Who Should Die in Season 5 of True Blood?

By Serena Larkin on Feb 15, 2012 to HBO Watch Originals, True Blood

After the tragedy of last season, -and yes I consider the fact Eric Northman broke the core traits of his book character to be a tragedy since the real vampire viking god does not say “I love you” after a week of shagging! – I will readily admit I want to torch a whole lot of the remaining Alan Ball cold mess that is called True Blood, starting with a nice sloughing off of quite a few major characters. Perhaps a good culling could save my once beloved show from slipping even further into irrelevancy than it already has, as well as tighten up the overload of meandering plot lines,.. though I doubt it. And sure, I do get a lot of schadenfreude out of this list, but hey a girl can dream, right?

So with that out of the way, here is who I think should die in Season 5 and why:

First up, some honorable mentions, neither of which probably will ever die much to my displeasure.

8. Lafayette – Lala, Who Dat?

He is a far cry from the original character I fell in love with way back in the first season, that funny mean guy that would abandon his cousin at a party in order to get laid. Brow-chick-arow-row. This is mostly ever since they decided his knock-off Saints tank was no longer ironic. Now if only they’d make him a vampire and resolve this holier-than-thou trend.

7. Sookie – She’s Gone Rogue

Anna Paquin’s version of my favorite telepath is an embarrassment to Charlaine Harris’ book counterpart, even if the author will never criticize her beyond her dress size. People can tout “this is not the books” all they want, there is supposed to be some semblance of the source material here, otherwise why purchase the rights to these characters? So for Sookie to be degraded into a “dumb country bitch” to quote the show, True Blood has completely missed the mark of what the Southern Vampire Mysteries are about, ie Sookie’s character growth as she tries to find a place for herself in the supernatural world. Therefore it is fine by me if TB Sook bites it and then she can haunts us all even more.

And now here’s who I want to die for real.

6. Salome – Show Me the Politics

A new character this year and supposedly a “fierce” antagonist, which is telling in that the writers have painted themselves into a corner with power struggles, and political maneuvering just doesn’t cut it like it does in Charlaine Harris’ novels. Instead, people. must. die. Also, the writers seemed to have developed some severe issues with their characters that happen to be women, leading me to believe they won’t allow Salome to be smart and actionable. She’ll be “crazy” and “dumb.” Kill her and be done with it. Next.

5. Russell – There Will Be Blood

Oh I love Russell, don’t get me wrong, but see above. (Though obviously without the writers’ issues directed at women), I think the same political power-struggle vacuum applies to him too, as the only escape from villains proven to work on this show is the true death, see Frankie, Nan Flanagan, Queen SophieAnn, MaryAnn, Talbot, the Magister, Debbie Pelt, Marnie. Also, I fully believe True Blood has to consume a certain quota of corn syrup like they heavily invested in the stuff back when the stock market was good. The splatter machine must be respected.

4. Bill Compton – Die Hard, ASAP

He is whiney and droll and has been for awhile. But the sheer amount of plot that must be bent to his character on the show, despite the fact he was never represented in the books with such focus, is utterly annoying. Even more annoying is the amount of mythology they fluff over in order to do so. –I’m never getting past the inexplicable death of Sophie Ann! If Bill had been working for the Authority the prior three seasons, why then did he never call them in when he was previously in a life or death situation? What bogus writing just to keep one character relevant, and frankly, shoving him down our throats did not make the show any better. I wish he’d go away on a permanent Peruvian adventure, it just would make all our lives simpler.

3. Crystal – Karma is a Werepanther

Not so sure it is going to happen in Season 5 but definitely by Season 6, as I think we all know it is a matter of time before death catches up to Momma Panther. But for tragedy’s sake, the probability she will be pregnant with Jason’s spawn before that happens is good, and that means she needs a little more screen time. And that is one book item I do not see Ball and friends skipping over. My only hope is she takes out a few characters, *cough, Jessica, cough* along the way before she snuffs it.

2. Jessica – Baby Overboard

I don’t hate Jessica, but I’m over it. I’m over her perpetual virginity storyline, which of course is abandoned when convenient, see Sex With Jason. I’m over her red headed step child status and her troubled relationship with Vamp Daddy Bill. *roll.* Yet why I really want her to die is because she is holding on to the “Baby Vampire” mantel. Well, we can’t have two baby vamps at the same time, can we? No. With her still around, it is a safer bet Steve Newlin will be coming out of the closet than the casket. Above all, it is not supposed to be easy for a newly made vampire within the first year or so -this is consistent in just about all vampire lore,- and in comparison to how it should be, I would say she has had a cake walk.

1. Hoyt – Tying up Loose Ends

For Summer, I blame you Hoyt Fortenberry! For your high school guidance counselor, I blame you Hoyt Fortenberry! For that doll Chucky and the spirit lady inside it, I blame you Hoyt Fortenberry! Now this season they have cast coworkers who help you beat up Jason?? I blame you for all the useless tangental plots that go absolutely nowhere. Okay, maybe not all of them, maybe that’s not fair, but let’s face it, the best part of Season 4, (that wasn’t Skarsbutt), was believing if only for a minute that Jessica did kill you.

Well, looks like my job here is done for the day. Comments, thoughts, raging theories on why your precious characters should survive the true axe? Sound off below!

Serena writes for Sookieverseblog and kissed by fire, a Game of Thrones & ASOIAF blog. You can also find her on Twitter @kissed_by_fire .

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  • False Blood

    Leave True Blood alone ranting feminist! One thing I like about is that we can escape from these imaginary “strong independent women” Hollywood usually portrays. Shows like True Blood are actually very rare. So leave it be and go f*ck other shows with your feminist bs.

  • Lyta

    bitter much? LOL

  • Amanda

    You’re like one of the “the book is so much better” kind of people. I read the books, but I knew that True Blood was not completely based off of them. I think all of the characters are great and where they’re taking them is fascinating. All of the characters are consistent with the happenings in the show. The books are written more like a fat woman’s fantasies, and the show is written like a sick twisted jerks fantasies, which in my opinion is better than reading/watching some fat ladies jerk off book/show about vampires. Point is True Blood is always leaving you wanting more, and that’s what good shows do. So Alan Ball and his characters are legit.

  • Leif


    Another site with a “Who should die on True Blood next” poll.

    I’ll give you ONE guess as to who is winning! *smirk*


    • Sheldon

      LOL, I know who I voted for Leif. Great to see the queen winning something

      • Only reason he is winning is cause all of the rabids are voting over and over again. This is why I do not do polls. Over 10 million people like TB and their are Millions of Bill fans. You just need to get over it.

  • Kaddie

    Please, let Tara be dead and gone but if she isn’t and she returns this season….my vote is for her.

  • Calling all True Blood fans! I notice many of you have strong opinions about the show! If you’d like to write about them on HBO Watch check out this link:


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    Why Bill Should Never Ever Die Ever (again)
    Haters gonna Hate: Why I’ll never turn on True Blood
    True Blood: the Best Show on HBO
    The Truest Blood: Who should NEVER Die
    “Hey Hookah” – Top 10 Lafayette Quotes of all Time

    Totally up for anything! Love you Trubies!


