Why True Blood Might get the True Death

By Jacob Klein on Feb 28, 2012 to True Blood

Eddie Gribbin, editor of The HBO Blog over at PhillyBurbs has responded to an article we posted the other day called “Why True Blood won’t be Cancelled Any Time Soon“.  In the article, Eddie takes aim at everyone’s favorite vampire show and brings up a few points as to why it might recieve a dagger to the heart–  here’s a bit of a preview:

Also in the article, Klein makes a point about the DVD sales being incredible. Yes, they might look impressive now, but I believe that number will shrink when streaming services like HBO Go become available to more people.

You might ask, “What about all the books of content the show can use?” but the truth is a has changed from the book to television show. To be honest, I think viewers will start to get sick of the whole relationship drama Sookie endures throughout the entire series.

Head over to The HBO Blog for the rest.

What do you think?  Will True Blood be cancelled after it’s fifth season?  We just learned today that long time producer and big-shot writer Alan Ball won’t be with the show if it runs for a sixth season.  Does this bode ill for the Bon Temps ensemble?  Leave us a comment below and vote in our poll with your thoughts!

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6 Comments on "Why True Blood Might get the True Death"

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Kylie Mcgrath Whamond
Kylie Mcgrath Whamond

I like the fact the books and shows are different.. I have read the books and I know what happens ..this way watching the shows I still enjoy the element of surprise..
In saying that if they are going to end a shows run they really should end it properly!!! I loved Carnivale and there was no closer in that.. I hope they dont do it with True Blood or GoT ..

Candis Carpenter

My husband is blind so he reads. I watched the shows.When we discuss TB…there are no comparisons. Other than the title, it may as well have been written by and included entirely different characters and story-lines. I lost him at Maryanne.

Jacob Klein

That’s a really interesting perspective, Candis thanks for sharing. You guys should do the same thing with Game of Thrones and then submit your story/comparissons to HBOWatch! Would love to have that perspective.

email us at webmaster@hbowatch.com if you’re interested.

I’ll send you guys some GoT beer if you’re up for it:



I dont get addicted o any show let alone go watch every episode of a show but this is definitely the 1st time for everything cliche..love it


The show is now nothing like the books! Sookie’s telepathy isn’t even a mystery in show!

Lexi Danielle

The show can’t end after the fifth season, it has to go at LEAST as long as the books do.
It wouldn’t make sense to stop at 5. And everybody loves the show the way it is, I wish the same producer would stay.


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