Who Should Die in Season 5 of True Blood?

By Serena Larkin on Feb 15, 2012 to HBO Watch Originals, True Blood

After the tragedy of last season, -and yes I consider the fact Eric Northman broke the core traits of his book character to be a tragedy since the real vampire viking god does not say “I love you” after a week of shagging! – I will readily admit I want to torch a whole lot of the remaining Alan Ball cold mess that is called True Blood, starting with a nice sloughing off of quite a few major characters. Perhaps a good culling could save my once beloved show from slipping even further into irrelevancy than it already has, as well as tighten up the overload of meandering plot lines,.. though I doubt it. And sure, I do get a lot of schadenfreude out of this list, but hey a girl can dream, right?

So with that out of the way, here is who I think should die in Season 5 and why:

First up, some honorable mentions, neither of which probably will ever die much to my displeasure.

8. Lafayette – Lala, Who Dat?

He is a far cry from the original character I fell in love with way back in the first season, that funny mean guy that would abandon his cousin at a party in order to get laid. Brow-chick-arow-row. This is mostly ever since they decided his knock-off Saints tank was no longer ironic. Now if only they’d make him a vampire and resolve this holier-than-thou trend.

7. Sookie – She’s Gone Rogue

Anna Paquin’s version of my favorite telepath is an embarrassment to Charlaine Harris’ book counterpart, even if the author will never criticize her beyond her dress size. People can tout “this is not the books” all they want, there is supposed to be some semblance of the source material here, otherwise why purchase the rights to these characters? So for Sookie to be degraded into a “dumb country bitch” to quote the show, True Blood has completely missed the mark of what the Southern Vampire Mysteries are about, ie Sookie’s character growth as she tries to find a place for herself in the supernatural world. Therefore it is fine by me if TB Sook bites it and then she can haunts us all even more.

And now here’s who I want to die for real.

6. Salome – Show Me the Politics

A new character this year and supposedly a “fierce” antagonist, which is telling in that the writers have painted themselves into a corner with power struggles, and political maneuvering just doesn’t cut it like it does in Charlaine Harris’ novels. Instead, people. must. die. Also, the writers seemed to have developed some severe issues with their characters that happen to be women, leading me to believe they won’t allow Salome to be smart and actionable. She’ll be “crazy” and “dumb.” Kill her and be done with it. Next.

5. Russell – There Will Be Blood

Oh I love Russell, don’t get me wrong, but see above. (Though obviously without the writers’ issues directed at women), I think the same political power-struggle vacuum applies to him too, as the only escape from villains proven to work on this show is the true death, see Frankie, Nan Flanagan, Queen SophieAnn, MaryAnn, Talbot, the Magister, Debbie Pelt, Marnie. Also, I fully believe True Blood has to consume a certain quota of corn syrup like they heavily invested in the stuff back when the stock market was good. The splatter machine must be respected.

4. Bill Compton – Die Hard, ASAP

He is whiney and droll and has been for awhile. But the sheer amount of plot that must be bent to his character on the show, despite the fact he was never represented in the books with such focus, is utterly annoying. Even more annoying is the amount of mythology they fluff over in order to do so. –I’m never getting past the inexplicable death of Sophie Ann! If Bill had been working for the Authority the prior three seasons, why then did he never call them in when he was previously in a life or death situation? What bogus writing just to keep one character relevant, and frankly, shoving him down our throats did not make the show any better. I wish he’d go away on a permanent Peruvian adventure, it just would make all our lives simpler.

3. Crystal – Karma is a Werepanther

Not so sure it is going to happen in Season 5 but definitely by Season 6, as I think we all know it is a matter of time before death catches up to Momma Panther. But for tragedy’s sake, the probability she will be pregnant with Jason’s spawn before that happens is good, and that means she needs a little more screen time. And that is one book item I do not see Ball and friends skipping over. My only hope is she takes out a few characters, *cough, Jessica, cough* along the way before she snuffs it.