  • NJ

    This is a wonderful article, as evidenced by the great debate. No doubt this stellar cast could use some serious culling. I appreciate your humor and spin on the subject. Here’s my 2+ cents:

    Lafayette is the spice of Bon Temps life and the story would be a snooze fest without him. That squirrel on top of his head ought to be laid to rest, though. Puh-lease! I’m not looking forward to his mourning period after he finds out what happened to his cousin, however. He may resort to dark magic. Scary.

    Had Sookie been one of the two that had her brains blown out in the Stackhouse kitchen, I wouldn’t have been upset, at all. Especially after the worst apology that ever made her character ridiculous. She lost all credibility at that point. I was happy when Debbie showed up and shoved a rifle in her face because I was thinking that she was too stupid to live. Too bad she got Tara, instead.

    Salome, I suspect, is just another bag of blood waiting to explode all over the set. Just do it early. Why kill Nan if you were going to bring in a similar character? SMH

    As a former bearer of the King Bill banner, it pains me to say “Off with his head” and I call for the true death to whoever was responsible for the execution of this plan. This was a grand opportunity to secure him as the top vamp of TB, the Hail Mary Pass, and they dropped the ball. Dang! I’ve always believed that AB had a boner for Bill, but after season 4, I think he hates him and wanted him to look bad on purpose.

    I imagine that it was truly traumatizing for a Bill fan to witness the E/S relationship in season 4. I see more and more evidence of the irreparable damage to Bill fans on a daily basis. Never in a million years did they expect that AB would permit the savage Viking to pillage the TB “soul mates” little village and that reality burns. Add the king’s reign of failures, his last two scenes and you have one ruined character. What’s worse is his fans’ irate reactions to complaints. Turning debates into personal attacks, to deflect attention from the topic, proves that there is no defense. It’s embarrassing.

    Jason’s storyline deflated after he betrayed his heartbroken bestie, IMO. He should spend an eternity as the Ghost Daddy of Hot Shot for penance and be forced to raise his litter of inbred offspring with Crystal. I expected TB to play the sexual tension angle between Jessica and Jason. That should have been good for a couple of season but now Jason just looks like a dick and Jessica looks even worse. What I do appreciate is that they showed how her vamp blood in Jason affected her. “My blood inside you calls to me” (Parrot phrasing Jessica ;) They both were powerless to stop their attraction. Sadly, it cheapens Sookie’s connection to her vamps because they are just as powerless. What I don’t get is why Jessica’s blood in Hoyt failed to evoke some compassion for him.

    I see much potential for Hoyt in the future. He can seek revenge, try to become a vampire, or both. He could also settle down with Ms. Biscuits, instead, and leave the craziness behind. It would be refreshing to see someone successfully walk away in one piece.

    • chelad

      Actualyy I didn’t mind the ES hookup last season, to me it was so lame. If there had been actual chemistry between the 2 I might have cared, but I didn’t see any. I like what they did with Bill, and that he is in a position of authoroty. I like that he is with other women, to me Bill is a very sexy guy. So I don’t care if he is with Sookie or not, as long as he is with someone.
      I love the snarkiness between Bill and Eric, it’s really fun to watch. To me the vampires in the story are the most fun. All of them.
      I didn’t think the amnesic Eric story translated well into tv. To me Eric’s appeal is his attitude, turning him into a child did not work for me at all. And I read all over the place how people missed Eric’s true personality.
      Now Bill, many thought he would pining after Sookie, and he wasn’t. You just don’t know with him. He is unpredictable, and I love , love that about him. Some days he is the good guy, some days he is not. He is a cosmopolitan guy, who has been spying the vampire monarchy for years. And he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

      • Sheldon

        “Now Bill, many thought he would pining after Sookie, and he wasn’t”

        Pst, thats because the writers on a show called True Blood wrote him that way. I mean, were they to show him emo-ing around pining for sookie (like the books), or say off, to Peru (like the books), you wouldn’t have had King Bill. Which made so much sense right?

        “You just don’t know with him. He is unpredictable, and I love , love that about him. Some days he is the good guy, some days he is not”.

        Those characteristics are usually attributed to a personality disorder. Most people that have these kinds of personality disorder are recommended to get treatment and meds. But instead, I say, lets make him king!

        “He is a cosmopolitan guy”

        who likes petticoats…..

      • I sooo agree. Finally someone with brains on this page. I love the chemestry between Bill and Eric . No one like the Narnia love scene. I am sorry but I was waiting for the white witch to appear with turkish deligt and carry them away on her sleigh. Paaalease. How lame was that. Only thing good about AE was how funny he was. I laughed all the way though his scenes, including thr Narnia ones. Even my Eric friends (Yes, Diane, I have Eric friends) hated the whole Narnia trip.
        Best parts of S5 was Bill, witches, and the ghost stuff with the baby.

    • @true2bill

      NJ – I hope they spice up Lafayette’s character again. I prefer Lafayette being a smart, witty, proud gay man with the ability to whup some azz. I hope he does more of that in S5. I’m not sure about the black magic thing. I don’t want Laf to be too scary, I guess.

      I thought Bill as King was wonderful. He was smart, he took his job seriously, he used good judgement in knowing Marnie/Antonia had to die, He had to deal with Nan Flanagan’s meddling, he took quick action to avert the spell of meeting the sun dessimating his subjects, he jailed Eric -who was a danger to vampires – and he set him free because of Sookie. (Of course, Marnie was then able to make him her dog – so that decision is questionable). He was caring in guiding Jessica to learn from his mistake, and he took quick action when it was needed, as in Marnie & NF. He walked a tricky tightrope, with Nan’s constant interference. and did a great job.

      The Sookie turn that seemed completely unrealistic to me was her immediately falling for amnesic Eric, without caring about all he had done before. So I have to disagree there. Her forgiveness of Bill, after all the times he has saved her, seemed more reasonable to me. (I know there are differing POVs on that one!)

      Even though I didn’t buy the E/S romance, I knew they were “hooking up” in S4, so I didn’t mind it – really. It was OK.

      I, too am disappointed in Jason’s turn this season. He shouldn’t have done the deed with Jessica, and I am no fan of HotShot. It just didn’t work. I do wonder what they will do with his character.

      I enjoyed S4 very much – loved King Bill, loved the dilemma of how to overcome Marnie – loved Eric’s amnesia, and was glad when it was over. Some stuff I didn’t like that much, but overall I thought it was very good.

      I enjoyed your insights!

      • NJ

        For those of you who are okay with the status quo, I’m happy for you. That is saying, in essence, that the show’s failure to connect the dots is acceptable only if it favors your favorite character? My bullshit meter is reading that as a false. All fans want a good and cohesive tale or you wouldn’t notice the inconsistencies or holes with other parts of the story. The current agenda is also not conducive to positive fandom morale. Furthermore, the show succeeds or fails as a unit.

        The Southern Vampire Mysteries are MYSTERIES, after all. The story has to make sense otherwise it’s just a hodge-podge of f-cktastrophies that the writers pulled out of their creative arses. That makes it impossible for sleuths to arrive at the sum of whodunit due to the ever changing variables.

