding this show. I am… Read more »

Several thousand dollars on TB stuff?? LOL, no wonder you have such a pissy attitude- wasted money!

I so do not have any “pissy attitude”. i am a fan of the show, the story and not any whiny fan who just wants things her way. I love the show and if you think it is wasted money, why are you even here? why are you even commenting if you think it is “wasted money”? This forum asks a question: did you bother to read it or just come here to be insulting and rude?” The reason True Blood will not be cancelled anytime soon” is NOT because of fans like you, it’s because of the fans like… Read more »

“I so do not have any “pissy attitude”. i am a fan of the show, the story and not any whiny fan who just wants things her way. ”

That’s funny! You have the same attitude everywhere you go to post.

This one really lives in a fantasy land that includes constantly living in a true blood world and nothing else. It’s actually quite sad….

You actually think you are funding True Blood. Honey, that is just extra money in their pocket as they have a very low-budget. HBO execs deposit that money earned from online merchandise in their bank accounts as well as Alan’s and the people who designed the items listed there. HBO also pockets the money from the DVD sales.

This is such a delusional line of thought from some fans who first complain and moan and groan about the deviations from the “sacred text” to the screen then say how horrible the show is and that they are in the MAJORITY of fans opinions: you are NOT the majority. just because you run all these “tween-age” polls that let you vote a dozen times a day (teenyboppers have the time to do such foolish things, grownups work and occasionally pop into forums to read and post!) and so many of your comments are so very critical of one of… Read more »
Look, no one is telling you to stop enjoying the show. So why should those who are not satisfied stop expressing their opinion? It goes both ways. If you have nothing to actually add to the discussion other than telling people to shut up, maybe you should not bother at all. As for Eric, again if he’s not amongst your favourites, that’s totally fine. But to say that he couldn’t be the lead male because he’s boring as if that’s a proven fact is just laughable, especially since your whole argument is about the show’s popularity validating Ball’s work. Because… Read more »

Just another troll looking to start trouble. Save your breath!! This one posts all the anti-anythingbutbill everywhere. Trust me, it’s better just to ignore!!!

” Because if we talk popularity, Eric is BY FAR the most popular character. That’s pretty much a fact, with plenty of evidence to support it. ” you have absolutely NO PROOF or evidence of that other than your teeny bopper “vote ten times a day polls”. Eric is by far NOT the most popular character. In fact, sales of his items alone do not support the show as much as those of Bill and Sookie and Laffy and Alcide and the other supporting characters: this show is not made up of just one actor. He is simply a supporting… Read more »

Yeah, I’m sure if Eric left the show most of the audience would “clap their hands” in utter joy…
I’m also sure sheer number of youtube fan videos/comments/views, fan questions and reception at comic con, quantity of fanfiction, number of dedicated blogs/tumblrs/sites, him being used by HBO as a main marketing tool, way above any other “supporting” character, NONE of this does in any way support my claim.

And I didn’t even mention “teeny bopper polls”, even though he does win all of those too LOL.

It might not seem like it to some but True Blood has really penetrated greatly into the popular culture… True Blood was on the air before Twilight released and I believe that True Blood has a huge part in bringing vampires at the front and center of pop culture. Game Of Thrones merely emulated such a feat that True Blood had already achieved in terms of fan appreciation and anticipation. Agreed, Game Of Thrones really went to a whole new frequency, but True Blood is not too far back in the spectrum. It is still very much a top show… Read more »

Thank you for being a supporter, it’s really refreshing.

I certainly have to agree with what Serena and others have said about there being no source material left. Alan Ball has so twisted and turned his characters and his plot lines that some stories from the source material simply cannot be done now. And I will make no apologies for being a book reader. Charlaine Harris was a best selling author before TB was ever thought of. And the reason for it was because her books were entertaining. They were the right combination of romance, drama, supernatural, and fun. I have never thought that TB had to be word… Read more »
TB has at least 2 more years left in it, and who cares of the vampires are getting a little older, LOL. This is a fantasy show, it’s not real, and no one cares of Stephen or the rest of the vamp actors are getting old, we still want to see them. And Stephen has done a great job as Bill this year. I agree with the other posters in saying his role has just gotten better and better, he truly is the male hero/star of this show. And the show has veered away from the books since the very… Read more »

LOL there’s not that many posters here agreeing with you on the wonderfulness of BIll.
If you look at the “who should die” article, the poll has Bill in the lead by a large margin at almost 60%!
In fact, I understand how Bill fans would love the show, it’s basically aimed at them… for everybody else, there’s A LOT to criticize, whether your a book reader or not.