2. Jessica – Baby Overboard

I don’t hate Jessica, but I’m over it. I’m over her perpetual virginity storyline, which of course is abandoned when convenient, see Sex With Jason. I’m over her red headed step child status and her troubled relationship with Vamp Daddy Bill. *roll.* Yet why I really want her to die is because she is holding on to the “Baby Vampire” mantel. Well, we can’t have two baby vamps at the same time, can we? No. With her still around, it is a safer bet Steve Newlin will be coming out of the closet than the casket. Above all, it is not supposed to be easy for a newly made vampire within the first year or so -this is consistent in just about all vampire lore,- and in comparison to how it should be, I would say she has had a cake walk.

1. Hoyt – Tying up Loose Ends

For Summer, I blame you Hoyt Fortenberry! For your high school guidance counselor, I blame you Hoyt Fortenberry! For that doll Chucky and the spirit lady inside it, I blame you Hoyt Fortenberry! Now this season they have cast coworkers who help you beat up Jason?? I blame you for all the useless tangental plots that go absolutely nowhere. Okay, maybe not all of them, maybe that’s not fair, but let’s face it, the best part of Season 4, (that wasn’t Skarsbutt), was believing if only for a minute that Jessica did kill you.

Well, looks like my job here is done for the day. Comments, thoughts, raging theories on why your precious characters should survive the true axe? Sound off below!

Serena writes for Sookieverseblog and kissed by fire, a Game of Thrones & ASOIAF blog. You can also find her on Twitter @kissed_by_fire .

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Leave True Blood alone ranting feminist! One thing I like about is that we can escape from these imaginary “strong independent women” Hollywood usually portrays. Shows like True Blood are actually very rare. So leave it be and go f*ck other shows with your feminist bs.

bitter much? LOL

You’re like one of the “the book is so much better” kind of people. I read the books, but I knew that True Blood was not completely based off of them. I think all of the characters are great and where they’re taking them is fascinating. All of the characters are consistent with the happenings in the show. The books are written more like a fat woman’s fantasies, and the show is written like a sick twisted jerks fantasies, which in my opinion is better than reading/watching some fat ladies jerk off book/show about vampires. Point is True Blood is… Read more »


Another site with a “Who should die on True Blood next” poll.

I’ll give you ONE guess as to who is winning! *smirk*


LOL, I know who I voted for Leif. Great to see the queen winning something

Only reason he is winning is cause all of the rabids are voting over and over again. This is why I do not do polls. Over 10 million people like TB and their are Millions of Bill fans. You just need to get over it.

Please, let Tara be dead and gone but if she isn’t and she returns this season….my vote is for her.

Calling all True Blood fans! I notice many of you have strong opinions about the show! If you’d like to write about them on HBO Watch check out this link:


Article title ideas:

Why True Blood is Better than the Books
Why Bill Should Never Ever Die Ever (again)
Haters gonna Hate: Why I’ll never turn on True Blood
True Blood: the Best Show on HBO
The Truest Blood: Who should NEVER Die
“Hey Hookah” – Top 10 Lafayette Quotes of all Time

Totally up for anything! Love you Trubies!


This is a wonderful article, as evidenced by the great debate. No doubt this stellar cast could use some serious culling. I appreciate your humor and spin on the subject. Here’s my 2+ cents: Lafayette is the spice of Bon Temps life and the story would be a snooze fest without him. That squirrel on top of his head ought to be laid to rest, though. Puh-lease! I’m not looking forward to his mourning period after he finds out what happened to his cousin, however. He may resort to dark magic. Scary. Had Sookie been one of the two that… Read more »
NJ – I hope they spice up Lafayette’s character again. I prefer Lafayette being a smart, witty, proud gay man with the ability to whup some azz. I hope he does more of that in S5. I’m not sure about the black magic thing. I don’t want Laf to be too scary, I guess. I thought Bill as King was wonderful. He was smart, he took his job seriously, he used good judgement in knowing Marnie/Antonia had to die, He had to deal with Nan Flanagan’s meddling, he took quick action to avert the spell of meeting the sun dessimating… Read more »

I agree T2B. You are so right about Jason, Sookie and Bill. I also agree with whole Ericf thing. How in the world would she want to go to him after only a day and hook up with Eric.
Bill has watched over her and saved her time and time again.
however I will appoligises about Bill being forgiven. Sookie did do that quite quickly. They should talk more and get out all their feeling before reconsiling. YES reconsiling for those Rabids on here. I have a fear it will be while for now.