        Since you brought up the ViKing . . .
        Originally, I took issue with Sookie picking up a bespelled Eric on the side of the road. Then, I considered that he was also the same vampire that had recently saved her home while she was missing. Typical arrogant Eric said that it was done to acquire her. What was also very telling is the care and devotion that it took to renovate and personalize the legacy left by her grandmother that was also her childhood home. #score. He gets Brownie points for that because he didn’t have to go that far. That was an act of love, a vulnerability that Eric was not willing to verbally confess to. Considering that, saving her at the FotS and maybe even from Russell, she was returning the favor of someone who had cared for her in her time of need. It was a combination of that vampire and Amnesia Eric that she fell in love with. That resonated with me. The fact that Sookie didn’t barter for her deed says that she didn’t mind that he owned the place. Eric showed the most growth this season. Through being stripped of his defenses, he was able to expose a gentle side that he retained after he was restored to his senses. There was such raw emotion that my heart melted for this character. She had known her previous lover for less time and really didn’t know him at all when they hooked up and you refer to that as a love story of “Soulmates.” Loving someone requires that you know them. She loved the lie of Bill but the True Eric, the whole cosmopolitan ;) In the end, the story all came together and was actually told beautifully, the cinematography of the intimate scenes in the forest, foyer, bedroom and Narnia, simply breathtaking. *swoon* I was able to see why AB referred to theirs as “ A Real Love Story.”

        The King Compton campaign was a brilliant spin on the book version, where Bill sought a political office of Area Investigator in order to become more powerful. I also thought it was a happy medium for his off-screen relationship. The story started to crumble from the very first episode, however. The whole 007 Bill just didn’t jive with what we already knew. It went downhill from there with one blunder after another. I’ve been keeping tally and it’s a looooong list but I wont go there.

        Bill, getting on with his life was a front, IMO. I think that he was just biding his time until another opportunity presented itself. He asked Eric to return Sookie’s property to her in one breath and then sent him on an impossible (suicide) mission in the next. Ordering the dead guy to deal with known necromancers was failure as a King #1 and it started the domino effect that brought him to ruin as a leader. That action was also reminiscent of the old, impulsive Bill, who was just trying to rid himself of the competition by any means necessary.

        I don’t believe that they were trying to portray Bill as an effective leader or as a multi-faceted deep well. His character growth was only on the surface. His behavior was extremely predictable and he spent the season putting out fires that he, himself, had ignited with the poor decisions of an inexperienced leader. All these things led to him losing his ill gotten gain of QSA’s crown. He also lost many fans in the process. I know of a precious few who remain loyal BLs forever. I’ve encountered many a fan that defected camp BL and joined EL after season 4 but none who have done the opposite.

        • Hestia

          Nice assessment NJ, I agree wholeheartedly!

        • smaug the dragon

          Yes, I agree as well.

        • Leif

          Well said, well done, NJ!

        • zee

          I have to say,never looked at some of the stuff that way NJ. great post!! you should write for HBOWatch!

        • Diane

          Bravo NJ Bravo!

        • heart’s desire

          “That is saying, in essence, that the show’s failure to connect the dots is acceptable only if it favors your favorite character? ”

          Amen NJ! Awesome post!

        • NJ

          Thanks for your positive feed back. I’m merely trying to keep up with all the thought provoking comments here. I could underscore so many points here and long for a “LIKE” button. Kudos to Serena and Jacob. You gotta have thick skin in this environment. You responded to the adversary comments with diplomatic aplomb. I’m excited about this forum and look forward to similar articles in the future.

        • chelad

          Good reply, just one suggestion , take the blinkers off.
          Anyway, I’m looking forward to season 5. I think what they have planned , is going to surprise us all.

        • OneoftheMean Girls

          What TB fans sometimes seem to overlook is that, if Bill as King had been a viable option, don’t you think the creator of the Southern Vamp Mysteries would have adopted it herself over TEN YEARS of writing this series? Do you really think that option didn’t occur to her and that she didn’t evaluate it as a plot turn from every conceivable angle? She is not writing romances, she is not in Eric’s “camp,” as she has said many times. She is ten chess moves ahead of her readers, and that includes AB and his crew of former script-assistants-turned-episode-writers who have ginned up this version of Bon Temps in weeks, not decades. Why anyone is surprised that this cut-and-paste job is falling apart amazes me. The difference between the commitment made to world-building and the intensity in character development the novelist brings to a project and what a revolving stable of TV writers bring to a project is so immense it’s hard to explain briefly. It’s the main reason why showrunners buy the rights to series such as Twilight, SVM, the Hollows series of Kim Harrison, and the Hunger Games, because someone else has done ALL the hard work already. Work remains—casting, script-writing, etc.—but it typically doesn’t include Mr. Potato Heading the original material. AB in his “genius” thought he could improve on the original. Well, good luck with that.

          Did the writers mean to make Bill a loser or a winner when they made him king? Was Amnesia Eric getting his memory back so fast good or bad? Should Sook apologize to Bill? The right answers are all in the SVM. For the rest . . . yawn.

          Anyway, it’s moot. Game of Thrones is huge, the critics aren’t in love anymore, Alan Ball is gone, and eventually TB will serve as a case study of how not to make a good adaptation.

      • I agree T2B. You are so right about Jason, Sookie and Bill. I also agree with whole Ericf thing. How in the world would she want to go to him after only a day and hook up with Eric.
        Bill has watched over her and saved her time and time again.
        however I will appoligises about Bill being forgiven. Sookie did do that quite quickly. They should talk more and get out all their feeling before reconsiling. YES reconsiling for those Rabids on here. I have a fear it will be while for now.

  • Greg F

    I’m not a big True Blood follower. I’ve caught the show a couple of times but the primary HBO shows I’m a fan of are Boardwalk Empire and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    However, having said that, I really enjoyed this post. I can’t relate to the True Blood aspect but I can relate to being a fan of a show and feeling let down by some of its developments (don’t get me started on The Sopranos). Then I read some of the comments. Some of these posters remind me of the old congressional wives back in the 1980s that because they were offended by a certain type of music sought to have it banned. The amount of brow beating is nauseating. I’m not sure what these posters intent was but I can tell you the effect it has had on me. I am now rooting for Bill (a character that seemed perfectly decent in the episodes I’ve seen) to die a horrific death on the show. This isn’t because I “hate” Bill but I hate the haranguing that has been done on this site by this group.

    • Diane

      I think that is what is concerning most of the viewers of True Blood, the ones who look at the plot as a whole and not a small portion of it. There were a lot of things that happened last season and the previous season before that left me nauseated. I was seriously disappointed and let down. My biggest disappointments were that 1. Sookie forgave Bill way too easily (I felt this was character regression not progression) 2. that Jason was raped for a whole lot of nothing, poor guy because nothing came of it, no lessons learned nothing, the way rape was treated in that episode seemed to say it is okay for a man to raped repeatedly. 3. Plots that were not needed like Lafayette being possessed my Mavis, it dragged on too long and did not tie in with the main.