“And Stephen has done a great job as Bill this year. I agree with the other posters in saying his role has just gotten better and better, he truly is the male hero/star of this show.” And yet he’s still not as popular as Eric’s character. AB could have Bill save children from burning orphanages, help old ladies across the road and adopt three legged kittens and most viewers still won’t buy the Bill Compton hour. I have no beef with SM – he’s done fine as bill. BC is a hero. I know right? I mean if I had… Read more »

I have never seen anyone compare Bill to Tony Soprano. LOL Wow. That’s a new level of delusion.

I’m speaking of the fascinating character portrayals, not that the characters are the same – oh, never mind, it’s too much effort to explain.

TB is a wonderful show, with all the violence, sex, crazy plot lines and bloody baths. This show is Alan Ball – and thanks all that is holy and unholy for that! I love the craziness and the silliness, and the moral issues and the political viewpoints and the social commentary. I love the actors. They are such a talented bunch, and so well matched to their characters. I am glad CH has had such an amazing success with her novels, and I am not the least bit interested in reading them, nor do I care how closely or not… Read more »
I think that people who are focused on the books fail to see what is being presented on True Blood. I have read the books and I don’t find them to be that good, to me the tv series is much better. I agree with you that Bill is the most complex character on True Blood, and also my favorite. I think people must realize that book Bill and book Eric are not the same characters on True Blood. That said I think they are moving away from the books, maybe using the same names as the books but giving… Read more »
I do realize that ook and show characters are different, and so do most people here. In fact it makes me laugh when people say that those who dislike TB Bill are just influenced by the books, because personally I don’t mind Book Bill, while TB Bill Is incredibly irritating to me. I never liked the TV character and I didn’t read the books since season 3. I’m not a book purist and I was prepared to enjoy True Blood as a separate entity from the books, which I had already done for the first 3 years anyway… Still, I… Read more »

So what is it that makes you dislike the show now? How can you say there hasn’t been character development?. All the main characters have changed based on their experiences. Why do not see a coherent vision, just because it doesn’t follow the book doesn’t mean there isn’t a coherent vision. Perhaps the character that has been left to dangle so to speak is Tara.
I would suggest watch what they are presenting, and try to leave to preconceptions behind. All the characters on TB are on a journey, not just Sookie like in the books.

seriously, you seem to lure around on Eric centric sides and then you go to this side to troll around, your name says enough about it… and all your explanations why you love the show are just lol worthy…

troll? I don’t know what that is and I don’t care. I stated my love for the show and my favorite character, and you disparage it. That is your right, but it sure is childish and rude.
I go to lots of sites -yes, the word is sites, not sides – and I never hide who I am as you can see by my name. What is your problem? Never mind, I don’t want to know.
Those who post hate for the show should just stop watching, because their comments are so boring.

Mary G

You’re boring, and obvious and predictable, much like Beehl.

I have to laugh and shake my head at the ones of you who think ANYTHING other than DVD sales, merchanise sales and an almost 6 million person constant viewership around the world means less to the HBO executives than your bitching and moaning! Remember this….money talks and bullsh*t walks! What do you think these people are in ‘business’ for? And Alan Ball [critically acclaimed writer/producer/director] did not sign a contract so he could tell someone else’s story or not have creative control. He likes Bill Compton. Therefore, Mr. Ball’s True Blood is going to center around the character HE… Read more »
If you think that the fallout from S4 was “a few small bits of wailing & gnashing of teeth” then you have not been paying attention. Where previously TB had critical aclaim and alot of affection from critics for its dark but frothy vibe, it got summarily slammed by the same critics who previously praised it. They no longer felt it was popcorn for smart people. Just popcorn, over salted which made you feel slightly sick afterwards. I love the books but I did not expect a translation verbatim, infact I love some of the things AB did to freshen… Read more »
I agree with you Sheldon. I would be very surprised if the DVD/Blue Ray sales were anywhere near previous season sales. I have bought both (and the sound tracks) each year but won’t be doing that this year. I haven’t even been able to re-watch the season on HBOGo as I was so disappointed in it. I think that the actors will fulfill their contracts and then move on to better projects. I have never understood why Alan Ball paid so much for SVM to totally disregared the books and the characters. He should have just written an original vampire… Read more »

The worst part of season 4 was the Sookie / Eric hook up because they made it extremely cheesy. That and the whole Hotshot thing was just horrible. I wouldn’t be surprised if the DVD sales go down either, I don’t want to watch that again.

‘Put up or shut up’ may be your motto but it sure isn’t mine.
I’ll continue to watch – and grade, moan, bitch, rant, rave and also praise where I see fit.
True Blood, AB & Co., as well as the SSN are not above criticism.

Sales may be up, ratings may be on par, but the quality of the show and the writing has been less than stellar and I have no qualms about voicing my opinion on it.