For those of you who are okay with the status quo, I’m happy for you. That is saying, in essence, that the show’s failure to connect the dots is acceptable only if it favors your favorite character? My bullshit meter is reading that as a false. All fans want a good and cohesive tale or you wouldn’t notice the inconsistencies or holes with other parts of the story. The current agenda is also not conducive to positive fandom morale. Furthermore, the show succeeds or fails as a unit. The Southern Vampire Mysteries are MYSTERIES, after all. The story has to… Read more »
What TB fans sometimes seem to overlook is that, if Bill as King had been a viable option, don’t you think the creator of the Southern Vamp Mysteries would have adopted it herself over TEN YEARS of writing this series? Do you really think that option didn’t occur to her and that she didn’t evaluate it as a plot turn from every conceivable angle? She is not writing romances, she is not in Eric’s “camp,” as she has said many times. She is ten chess moves ahead of her readers, and that includes AB and his crew of former script-assistants-turned-episode-writers… Read more »

Good reply, just one suggestion , take the blinkers off.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to season 5. I think what they have planned , is going to surprise us all.

Thanks for your positive feed back. I’m merely trying to keep up with all the thought provoking comments here. I could underscore so many points here and long for a “LIKE” button. Kudos to Serena and Jacob. You gotta have thick skin in this environment. You responded to the adversary comments with diplomatic aplomb. I’m excited about this forum and look forward to similar articles in the future.

“That is saying, in essence, that the show’s failure to connect the dots is acceptable only if it favors your favorite character? ”

Amen NJ! Awesome post!

Bravo NJ Bravo!

I have to say,never looked at some of the stuff that way NJ. great post!! you should write for HBOWatch!

Well said, well done, NJ!

Yes, I agree as well.

Nice assessment NJ, I agree wholeheartedly!

Actualyy I didn’t mind the ES hookup last season, to me it was so lame. If there had been actual chemistry between the 2 I might have cared, but I didn’t see any. I like what they did with Bill, and that he is in a position of authoroty. I like that he is with other women, to me Bill is a very sexy guy. So I don’t care if he is with Sookie or not, as long as he is with someone. I love the snarkiness between Bill and Eric, it’s really fun to watch. To me the vampires… Read more »
I sooo agree. Finally someone with brains on this page. I love the chemestry between Bill and Eric . No one like the Narnia love scene. I am sorry but I was waiting for the white witch to appear with turkish deligt and carry them away on her sleigh. Paaalease. How lame was that. Only thing good about AE was how funny he was. I laughed all the way though his scenes, including thr Narnia ones. Even my Eric friends (Yes, Diane, I have Eric friends) hated the whole Narnia trip. Best parts of S5 was Bill, witches, and the… Read more »
“Now Bill, many thought he would pining after Sookie, and he wasn’t” Pst, thats because the writers on a show called True Blood wrote him that way. I mean, were they to show him emo-ing around pining for sookie (like the books), or say off, to Peru (like the books), you wouldn’t have had King Bill. Which made so much sense right? “You just don’t know with him. He is unpredictable, and I love , love that about him. Some days he is the good guy, some days he is not”. Those characteristics are usually attributed to a personality disorder.… Read more »
I’m not a big True Blood follower. I’ve caught the show a couple of times but the primary HBO shows I’m a fan of are Boardwalk Empire and Curb Your Enthusiasm. However, having said that, I really enjoyed this post. I can’t relate to the True Blood aspect but I can relate to being a fan of a show and feeling let down by some of its developments (don’t get me started on The Sopranos). Then I read some of the comments. Some of these posters remind me of the old congressional wives back in the 1980s that because they… Read more »
I think that is what is concerning most of the viewers of True Blood, the ones who look at the plot as a whole and not a small portion of it. There were a lot of things that happened last season and the previous season before that left me nauseated. I was seriously disappointed and let down. My biggest disappointments were that 1. Sookie forgave Bill way too easily (I felt this was character regression not progression) 2. that Jason was raped for a whole lot of nothing, poor guy because nothing came of it, no lessons learned nothing, the… Read more »