      • Sookie forgave Bill because he deserved to be forgiven. Eric never asked for it and Bill did. The one who needs o come clean is Eric for all he has done o Sookie.

        • Diane

          Says you, we all have our own opinion and I am sticking to mine.

  • smaug the dragon

    Oh!!!!!!!!! Were have I been, this is so entertaining. Keep trolling.
    You’ve all made my afternoon, I’m still laughing.

    P.S. Great article Serena, I voted for all of them to die as I’m sooo over True Bill…………..oooppppps True Blood.

    • I am not trolling. You need to talk to Tina, Diane and other flying monkey Crabids about trolling and going on pages they are not wanted. If you didn’t want comments you shouldn’t have made this a public page.

      • Diane

        Flying Monkey Crabids? I really hope you continue to show your immaturity because it only makes me look better. This page is public and we do not run it, Jacob does. As you can tell, he is loving all the comments and he invited anyone to show some writing work to him and you could write your opinions here too. I bet you won’t get any of us coming on to your posts and telling you that you are high and need to take some more drugs! Why, you ask? Well, because that is just plain rude and mean. Wouldn’t you agree?

        I came one time over to your lovely BWW home to defend myself form your nasty comments and have not been there since and have no desire to go back. You don’t sling my name in the mud and we will have no further problems with each other. I do not need to troll, thank you very much!

  • Bill is True Blood. Anyone with eyes can see that! I think wanting one of the main characters gone is petty and stupid. Not one Bill’sbabe has wanted Eric gone. How about ones we all can not stand like Crystal or some other annoying character.
    To say Allan Ball has done wrong is to insult True Blood itself he has made one of the best shows on TV and he adores all the characters not just one. Pam is evident of that.
    Go home and take you drugs you are on and stop spueing monkey poo.

    • Diane

      Now this is rude to tell someone to take drugs. Are you paying attention to this post by the above IAMTRUETOBILL? This is not exactly an intelligent post either. It is still the opinion of the poster and others that Bill should meet the true death, and it most likely won’t happen. Why don’t you Fbforbill, head on back to the BWW and try to gloat some more about how much you are sticking up for this HOT MESS of a show?

      • That is typical of you Diane. Why don’t you go back to you ELs and stop trolling on BWW. I never mentioned i was one of them so that hshows you are one. I think it is funny to comment about soming you hate so much. Just like hating on Bill. Shows you unequated love you have for him. Come on out of the closet and just show your true feeling. YOU LOVE BILL>

    • OneoftheMean Girls

      Bill is not True Blood. Eric is True Blood, if you go by the ratings. The first four episodes of Season l (prior to the introduction of Eric but heavily focused on the “sexy” romance between Sookie and Bill) had ratings ranging from 1.44 million viewers to 1.82 million, when Eric makes his first appearance. When Eric returns two episodes later, the ratings shoot up to 2.07 million, then 2.35 million for the next episode, and just keep going up and up.

      You can’t say the critics built that big jump, since TB’s first season Metacritics was only a lukewarm 64. (By comparison, Game of Thrones Metacritics score was 8.2).

      If Bill was so important, wouldn’t the ratings build over his first four episodes, when he has no competition from Eric? I challenge anyone to come up with some other reason why the ratings in Season 1 took that big, sustained jump. Alex was all over the internet by then; the book fans knew Eric had arrived, and, voila, the perfect storm hit.

      Since then, critics have said things like “Sookie and Bill keep ending up in boring rehashes of Harlequin romances…it’s no contest: when Sookie and Bill are apart, the show comes alive. When they’re together, it drags.”— T. VanderWerff, LA Times. So, many people “with eyes” disagree with Bill’s importance to this show.

      • OneoftheMean Girls

        That GOT number should have been 82, not 8.2.

      • @true2bill

        OneoftheMeanGirls – You are making my point for me!

        Your insistence that Eric is the show is an example of insisting that you know the truth, but others don’t.

        The show is the show. All of it!

        Bill and Sookie are the leads, as described by Alan Ball. Eric is a hugely important character, and brings so much drama, and excitement and humor and also good looks to the show. He is the 3rd person in a love triangle, and that is great story telling. It is the story, the tension and intrigue and the bloody danger as well as the sexiness that is the show.

        The reason that the ratings went up is the word of mouth about the SHOW. Many fans love Eric, many love Bill, many love both of them. And some like Sam or Alcide or Jason better than either vampire.

        To hate Bill or Eric or consider either one unnecessary to the story is not being realistic, and not really understanding the show. Both are needed.

        Many Bill fans have reacted to the constant spewing of hateful, spiteful comments from Eric fans by turning against Eric. I do not, nor have I ever, hated Eric. Bill happens to be my favorite, and it is presumptuous to say that Eric fans know their favorite is the one reason for the success of the show.

        The Show is the reason for the succes of the Show.

        • VPG


          I have a couple of serious questions for you and I mean no disrespect and am not trying to insult or be derogatory or inflammatory in any way. I’m honestly curious and hoping for an answer.

          First, if OneOftheMeanGirls is proving your point, isn’t FBforBill also proving your point when she says Bill is the show? And using plenty of that inflammatory language that you seem to dislike? I see ELs get called out a lot for being “bullies” but being honest those hateful, spiteful comments come from both sides of the fence.

          Personally neither one of their posts bothered me (though the go home and take your drugs part was a little…disturbing I guess). I just see one person that loves Bill and thus thinks that True Blood is all about Bill and one person that loves Eric and thinks that True Blood is all about Eric. I honestly don’t think either one of these people are wrong. I personally don’t agree with FbforBill but just cause I don’t agree doesn’t mean that she/he is wrong.
          Subjective viewing and all that….we all watch stuff for our own reasons. Some people might think that Felix is True Blood, lol.

          Anyways, what I’m really curious about is why it appears to bother you that people hate Bill and want him (and other characters) to be killed? I’m an Eric fan, but honest to goodness truth I could care less if you or anyone else hated Eric and wanted him staked. Sure I wouldn’t share your opinion but it wouldn’t bother me either. It’s not like we’re talking about real people after all. And yes, I know Stephen Moyer is real, but I do not in any way shape or form see how disliking the character he portrays on the tv show says anything about him. I think he’s a great actor and I’m sure that if Bill Compton got staked, it would be no time at all before the talented Mr. Moyer landed another successful role.

          As for the fact of them being main characters, a lot of shows kill main characters to good effect. Like I said before, I really gained respect for Game of Thrones when they chopped off a main character’s head. And I liked that character too. Still it added spice to the show, shocked me, and made me realize that none of the characters on that show are “safe.” Like the author of this article on EW says, “Killing off a main character can be just a cheap gimmick, but when it’s done well, it can be incredibly moving. It can even revitalize a show.” (http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/12/21/best-tv-character-deaths-2010/)

          Another good article here (http://www.screenwriterguy.com/top-ten-lists/screenwriterguys-top-ten-tv-character-deaths) brings up the death of a character that I really enjoyed in another of my favorite vampire shows: “Still, I chose Miss Calendar’s demise because it helped establish how Buffy, and I would argue, all of TV, would hence depict death: sometimes people we care about die, and sometimes it is senseless and pointless. Following that moment, everything became more real. ANY of the characters on the show might die. It wasn’t long before shows like 24, Lost, and Heroes were killing main characters every other week.”