There’s plenty of meat left in the story for 2-3 more seasons. Vampire politics appear to finally be getting the attention they deserve, which could lead to using some of the more successful book plotlines (the summit, Victor and Felipe, Freyda). I doubt the cast would be willing to stay after their contracts are up after season 7. Other roles await, and eventually people tire of playing the same thing. Also, it’s never wise to run anything into the ground. Going out while you still have creative spark and energy is the best choice–you can finish the series with a… Read more »

I have to disagree on the vampire summit coming in to play on TB. What would be the point of Sookie attending this summit? No one wants her for her telepathy on TB – not since she helped Eric uncover Longshadow’s theft. Unless they’re inviting Sookie to be the meal at an all-you-can-eat fairy blood buffet, they’ve already negated any reason for this story to appear on television.

Such a shame, too, because it was a great part of the book series

Not since Longshadow?! Are you kidding me?! I guess she didn’t use her powers while at the Fellowship of the Sun church, huh? And people are forgetting WHY there hasn’t been an emphasis on her psychic powers . . . They are more focused on her Faerie Powers! It’s like people are not even paying attention to the show anymore and just filling in their own shows.

I stand corrected Patrick. You’re right, she did use her telepathy (not psychic powers, however) when she went to the FOTS church in S2. But you have to admit the show does not use her telepathy consistently. BOOK SPOILERS I just think they burned a big bridge when they killed QSA in order to elevate Bill. Sookie attends the vampire summit in Rhodes at her request/demand because the Queen wants to do business with humans, and Sookie’s telepathy will be useful to determine their honesty. I personally dislike the fairy blood/day walking angle the show has cooked up, since I… Read more »
ITA it was a very entertaining part of the series. I’m just not sure why this plot line is closed off now. Sure, Sophie Anne “invited” Sookie along in the books. But she’s not the only vampire monarch left, nor the only one who knows about Sookie’s gifts. Russell, king of Mississippi, was just dug up at the end of season 4. Denis O’Hare has already hinted that Russell is coming back with bigger plans than revenge. He may want to USE Sookie to further his own, anti-Authority agenda. She is telepathic, can shoot light bolts from her hands, and… Read more »
Up to this point, HBO has not gone the route of most other networks and milked their most popular series bone dry. None of their drama series have gone on for more than six seasons, and it’s a good thing they haven’t. Anywhere past there is getting into dangerous territory, as it’s really difficult for a drama series to stay compelling that long into it’s lifespan. Just because True Blood COULD go on for a long time, doesn’t mean it SHOULD. Just look at Showtime and Dexter. Most agree that the show is a shadow of it’s former self at… Read more »

I don’t think TB will have more than 6 seasons, this is how HBO rules with the shows. If i’m correct both Sex & The City and The Sopranos’s latest seasons had been separated in 2 parts. I remember S&TC season 5 aired in two different parts so it could look to the viewer as a possibile season 6. I’m not sure but i think they did the same with The Sopranos.

I think it’s good to put an end when the show is still good, like AB did with Six Feet Under.

I agree, more examples: House, X Files, Grey’s Anatomy.

Agree with the most of the posts above… after S4 disaster I don’t think that viewing figures will be the same as last year for S5… and S5 will be crucial for the show’s future … they messed up with the source material beyond repair and if they don’t pay attention to the hard core fans and tie loose ends (which is going to be almost impossible task) it will be over sooner than later….it’s a great shame IMO as it had a great potential to be one of the greatest shows ever. I so envy George RR Martin books… Read more »
I’d also have to raise the point of Alan Ball’s Executive Producer contract, which when renegotiated last year, was for Season 5 only. While I personally would be happy to see him go as TB show runner, I’m not sure that the show will continue without him. Particularly if S5 doesn’t deliver the viewer numbers HBO wants to see. Of course, I think the show has plenty of current writer/producers to take his place, so it’s highly likely the show will continue beyond S5. They will face the problem of the vampire actors aging, as was pointed out already, not… Read more »
the main problem of the show is that Alan ball seems to think the show is based on the Bill Compton chronicles, its all about his redempition, and that has become so nauseauting… sick to see that all the time, and other integral characters from the book series like sookie, Eric and Pam have to suffer from this, just the picture with Bill in the article annoys the hell out of me, I never had a big problem with book Bill, but AB obsession with him and him getting glorified all the time has ruined the show for me, that… Read more »
you could just stop torturing yourself and stop watching. i mean, if you actually have the credentials to say the things you are stating as facts then you should not even be watching. apparently you believe you are so MUCH BETTER than Alan Ball at writing the TV STORY that you think it should be EXACTLY LIKE THE BOOKS. that’s not what made it the super show that it is….AB’s vision is genius and that has been corroborated by his many offers and his career. I doubt seriously if you could write this show and maintain 5 million plus viewers… Read more »
Not everyone thinks Alan Ball is an amazing genius who can do no wrong. He can be critiqued like any other writer. And no one here said the show has to be EXACTLY like the books. So not sure what your point is. The show has not been critically acclaimed since season 1, and has been criticized on an increasing number of issues that have NOTHING to do with the damn books. The idea that the only reason someone could be upset about TB is because they’re fanatical book fans who can’t separate the two mediums is simply ridiculous. Oh… Read more »