Sookie forgave Bill because he deserved to be forgiven. Eric never asked for it and Bill did. The one who needs o come clean is Eric for all he has done o Sookie.

Says you, we all have our own opinion and I am sticking to mine.

Oh!!!!!!!!! Were have I been, this is so entertaining. Keep trolling.
You’ve all made my afternoon, I’m still laughing.

P.S. Great article Serena, I voted for all of them to die as I’m sooo over True Bill…………..oooppppps True Blood.

I am not trolling. You need to talk to Tina, Diane and other flying monkey Crabids about trolling and going on pages they are not wanted. If you didn’t want comments you shouldn’t have made this a public page.

Flying Monkey Crabids? I really hope you continue to show your immaturity because it only makes me look better. This page is public and we do not run it, Jacob does. As you can tell, he is loving all the comments and he invited anyone to show some writing work to him and you could write your opinions here too. I bet you won’t get any of us coming on to your posts and telling you that you are high and need to take some more drugs! Why, you ask? Well, because that is just plain rude and mean. Wouldn’t… Read more »

Bill is True Blood. Anyone with eyes can see that! I think wanting one of the main characters gone is petty and stupid. Not one Bill’sbabe has wanted Eric gone. How about ones we all can not stand like Crystal or some other annoying character.
To say Allan Ball has done wrong is to insult True Blood itself he has made one of the best shows on TV and he adores all the characters not just one. Pam is evident of that.
Go home and take you drugs you are on and stop spueing monkey poo.

Bill is not True Blood. Eric is True Blood, if you go by the ratings. The first four episodes of Season l (prior to the introduction of Eric but heavily focused on the “sexy” romance between Sookie and Bill) had ratings ranging from 1.44 million viewers to 1.82 million, when Eric makes his first appearance. When Eric returns two episodes later, the ratings shoot up to 2.07 million, then 2.35 million for the next episode, and just keep going up and up. You can’t say the critics built that big jump, since TB’s first season Metacritics was only a lukewarm… Read more »

I will say it again. BILL IS TRUE BLOOD!! Anyone with eyes can see he is the star and that is evident from 4 and all the turncoats who left the Eric field.
I never said I hated Eric but you people sure know how to hate on characters. Charlene Harris have even said she does not know why you love him so much. he has only looked out for #1 from day one. You throw all the flying monkey poo you want but us Bill lovers know whos the best and it isn’t Eric.

OneoftheMeanGirls – You are making my point for me! Your insistence that Eric is the show is an example of insisting that you know the truth, but others don’t. The show is the show. All of it! Bill and Sookie are the leads, as described by Alan Ball. Eric is a hugely important character, and brings so much drama, and excitement and humor and also good looks to the show. He is the 3rd person in a love triangle, and that is great story telling. It is the story, the tension and intrigue and the bloody danger as well as… Read more »

@VPG – I second HD – great comment.

Great comments VPG. I’d love to hear the answers.

True2Bill, I have a couple of serious questions for you and I mean no disrespect and am not trying to insult or be derogatory or inflammatory in any way. I’m honestly curious and hoping for an answer. First, if OneOftheMeanGirls is proving your point, isn’t FBforBill also proving your point when she says Bill is the show? And using plenty of that inflammatory language that you seem to dislike? I see ELs get called out a lot for being “bullies” but being honest those hateful, spiteful comments come from both sides of the fence. Personally neither one of their posts… Read more »

That GOT number should have been 82, not 8.2.