          If the show is good enough, it seems like the death of a main character not only is not something that would not hurt the show but also something that could potentially help the show.

          I understand not wanting characters to be killed off shows. Like as much as I respect Game of Thrones, I’ll be honest…if Arya goes, so do I, lol. But at the same time if someone says…”man, I hope that drown that little Stark girl on GoT this season” or “GoT needs to chop off the heads of all the stupid Starks” it’s not gonna upset me in any way. Much as I love it and love the Starks, it is still just a t.v. show.

          Anyways, that’s my take on it. I’m just hoping to uncover some more of the reasoning behind your feelings. Thanks. :)

        • heart’s desire

          Great comments VPG. I’d love to hear the answers.

        • Sheldon

          @VPG – I second HD – great comment.

      • I will say it again. BILL IS TRUE BLOOD!! Anyone with eyes can see he is the star and that is evident from 4 and all the turncoats who left the Eric field.
        I never said I hated Eric but you people sure know how to hate on characters. Charlene Harris have even said she does not know why you love him so much. he has only looked out for #1 from day one. You throw all the flying monkey poo you want but us Bill lovers know whos the best and it isn’t Eric.

  • I don’t get why this post has brought out all this Bill vrs Eric drama. Basically what I am reading from Serena is that TB has taken some great characters like Sookie and Lafayette –for example, and sold them incredibly short to the point where the audience stops caring.

    It was a really good show. And it’s really gone down hill.

    Let’s say you took a couple of episodes of season 1 and compared those characters to season 4. Let’s take 3 women, Sookie, Tara and Pam. In season 1, we have strong women who take care of themselves. Now look at the mess those women have become in Season 4. I don’t know about you, but IMO I don’t want to waste my time watching women disintegrate into damsels in distress. It’s boring. And what is worse is that TB can’t keep it’s own mythology straight.
    If you are going to have a Sci/Fic/Fantasy show you have to get your mythology straight. When the rules aren’t adheared to, then the audience feels two things:
    1. it ends a suspension in disbelief.
    2. it shows the writers don’t care enough to follow their own vision.
    and 3. when the writes don’t respect the audience… why watch.

    It’s not a Bill vrs. Eric thing. It’s a stop writing crap and give us good television thing.

    • Lyta

      well said Victoria.

    • Diane

      Amen sister! I also don’t understand why it turns into the battle of the fang! If Sookie were the Sookie she started out as, then fans would care more about what happened to her. As it stands, I care more for what happens to Hoyt than I do for her. That is the day you say to yourself that something is wrong, when you don’t care what happens to the supposed protagonist.

    • zee

      Hear hear Victoria.

  • Diane

    No Chelad, that is not what I am saying. I am saying that she does not need to ragged on for giving her opinion. You are not being ragged on for giving yours, so why are you being that way? It makes no sense to me. As Jacob said, you can write an apposing view of what she said, instead of calling the site into question for not being neutral. My other point was again that it would not hurt to kill off characters that are not needed. I and others might say Bill or other names but it is our opinion as we do not like the character. However, that does not mean that the other characters mentioned to be killed off does not have merit, because it does. There are far too many characters standing around and either doing nothing or not doing something exceptional to the main plot.

    • @true2bill

      Diane – please read my post from earlier – the really long one. It is NOT opinion that is the problem. It is the inflammatory, vitriolic rhetoric in which it is contained.

      To be on a site where people are invited to reply and comment about one’s article, one needs to be inclusive, not exclusive, in the composition of that article.

      CharesP has some differing views from mine in his piece, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. it’s because his is nicely composed, polite, and inclusive in tone.

      • Diane

        So what if it is inflammatory, vitriolic rhetoric, it is still her opinion. I don’t where you think a person needs to be inclusive, that is why it is an opinion. One does not have to be impartial when giving an opinion. Charles P was as spot on in his post as was Serena, so because he worded it nicely, was polite and inclusive, you are not going to rag all over it? You and others, were not exactly nice in your posts. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. No one put down your opinion when you gave it and called you names and told you that you were a hateful person. Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? Bottom line, you want your posts respected, then show the same courtesy. Otherwise, you can’t claim to be the one being done wrong.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion so why get all hot under the collar?

        • @true2bill

          Diane – IDT any of my replies or comments were nasty or inflammatory. Maybe I did use a little sarcasm, but NOTHING close to the sarcasm and mean spirit of what I was replying to.

          Yes, that’s exactly it! It IS the tone of the comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and, as Charles P. so aptly showed us by his great comment, an opinion can be expressed in an interesting, inclusive way, without putting other people’s opinions down. I have never called anyone names. I have never put anyone down for an opinion, only for the rudeness of the language.

          I was not rude to anyone, but I did try to point out the rudeness directed at me in my replies.

          So it is important, when one posts on a blog open to all others who are interested in that topic, to be inclusive. That is my point.

  • Diane

    I just have to say that the comments of some are really immature. Everywhere I go on the internet concerning True Blood turns into a bloody fight and people get accused of being ‘full of hate’, grow up people! We are not talking about real people here, these are fictional characters (of which True Blood has too many of) who will not get their feelings hurt. Some characters should be killed off and it is my opinion that this article was much needed.

    I don’t see why people are getting that knickers twisted about a matter of opinion and are complaining about people being mean and are attacking other people. The writer of this article did not say she wanted the whole cast killed off, she said who “SHE” wants to die and she gave them in order but she did not mean one by one until no one was left. IMO, there is nothing wrong with getting rid of some excess baggage.

    • Ann A.

      there is nothing wrong with getting rid of some excess baggage.

      The show is based on the Sookie Stackhouse Novels… How is Sookie ‘excess baggage’? Wouldn’t killing her off deprive Eric of the ultimate prize at the end? I mean, from everything that I’ve seen, an E/S pairing is the ‘be all/end all’ for some fans…

      • boobear

        Now that’s an intelligent reply!

        “Just how is the character upon which this series is based “excess baggage?”

        The two leads are Sookie and Bill: they won’t be killed off anytime soon. Lafayette is one of the MOST popular figures on this show: don’t like him>don’t watch!

        this is nothing more than a blog and it’s not funny anymore.

        unless of course i find more words like “fatnasy”…ha ha!

        • Ann A.

          unless of course i find more words like “fatnasy”…ha ha!

          I had to go look.. It’s there.. it really is there..

        • Diane

          OH good Lord! Do you even read my post or anyone else’s? Again, these are fictional characters, they fictional little feelings are not going to get hurt on little bit. In my opinion, this is not about Sookie, Bill or even Eric so let’s leave them off the table. There are too many characters plots that do not have anything to do with the main plot.

          Also, this article by Serena was taken way too literal. I think Charles has made some brilliant points and I love that he got the article was it was intended. You act like you are trying to save the show from the people who are putting it down. The show is a train wreck and I will love writing on how much of a train wreck it will continue to be in True Blood. I am sure you can find my posts online, if you know where to look.