in a show of vampires, who are not supposed to age, most of the cast of vampires will have to use too much “botox”, very soon, besides the cast has a contract for more 2 years, so I think very likely to have a sixth season but after that, will have to have contract negotiations with most of the actors, which is not always easy, besides someones may not want renovate even with a substantial increase in pay.

THE SHOW WILLL LAST 7 SEASONS! Stephen said it in a interview at chelsea . He said that every actor signed for 7 seasons but alexander skargards who signed for 6 seasons will do reapparence by freelance (paid episode by episode out of the contract). So my bets it is that they will go on until season 6 and then sookie finally manages to stay out of vampire drama at season 7 and hooks up with let’s say sam .and that also goes wrong. Then if alex said he probably do an apparence on freelance(a episode) after his contract(6 seasons)… Read more »

Stephen recently said that probably the show will have 6 season because this is how HBO works.
7 years including the first year of production=6 seasons.

They all have the same contract right now, even Joe Manganiello (who actually had been optionated after season 3 for 5 more years with HBO, well past the 7 years they all have)

“This isn’t to say that the show hasn’t severely deviated from it’s source material”

Lol. I think that is actually a bit of an understatement at this point. I tend to think of the show more as (poorly written) fan fiction now, rather than any kind of adaptation from the books.

I think the one deviation that has bothered me more than anything is eliminating a character central to the Sookie Stackhouse novels…….the town of Bon Temps! This is supposed to be a southern vampire series, there is nothing “southern” about this show anymore and that was one of the most appealing charms that C.H. brought to sookie world, with the Starship troopers, and this damn “authority” mess I am just over it!

The problem with True Blood is there is no plot. Season 1 was good because there was the underlying mystery about who the serial killer was. Also, the reveals (vampires, shapeshifter, etc.) helped disguise the fact that the characters had no depth and the acting and accents were pretty awful. I think if Alan Ball had just adapted the books faithfully the way Weiss and Benioff are handling Game of Thrones they would have been better for it. What did they gain by deviating so much? That said, I don’t think True Blood will get canceled any time soon if… Read more »

I think it will go 2 more seasons.
It makes a lot of money for HBO that will help them with their big, expensive, new projects.

Yeah the show is still popular with vievers, so it may last a few more seasons, but that doesn’t mean much in terms of actual quality.

I mean, people love and keep watching horrible soaps for years and years, but I really don’t think you can get much enjoyment out of TB anymore, if you look for good satysfing storytelling.

It’s an increasingly messy, badly written soap opera with lots of sex and gore, and not much more. A shadow of what it was.

I agree Trixie. And Jacob, I did watch last season because I foolishly hoped they would do the amnesia/witch war justice. They descimated it, so much so that I cancelled HBO immediately after the season. So, there’s one viewer less next season.

“It’s an increasingly messy, badly written soap opera with lots of sex and gore, and not much more. A shadow of what it was.”

^Word!^ I watched Season 1 when it was being re-aired before Season 2. I was a faithful viewer during Seasons 2, 3, and 4. But after the mess that was Season 4, I personally will NOT be tuning in for Season 5.

My biggest complaints with True Blood versus SVM books are: 1) lots of plot holes/inconsistencies. For instance, the effectiveness of silver on the vamps, Sookie’s magic fingers of fail, etc. 2) Too many characters…too much focus on characters that should be minor characters which makes the major character plot lines weaker as a result. 3) Sookie is now a character that I have NO respect for anymore, and considering she’s supposed to be the main character, really just ruin the show. Her forgiveness of Bill was way too quick (only 10 days for her since she found out of his… Read more »

I totally agree Tabi

As much as I love watching Alexander Skarsgard, I’m sick of the piss poor writing and butchering of characters from AB and Co.

I don’t expect the show to quit after S5 or even S6 if there is one. I do think the ratings are going to drop this year and I think the quality is going to keep dropping as well. I definitely think True Blood’s glory days are over, and it is down hill from here. This isn’t to say that the show hasn’t severely deviated from it’s source material but the fact that there is so much story left to be told gives fans hope that the show is far from over. Could you imagine HBO canceling Game of Thrones… Read more »

Completely agree Serena.


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