Now this is rude to tell someone to take drugs. Are you paying attention to this post by the above IAMTRUETOBILL? This is not exactly an intelligent post either. It is still the opinion of the poster and others that Bill should meet the true death, and it most likely won’t happen. Why don’t you Fbforbill, head on back to the BWW and try to gloat some more about how much you are sticking up for this HOT MESS of a show?

That is typical of you Diane. Why don’t you go back to you ELs and stop trolling on BWW. I never mentioned i was one of them so that hshows you are one. I think it is funny to comment about soming you hate so much. Just like hating on Bill. Shows you unequated love you have for him. Come on out of the closet and just show your true feeling. YOU LOVE BILL>

I don’t get why this post has brought out all this Bill vrs Eric drama. Basically what I am reading from Serena is that TB has taken some great characters like Sookie and Lafayette –for example, and sold them incredibly short to the point where the audience stops caring. It was a really good show. And it’s really gone down hill. Let’s say you took a couple of episodes of season 1 and compared those characters to season 4. Let’s take 3 women, Sookie, Tara and Pam. In season 1, we have strong women who take care of themselves. Now… Read more »

Hear hear Victoria.

Amen sister! I also don’t understand why it turns into the battle of the fang! If Sookie were the Sookie she started out as, then fans would care more about what happened to her. As it stands, I care more for what happens to Hoyt than I do for her. That is the day you say to yourself that something is wrong, when you don’t care what happens to the supposed protagonist.

well said Victoria.

No Chelad, that is not what I am saying. I am saying that she does not need to ragged on for giving her opinion. You are not being ragged on for giving yours, so why are you being that way? It makes no sense to me. As Jacob said, you can write an apposing view of what she said, instead of calling the site into question for not being neutral. My other point was again that it would not hurt to kill off characters that are not needed. I and others might say Bill or other names but it is… Read more »

Diane – please read my post from earlier – the really long one. It is NOT opinion that is the problem. It is the inflammatory, vitriolic rhetoric in which it is contained.

To be on a site where people are invited to reply and comment about one’s article, one needs to be inclusive, not exclusive, in the composition of that article.

CharesP has some differing views from mine in his piece, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. it’s because his is nicely composed, polite, and inclusive in tone.

So what if it is inflammatory, vitriolic rhetoric, it is still her opinion. I don’t where you think a person needs to be inclusive, that is why it is an opinion. One does not have to be impartial when giving an opinion. Charles P was as spot on in his post as was Serena, so because he worded it nicely, was polite and inclusive, you are not going to rag all over it? You and others, were not exactly nice in your posts. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. No one put down your opinion when… Read more »
Diane – IDT any of my replies or comments were nasty or inflammatory. Maybe I did use a little sarcasm, but NOTHING close to the sarcasm and mean spirit of what I was replying to. Yes, that’s exactly it! It IS the tone of the comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and, as Charles P. so aptly showed us by his great comment, an opinion can be expressed in an interesting, inclusive way, without putting other people’s opinions down. I have never called anyone names. I have never put anyone down for an opinion, only for the rudeness of… Read more »
I just have to say that the comments of some are really immature. Everywhere I go on the internet concerning True Blood turns into a bloody fight and people get accused of being ‘full of hate’, grow up people! We are not talking about real people here, these are fictional characters (of which True Blood has too many of) who will not get their feelings hurt. Some characters should be killed off and it is my opinion that this article was much needed. I don’t see why people are getting that knickers twisted about a matter of opinion and are… Read more »
You are right Diane, Charles does have a point. But Charles talked about eliminating some of the subplots and tying the show in a more cohesive manner. How does that equate to killing off Sookie, Lala, Jessica and Bill? I have to say that the Hotshot story last season was awful, same for Mavis. The witches did not live up to expectations, or maybe it wasn’t that, but the fact that wrong doing does not get punishment after death. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you have been in life, after death there is always peace, something that was… Read more »

He also said the list is long about who should be killed off and he did not say any names. The author was merely expressing her opinion and people went ape shit on her, and for what Chelad? How I took her post was that some people DO need to die in order for this show to succeed and grow. She should not have to explain herself at all and neither should Jacob have to defend who he chooses to have write for him!