          Kudos to Charles P for this little tidbit for it explains what exactly was wrong with TB in the past two seasons.

          Charles p: “As for who I think should die? The list is long…because the show, imo, needs to remain focused on the vampires and their struggles with human integration and mainstreaming (or lack thereof) and how even when your centuries old you can still learn something new. As well as Sookie coming into her own, learning about her heritage, learning how to defend and protect herself apart from romantic interests. So I would choose several of the supporting characters to die so that the show was more streamlined and the plots more consistent and cohesive.”

    • chelad

      You are right Diane, Charles does have a point. But Charles talked about eliminating some of the subplots and tying the show in a more cohesive manner. How does that equate to killing off Sookie, Lala, Jessica and Bill?
      I have to say that the Hotshot story last season was awful, same for Mavis. The witches did not live up to expectations, or maybe it wasn’t that, but the fact that wrong doing does not get punishment after death. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you have been in life, after death there is always peace, something that was introduced in season 3. For us who have grown with the concept of heaven and hell, it’s difficult to grasp that there is no punishment after death.

      • CharlesP.

        Thank you for the compliment, Diane.

        I’d be interested in reading some of your online articles, though I have no idea where to look for them?

        I read some of Serena’s posts at the link she provided to Sookieverseblog.com. Very entertaining and funny they were!
        Plus, while adding humor into the mix you certainly can read behind it into the validity of her posts regarding the writing issues with True Blood. And, there are many.
        I however I’m not a Bill hater, though I do prefer the Eric character over Bill. Simply because I find Eric much more interesting and complex.

        I’m now wondering after reading all the comments if maybe I should give these books a go and see what all the fuss is about?
        Couldn’t possibly be any worse than the atrocious writing in Season 4 of TrueBlood could they?
        Maybe I’ll bite (haha) after the show has completed it’s run.

        Play nice, ladies.


        • Diane


          You are most welcome! I think you should give the books a go, the plot is consistent and it stays focused on the main part of the story. You can find some of my posts at Eric and Sookie lovers dot com and that should lead you to a post I wrote entitled Open Letter to Alan Ball. I liked Book Bill but cannot stand TB Bill but it is stupid for people to tell me I am a hater of a fictional character, you know?

        • I really love reading thoughts from people who haven’t read the books, especially those who love Eric! :)

          I agree Charles! The writing really, really…sucked (probably is the best word for it) last season. It’s no wonder True Blood hasn’t won any awards lately. One of the main problems (besides the writing) is the fact they DON’T kill off main characters.

          Take Tara for example. Do we think she’s really dead? A vampire? A ghost? It doesn’t matter really because she will STILL be on the show – b*tching and complaining about her life, like she always does.

          When one of the main characters lives’ is threatened…I have no fear that somehow or some way, they will be magically saved. And THAT is one of the problems with True Blood right now. It’s not WHO should die, but WILL they really die?

          Getting back to the original subject…Yay! Bill won this poll! He was my numero uno pick! If there was ever a character who wasn’t essential to the show, Bill would be it. But that’s JMHO. And those who love Bill can say whatever they want. This is MY opinion and I don’t need to explain myself to you, or to anyone else.

      • Diane

        He also said the list is long about who should be killed off and he did not say any names. The author was merely expressing her opinion and people went ape shit on her, and for what Chelad? How I took her post was that some people DO need to die in order for this show to succeed and grow. She should not have to explain herself at all and neither should Jacob have to defend who he chooses to have write for him!

        • chelad

          Are you saying I am not entitled to my opinion? That somehow I have to agree with what is said on the article? that I don’t have right to question a site that comes across as neutral but selecs only a one sided opinion? That somehow what I say, or what others say, that don’t agree either, have less validity than what you say?

          I will say this, they do need to have the subplots come together into one, that is why the first season worked so well. Everything revolved around the one serial killer. Besides that, they can do whatever they want.

  • karlskit

    I enjoy both the books and the show. (BTW, the reason my handle is different here is that the HBO site defaults to my actual name. I’ve tried to change it, but the site won’t let me. I can’t even add a picture for some reason.) From the get go, the show struck me as a different artistic vision than the books. With each season, Alan Ball has taken the storyline in a much more allegorical direction, yes, sometimes sacrificing character development to the exploration of universal themes. Charlaine Harris’ novels are a coming of age story through which she explores social issues, as well as ethics and morality as Sookie finds her place in world that her “philosophy had never dreamt of” prior to meeting her vampire.

    Mr. Klein, I appreciate your response and your request for articles, presumptively editorials. I think if you’re looking for a colorful exchange of ideas on this forum, you will get it because there is no lack of opinions in this fandom. There is also no lack of vitriol, and if that is what you’re after, you will get that, too. I’m looking for credible balanced articles when I visit a neutral site devoted to a network. Even editorials need to offer some balance and insight in order to be credible. Otherwise, it’s just someone’s blog. An example of someone who comes to mind that writes great insightful reviews of True Blood is Mark Blankenship at the Huffington Post.

    This article is well written, great imagery and cadence, but it came off as one fangirl’s rant about a show that hasn’t done justice to her “vampire viking god.” It reminded me of the letters to the editor of our small town paper, where readers take their personal complaints to print. They’re colorful, sometimes down right funny, but not always credible. Killing off the majority of the main cast as a solution to the writer’s objection to the show is not credible. It’s simpler to just say “cancel the show.”

    “Dueling fangirls” are entertaining to read, and, if that’s the goal, I say take off the gloves! I got the impression from your response that you’re looking for civility in our exchanges. If that’s the case, invite it by setting the tone. Rants only beget more rants.

    • chelad

      Thank you Karlskit , I could not have said it better, this is exactly my point , although I was unable to get across as eloquently as you.

    • @true2bill

      Karlskit – BRAVA! So well said, and so to the point! Thanks!

  • Ann A.

    TBFan seems to have come to the same conclusion that I have.. But I wondered if the author of the article could explain exactly how True Blood would play out with only Eric, and Pam… and no ‘big bad’ to act as villain…

    • SVB

      I think the point of the article is that any of these characters could die next season and Serena wouldn’t be concerned.

      I don’t think she’s saying all of them should die at once. “Who” should die is a rhetorical question. The answer is any of them, not all of them.

      And I really can’t believe your critical thinking skills are such that this needs to be explained to you. Oh, wait. You lot just have NO sense of humor, do you?

      • boobear

        That is not it at all, the fact is that None of you are FUNNY!

        do you really think you are comediennes? no, you are all critics with no pedestal to stand on. if you cannot say something really bad, you just won’t talk. or you will make it a personal attack.

        Not funny is the real problem. Not entertaining to anyone with a brain is the other problem with this whole lot.

        BTW, Y’all having legal troubles over the comments about TB on SVB? is that why you “no longer discuss the show, only the books, etc….” HA HA HA long time coming…but it finally got here. KARMA. you know, that thing that AB is so big about? KARMA>you own it, you get it right back.

