Who’s Your Daddy, Jon Snow?

By Alexandra Mitchell on Jan 12, 2015 to Game of Thrones

Spoiler Alert: This article relies heavily on information in the books and speculates on the future of the series.  Tread lightly.

john-snow-1024I love conspiracy theories.  Roswell, Area 51, Bigfoot, the Lochness monster.  But there are theories I love even more than aliens… book theories.  I know, call me a nerd, but I love a good fan theory about book characters.   One recently that has grabbed my attention is the questionable parentage of Jon Snow.  Which has been flying around the internet like a pissed off dragon.

The theory itself isn’t new, but it’s been gaining attention as the series becomes more and more popular.  So while longtime readers are probably thinking, “Um yeah, we know!”, the new tv viewers are going, “OMG guys, no way!”  Because any GoT spoiler or theory is just an accidental google click away…

Jon Snow knows nothing, including who his mother is.  There are several theories around on who might be his long lost momma.  What we are told in the beginning is that Ned Stark had an extramarital affair, literally right after he had gotten married.  I understand the need for sex, but seriously bro?  However, fans of the books have dissected some information left throughout the series and come up with R + L = J.  Meaning Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark created our dear Jon.  Now, if this is the case, what does it mean for the story ahead?


Jon could perhaps not be merely a bastard, but instead have a decent claim to rule Westeros and some political power in the North.  He would suddenly inherit a big sister, Dany, who you know, has freaking dragons.  If the two were to realize the connection and meet up (difficult as that is in Westeros, the most deadly place to live because your author likes to kill his characters), it could mean a new power couple (Targaryens are known for that).  With her dragons and his warg powers, it would be an unstoppable combo.  It would also mean the Targaryens have a new target on their backs.

Is it possible that George R.R. Martin is going to drop a paternity test bomb in this next book?  Was Ned promising to keep Lyanna’s Targaryen child safe because she knew that they have some unusual marriage practices (cough incest cough) and that during that point in Westeros basically everyone hated Targaryens?  Is it possible that the dark Stark hair comes from Lyanna and not Ned?

Or is Jon really just a bastard?  Did Ned Stark, may he rest in peace, stray from the marriage bed that quickly?  Given his portrayal as one of the moral paragons in the series, I tend to doubt it.

Could Jon be the Ice to Daenerys Fire?  Or the product of ice (Lyanna) and fire (Rhaegar)?  I think so…

Oh and there was that time Sean Bean said this in his Reddit AMA:


R + L = J?  What do you say?

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Thanks for catching my error! For whatever reason, my head has a hard time keeping Targaryens straight.

Dany is Johns aunt FYI. Also… about to blow things wide open here… Jamie and cersei are the bastard twins of the mad King aerys. Think about it for a minute before all you noobs who haven’t read the books start shooting off. Jamie=good cersei=evil. In the books it’s mentioned that the mad king exercised his kingly right over tywins wife before they were wed. Product = Jamie and cersei. Jamie is destined to ride the third dragon alongside Dany and Jon giving him the chance to prove his worth and regain his honor. Cersei has a bad outcome like… Read more »

Who is the old blind guy on the wall then?

aemon targaryian. older brother of the mad king. once in line to the throne but he gave it up to become a maester.

Actually, Maester Aemon is the brother of Aegon V (aka Aegon the Unlikely), who’s son is Jaehaerys II, his son was Aerys II (aka The Mad King),
who’s son was Rheagar. Therefore, Maester Aemon is Dany’s
great-great-uncle (her great-grandfather’s brother) and Jon’s
great-great-great uncle (his great-great-grandfather’s brother)

Dany and Johns uncle or grandfather?

Danys uncle and Jons grand-uncle


Rhaegar and Lyanna as his parents has been my guess for awhile now. If it does come to be, I really hope they don’t do an incest storyline with Jon and Daenerys, because incest is not the business. I would like to see him be one of the last men standing when the series, both the book and show, come to an end.

Dany would be Jon Snow’s aunt not his sister, Rhaegar was her brother.

Technically, Jon would gain a younger aunt. Rhaegar was Daenerys’ older brother. King Aerys was her father.

“may he rest in peace”
I gig’d


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