Are you saying I am not entitled to my opinion? That somehow I have to agree with what is said on the article? that I don’t have right to question a site that comes across as neutral but selecs only a one sided opinion? That somehow what I say, or what others say, that don’t agree either, have less validity than what you say? I will say this, they do need to have the subplots come together into one, that is why the first season worked so well. Everything revolved around the one serial killer. Besides that, they can do… Read more »
Thank you for the compliment, Diane. I’d be interested in reading some of your online articles, though I have no idea where to look for them? I read some of Serena’s posts at the link she provided to Sookieverseblog.com. Very entertaining and funny they were! Plus, while adding humor into the mix you certainly can read behind it into the validity of her posts regarding the writing issues with True Blood. And, there are many. I however I’m not a Bill hater, though I do prefer the Eric character over Bill. Simply because I find Eric much more interesting and… Read more »
I really love reading thoughts from people who haven’t read the books, especially those who love Eric! :) I agree Charles! The writing really, really…sucked (probably is the best word for it) last season. It’s no wonder True Blood hasn’t won any awards lately. One of the main problems (besides the writing) is the fact they DON’T kill off main characters. Take Tara for example. Do we think she’s really dead? A vampire? A ghost? It doesn’t matter really because she will STILL be on the show – b*tching and complaining about her life, like she always does. When one… Read more »


You are most welcome! I think you should give the books a go, the plot is consistent and it stays focused on the main part of the story. You can find some of my posts at Eric and Sookie lovers dot com and that should lead you to a post I wrote entitled Open Letter to Alan Ball. I liked Book Bill but cannot stand TB Bill but it is stupid for people to tell me I am a hater of a fictional character, you know?

there is nothing wrong with getting rid of some excess baggage.

The show is based on the Sookie Stackhouse Novels… How is Sookie ‘excess baggage’? Wouldn’t killing her off deprive Eric of the ultimate prize at the end? I mean, from everything that I’ve seen, an E/S pairing is the ‘be all/end all’ for some fans…

Now that’s an intelligent reply!

“Just how is the character upon which this series is based “excess baggage?”

The two leads are Sookie and Bill: they won’t be killed off anytime soon. Lafayette is one of the MOST popular figures on this show: don’t like him>don’t watch!

this is nothing more than a blog and it’s not funny anymore.

unless of course i find more words like “fatnasy”…ha ha!

OH good Lord! Do you even read my post or anyone else’s? Again, these are fictional characters, they fictional little feelings are not going to get hurt on little bit. In my opinion, this is not about Sookie, Bill or even Eric so let’s leave them off the table. There are too many characters plots that do not have anything to do with the main plot. Also, this article by Serena was taken way too literal. I think Charles has made some brilliant points and I love that he got the article was it was intended. You act like you… Read more »

unless of course i find more words like “fatnasy”…ha ha!

I had to go look.. It’s there.. it really is there..

I enjoy both the books and the show. (BTW, the reason my handle is different here is that the HBO site defaults to my actual name. I’ve tried to change it, but the site won’t let me. I can’t even add a picture for some reason.) From the get go, the show struck me as a different artistic vision than the books. With each season, Alan Ball has taken the storyline in a much more allegorical direction, yes, sometimes sacrificing character development to the exploration of universal themes. Charlaine Harris’ novels are a coming of age story through which she… Read more »

Karlskit – BRAVA! So well said, and so to the point! Thanks!

Thank you Karlskit , I could not have said it better, this is exactly my point , although I was unable to get across as eloquently as you.

TBFan seems to have come to the same conclusion that I have.. But I wondered if the author of the article could explain exactly how True Blood would play out with only Eric, and Pam… and no ‘big bad’ to act as villain…

I think the point of the article is that any of these characters could die next season and Serena wouldn’t be concerned.