        Who pointed out the funny azzed spelling problem on this page for you to correct, J.? don’t you know about spell check and using it before posting a web site? that was so funny we fell over laughing at it.

        See>we do have a sense of humor! We are laughing at you as we speak! HA HA.

        • trixie

          Legal troubles?! What the hell are you talking about?
          I’m pretty damn sure that doesn’t have anything to do with Sookieverse deciding not to do blog posts about TB.
          In fact, the show is still discussed on the forum, and with absolute freedom.

          This whole idea is really funny actually, although I’m afraid you’re being serious so it doesn’t count as proof of your sense of humour LOL

        • boobear

          OMG! IT’S STILL SPELLED WRONG! You haven’t fixed it yet!

          What a way to start a web site…..”fat-nasy” is so hilarious i almost don’t want to tell you….just let it be!

          Yep, we Billsbabes DO have a sense of humor! We are rolling in laughter at the absurdity of this place.

          Jacob, you are not using spell-check? you really should. the word is spelled : “F A N T A S Y”, not fatnasy.

          The owner of the site should make sure his titles and sub titles are spelled correctly before publishing.

          I even fixed the incorrect spelling of two words in Trixie’s post before quoting her….but notice i did not bring it up! she’s just a poster…not required to be smart. ha ha

          But as the author and owner tho..you have a larger responsibility to not look so….illiterate. (being kind…)

          BRB….i am falling out of my chair laughing so hard…..

        • dancingfae

          So any one know where I can buy some cheap and tacky TrueBlood jewelry online? ;)

        • Margaux

          Legal troubles? Now that’s laughable :D
          Unlike some other fan site admins, SVB’s life doesn’t revolve around stalking the Paquins across the country. She stopped writing about TB because her interest waived. Good thing she has a real job to fall back on ;)

        • Joanna

          Legal problems!?


          Thats the funniest shit Ive read in a long, long time.

          No BooBear, SVB has a mind of her own and decided she didnt much like the look of TB anymore, therefore she stopped posting about it. She’s not one to follow the crowd blindly, unlike some fan sites who still insist that the hot mess that is TB is still ‘popcorn for smart people’ PFFT.

      • Ann A.

        And I really can’t believe your critical thinking skills are such that this needs to be explained to you. Oh, wait. You lot just have NO sense of humor, do you?
        Wow.. Do you do the talking for everyone you meet for the first time all the time?


    WOW – I am shocked and disturbed at the level of hate here. The idea that they should kill Sookie, Bill, Lafayette, Jessica, Hoyt…… let’s see that leaves Eric … Seriously? Why do you even bother to watch the show?

    Eric, as all the characters, gets his place in the show in how he relates to others in the show. There have been some amazing scenes with he and Lafayette, the scene where Jessica was taken to Fangtasia was great, the scenes with he and Bill are wonderful, he’s always good with Pam cept when he threw her under the bus at the end of last season because of Sookie.

    TB goes off the rails sometimes with extra story lines that are boring and irrelevant – like the weres – THAT’s what needs to be fixed. Bill Compton’s character is very complex and shows a whole different side of being a vampire than Eric’s character – both have an interesting place in the story line.

    Those who love Eric demanded a Sookie/Eric pairing, an amnesia story line and you got it. Yet I read over and over how much it was maligned. I used to wonder just WHAT would make you all happy and now I get it. Kill everyone except Eric. Let’s have an hour a week of Eric sitting in his chair at Fangtasia, glowering, surrounded by 10 virgins begging him to do them and we’ll have the best show on television. Seriously? Yawns deeply. Even then you’d find something else to complain about, I suspect.

    Get over yourselves – Bill is not going ANYWHERE – in fact SM is directing an episode now. Sookie is not going ANYWHERE. Eric is not going ANYWHERE. STOP IT. Let’s hope the plot points of the show for everyone are interesting and compelling. That’s what matters most.

    Silly little hateful bitches – I do hope in your real lives you are more kind.

    • trixie

      Whoa! way to over-simplyfy everyone’s complaints about the show.

      I just want to say, as someone who didn’t even particularly anticipate the amnesia storyline, nor expected it to be like the books, that I was incredibly frustrated by both Eric’s and Sookie’s storylines this season. Not because they didn’t follow the books, but because I thought they didn’t make sense in the context of the show, and weren’t faithful to the characters as established.

      throughout the season, in general, I saw a lot of truly dreadful, misjudged, plot-holes-ridden writing and a complete lack of focus/consistency/purpose. The whole season felt almost embarassingly messy. I watched the last 4/5 episodes cringing almost constantly…

      I’m not a hardcore book fan, I loved the show before the books and I would still enjoy it as a sepèarate entity if I didn’t genuinely think that this season sucked. It was a bad show and it takes a lot to make me lose investment and faith in a show I really love
      So really, I don’t think I’m a “hateful bitch” and I don’t like it when my opinion is dismissed like this, with no argument other than “oh you just like to complain”…
      Good for you if you still enjoy the show, but I don’t see how your attitude is anymore constructive that that of the complainers…

      • boobear

        “throughout the season, in general, I saw a lot of truly dreadful, misjudged, plot-holes-ridden writing and a complete lack of focus/consistency/purpose. The whole season felt almost embarrassingly messy. I watched the last 4/5 episodes cringing almost constantly…

        I’m not a hardcore book fan, I loved the show before the books and I would still enjoy it as a separate entity if I didn’t genuinely think that this season sucked. It was a bad show and it takes a lot to make me lose investment and faith in a show I really love”

        Could you tell us how your complaints are any more constructive? Do you have anything GOOD to say? If you do, you certainly have not posted it.

        I love the show and I loved last season. IMO it was a middle finger given to the fans that DEMANDED their version of Eric and THREATENED Alan Ball if they did not get it. You demanded a love scene with a shower: you got it! with a “mlm” from AB to boot!

        Myself, I would advise you to get ALL YOUR COMPLAINTS out right now, as this blog has copyright infringement in it’s title and i doubt if the attorney’s at HBO will take very much longer to shut it down.

        Then who will you complain to? i know, you will find a way.

        I love True Blood just the way it is and I will continue to enjoy it with all the characters. None of the characters “NEED” to be killed off; they are all part of the story. When it ends will be soon enough for them to go.

        • trixie

          So AB is so childish as to boycott his own show and damage his own characters for no other reason than to piss off his fans?? That’s pretty amazing LOL

          I didn’t demand or expect any shower scene, I couldn’t care less in fact, as I said what I want is simply good storytelling.
          I don’t have time now to expanfd on what went wrong last season, but basically… most of it.
          A lifeless, meandering, uber-cheesy, uninspired soap-opera, like a parody of what True Blood used to be.
          I’m not being negative for the sake of it. looking at it after months of emotionally distansing myself from it, that’s what I see, and believe me I’m trying to still like it for what it is…. I guess I’ll have to just look at the prettyy people and try not to think.

    • @true2bill

      TBFan – i agree with your opinions about the characters. You get the point – the fun of the show is the differences between characters like Bill and Eric, as well as the dilemmas faced with human/supe interaction.
      Yes, I have to admit, there have been bulky subplots. HotShot is not a favorite of mine, as I’ve said before.