I don’t think she’s saying all of them should die at once. “Who” should die is a rhetorical question. The answer is any of them, not all of them.

And I really can’t believe your critical thinking skills are such that this needs to be explained to you. Oh, wait. You lot just have NO sense of humor, do you?

And I really can’t believe your critical thinking skills are such that this needs to be explained to you. Oh, wait. You lot just have NO sense of humor, do you?
Wow.. Do you do the talking for everyone you meet for the first time all the time?

That is not it at all, the fact is that None of you are FUNNY! do you really think you are comediennes? no, you are all critics with no pedestal to stand on. if you cannot say something really bad, you just won’t talk. or you will make it a personal attack. Not funny is the real problem. Not entertaining to anyone with a brain is the other problem with this whole lot. BTW, Y’all having legal troubles over the comments about TB on SVB? is that why you “no longer discuss the show, only the books, etc….” HA HA… Read more »

Legal problems!?


Thats the funniest shit Ive read in a long, long time.

No BooBear, SVB has a mind of her own and decided she didnt much like the look of TB anymore, therefore she stopped posting about it. She’s not one to follow the crowd blindly, unlike some fan sites who still insist that the hot mess that is TB is still ‘popcorn for smart people’ PFFT.

Legal troubles? Now that’s laughable :D
Unlike some other fan site admins, SVB’s life doesn’t revolve around stalking the Paquins across the country. She stopped writing about TB because her interest waived. Good thing she has a real job to fall back on ;)

So any one know where I can buy some cheap and tacky TrueBlood jewelry online? ;)

OMG! IT’S STILL SPELLED WRONG! You haven’t fixed it yet! What a way to start a web site…..”fat-nasy” is so hilarious i almost don’t want to tell you….just let it be! Yep, we Billsbabes DO have a sense of humor! We are rolling in laughter at the absurdity of this place. Jacob, you are not using spell-check? you really should. the word is spelled : “F A N T A S Y”, not fatnasy. The owner of the site should make sure his titles and sub titles are spelled correctly before publishing. I even fixed the incorrect spelling of two… Read more »

Legal troubles?! What the hell are you talking about?
I’m pretty damn sure that doesn’t have anything to do with Sookieverse deciding not to do blog posts about TB.
In fact, the show is still discussed on the forum, and with absolute freedom.

This whole idea is really funny actually, although I’m afraid you’re being serious so it doesn’t count as proof of your sense of humour LOL

WOW – I am shocked and disturbed at the level of hate here. The idea that they should kill Sookie, Bill, Lafayette, Jessica, Hoyt…… let’s see that leaves Eric … Seriously? Why do you even bother to watch the show? Eric, as all the characters, gets his place in the show in how he relates to others in the show. There have been some amazing scenes with he and Lafayette, the scene where Jessica was taken to Fangtasia was great, the scenes with he and Bill are wonderful, he’s always good with Pam cept when he threw her under the… Read more »
TBFan – i agree with your opinions about the characters. You get the point – the fun of the show is the differences between characters like Bill and Eric, as well as the dilemmas faced with human/supe interaction. Yes, I have to admit, there have been bulky subplots. HotShot is not a favorite of mine, as I’ve said before. It’s hard to understand people who rant about the terrible shape the show is in, but continue to watch faithfully. It’s not a perfect show, but it sure beats reality TV, or most anything else. I watch because it’s still the… Read more »
Whoa! way to over-simplyfy everyone’s complaints about the show. I just want to say, as someone who didn’t even particularly anticipate the amnesia storyline, nor expected it to be like the books, that I was incredibly frustrated by both Eric’s and Sookie’s storylines this season. Not because they didn’t follow the books, but because I thought they didn’t make sense in the context of the show, and weren’t faithful to the characters as established. throughout the season, in general, I saw a lot of truly dreadful, misjudged, plot-holes-ridden writing and a complete lack of focus/consistency/purpose. The whole season felt almost… Read more »
“throughout the season, in general, I saw a lot of truly dreadful, misjudged, plot-holes-ridden writing and a complete lack of focus/consistency/purpose. The whole season felt almost embarrassingly messy. I watched the last 4/5 episodes cringing almost constantly… I’m not a hardcore book fan, I loved the show before the books and I would still enjoy it as a separate entity if I didn’t genuinely think that this season sucked. It was a bad show and it takes a lot to make me lose investment and faith in a show I really love” Could you tell us how your complaints are… Read more »
So AB is so childish as to boycott his own show and damage his own characters for no other reason than to piss off his fans?? That’s pretty amazing LOL I didn’t demand or expect any shower scene, I couldn’t care less in fact, as I said what I want is simply good storytelling. I don’t have time now to expanfd on what went wrong last season, but basically… most of it. A lifeless, meandering, uber-cheesy, uninspired soap-opera, like a parody of what True Blood used to be. I’m not being negative for the sake of it. looking at it… Read more »

Excellent post, Serena. I am one of the people that voted for Eric, Lala, and Russell to die as they are too good for what this series has become. I would love to see Alex finish the balance of his HBO contract in a movie worthy of his talent as Generation Kill was. Same for Nelson and Denis. Let the Bill and Sookie show continue without them.

I saw this site and write-up on Twitter and as a fan of the show I was curious, so here I am. :) I have never read a TB book and I don’t plan to! I don’t think I’ve ever even laid eyes on one and didn’t know they even existed until the show was in it’s third season. That being said, as a non book reader, I do feel that TrueBlood has declined as a series – both in the writing and in audience appeal, at least for me. Especially this last season [4]. I enjoyed the Sookie and… Read more »
CharlesP. Thanks so much for your comments. I so enjoyed reading them. You make some good points. I may not share all your opinions about characters, but I absolutely understand why you think there were too many plotlines going on. That is true. The Mavis s/l was somewhat enjoyable for me, but I didn’t understand it’s purpose. If it was to point out Jesus’ powers, we didn’t need it. Some just seem to jump in, and out, without a meaning. IDK why. I am a BC fan, and he is my favorite character. Although I think the romance between Sookie… Read more »

I forgot to add…

Serena, is there another site in which you write about True Blood? I would be interested in reading any other articles you have written on the show?

Thank you.

I love your articles. You were asked to write for a reason. No amount of BL whining will change anything. If they’re looking for Bill lovin’, they know where to go.

Can’t wait to read more from you about TB and GoT :D

Hey Guys, This is Jacob, the founder and editor here at HBO Watch. I just wanted to step in and say how much I appreciate you guys contributing to the site by voicing your opinions. I love seeing comments and discussions like this. But when the conversation veers into personal attacks and the like, the comments start to lose value. I really want to encourage everyone to stick to the topic at hand. This article isn’t about its author personally and it certainly shouldn’t be about free speech or HBO Watch bias because we invite ANYONE to write articles! I’m… Read more »
Mr. Klein, I appreciate that you took the time to comment on your site, the article, the comments, and the replies. You certainly have given a great boost to your site by printing Serena’s editorial comments and poll! If you would be so kind, I would appreciate you reading my last comment. You may have already. I’m just trying to save some time, since I tend to get very wordy, and I just want to make sure you noticed my main point. It’s about civility and humor and well-meaning verbiage being key components to an enjoyable read and a fun,… Read more »
Jacob – ‘Not to say we don’t have standards here, we do.’ Just for the record, I don’t see that you have any standards whatsoever. But I do see a lot of irresponsibility on your part. If you first allow an article to be published on this site from any writer including a title with the words, ‘who should die….’ you are, by the very nature of that challenging language, just asking for controversy, ill-feelings and total discord from some, if not all, the posters. This should have been apparent to you, even before you ok’ed the article. I dont… Read more »

I smell a Rho. No, not a rose. A Rho.

peeeyuuuu! *plugs nose*

Obvious troll is obvious. Trueblue. *smirk*

….speaking of ignorance……

here’s another good example.

So glad you are not a Bill fan:)


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