      It’s hard to understand people who rant about the terrible shape the show is in, but continue to watch faithfully. It’s not a perfect show, but it sure beats reality TV, or most anything else.

      I watch because it’s still the best thing on TV. And I am somewhat obsessed with the main characters and their s/ls. I am so glad I have the dvds to watch for a long time to come.

  • AB Negative

    Excellent post, Serena. I am one of the people that voted for Eric, Lala, and Russell to die as they are too good for what this series has become. I would love to see Alex finish the balance of his HBO contract in a movie worthy of his talent as Generation Kill was. Same for Nelson and Denis. Let the Bill and Sookie show continue without them.

  • CharlesP.

    I saw this site and write-up on Twitter and as a fan of the show I was curious, so here I am. :)

    I have never read a TB book and I don’t plan to!
    I don’t think I’ve ever even laid eyes on one and didn’t know they even existed until the show was in it’s third season.

    That being said, as a non book reader, I do feel that TrueBlood has declined as a series – both in the writing and in audience appeal, at least for me. Especially this last season [4].

    I enjoyed the Sookie and Eric storyline, and Eric’s amnesia.
    The scenes were romantic and beautifully shot. Some of the best images on screen to date, imo. The imagery was second to none (rivaling the rooftop scenes with Godric)
    It was nice to see Sookie move on from Bill. I was pretty much over them as a couple since mid season 2.
    Bill seems much more interesting apart from Sookie, while I enjoy watching Eric struggle to deal with unchartered feelings for the telepathic waitress.

    I enjoy the Jessica character a great deal and it’s great to watch the young vampiress come into herself as a vampire and struggle with her morality versus her vampire nature.
    Jason is another character I enjoy on his own (like Bill). He is much more interesting, imo, without a romantic interest (Amy, Crystal, Jessica). His banter with Andy & his FOTS storyline in S2 were highlights for Jason’s character, again, imo.

    As a watcher and not a reader there are several things I think the show could be and should be doing better than they are.
    There are too many characters, too many storylines that don’t intersect, and a whole ton of plot filler that at times is not only boring, but also uneccessary. Examples; Hot Shot, Mavis and the baby, Kitch Maynard (?), Lettie Mae and Reverend Daniels to name a few.
    I understand that there are others who differ with my opinion and that’s okay but I maintain that the writing and appeal of the show has lost alot of it’s oomph.

    As for who I think should die? The list is long…because the show, imo, needs to remain focused on the vampires and their struggles with human integration and mainstreaming (or lack thereof) and how even when your centuries old you can still learn something new. As well as Sookie coming into her own, learning about her heritage, learning how to defend and protect herself apart from romantic interests. So I would choose several of the supporting characters to die so that the show was more streamlined and the plots more consistent and cohesive.

    As for the books? I doubt I’ll ever read them. But I totally understand how an adaptation (or lack thereof) can be frustrating to a reader of a long term series of books.
    That said, the show has it’s own foibles to correct that probably have very little to do with the books at all.

    I enjoyed the author’s humorous and witty outlook in this article, and the entertaining comments that followed. Some of the comments were actually far more entertaining that a good portion of the fourth season.


    • CharlesP.

      I forgot to add…

      Serena, is there another site in which you write about True Blood? I would be interested in reading any other articles you have written on the show?

      Thank you.

      • I have written at Sookieverseblog since 2010, where you can find some of my posts under the “Serena” tag at http://sookieverseblog.com .. though we don’t discuss the show on the blog itself anymore, we do still have True Blood discussion in the Sookieverseblog Forum however.

        I also write at Kissed by Fire, my spoiler site for Game of Thrones / the A Song of Ice and Fire series if you’re interested in that too. (You can find that here: http://kissed-by-fire.com ).

        And thanks, Charles. Glad this wasn’t a complete waste of bandwidth. :)

        • CharlesP.

          thank you for the links! :)

    • @true2bill

      CharlesP. Thanks so much for your comments. I so enjoyed reading them. You make some good points. I may not share all your opinions about characters, but I absolutely understand why you think there were too many plotlines going on. That is true. The Mavis s/l was somewhat enjoyable for me, but I didn’t understand it’s purpose. If it was to point out Jesus’ powers, we didn’t need it. Some just seem to jump in, and out, without a meaning. IDK why.

      I am a BC fan, and he is my favorite character. Although I think the romance between Sookie and Bill is the best on the show, or on any show, I can see how you feel Bill is better on his own, as S4 showed me how great Bill is as a leader, protecting his species (for lack of a better word) and dealing with a crisis. I think Jessica is a great character. So is Eric. Having him as opposite Bill in temperament and agenda and POV is just so entertaining for the series. Their scenes together are some of the best on the show, and the juxtaposition of the two main vampire characters makes for great story telling.

      I can only contemplate “killing off” either guest characters, or those who prove to be life-threatening to my favorite main characters. So, yes, Lorena had to die. Nan Flanagan had to die. Russell had to die – but he didn’t , so that’s fun. Franklin had to die. So did MaryAnn and so did Marnie. I was devastated when Gran died, although I know it was necessary for the story.

      I enjoyed S4, but I know quite a few didn’t. I just love the messy, visceral, emotional, and unsettling feel of this show. I always look forward to it every June, and I will miss it greatly when it ends.

      Anyway, thanks again for your enjoyable post! And happy TB!

  • Margaux

    I love your articles. You were asked to write for a reason. No amount of BL whining will change anything. If they’re looking for Bill lovin’, they know where to go.

    Can’t wait to read more from you about TB and GoT :D

  • Hey Guys,

    This is Jacob, the founder and editor here at HBO Watch. I just wanted to step in and say how much I appreciate you guys contributing to the site by voicing your opinions. I love seeing comments and discussions like this. But when the conversation veers into personal attacks and the like, the comments start to lose value.

    I really want to encourage everyone to stick to the topic at hand. This article isn’t about its author personally and it certainly shouldn’t be about free speech or HBO Watch bias because we invite ANYONE to write articles! I’m on twitter twice a week asking for new writers to opine about anything HBO. I don’t care if they think True Blood should be cancelled tomorrow or they wish The Sopranos had a shitty ending or whether they think Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse. I’ll probably post an article so long as it is complete, coherent and HBO related.

    Not to say we don’t have standards here, we do. But if you have something interesting to say about HBO, even if it goes against another article you’ve seen ME PERSONALLY write please put it together and sending it to us– because I will probably post it!

    We all love HBO and True Blood or you wouldn’t be reading this. Serena wants the show to be good just as much as you do. She just has a different idea about how that would look (apparently Bill would be true-dead! :) ) If you want to write an article about how Daenerys Targaryen should die in Game of Thrones I’d be willing to read it!

    Anyway, let’s just try to tone this down a little and keep it to the topic at hand. If you have something constructive to say about “Who Should Die in True Blood” feel free to comment with that. If you have a personal beef with one of our authors, though. Take it out by writing a counter article and submitting it for possible publication!


    That’ll show ’em ;)

    Please, please, please keep commenting on our articles! We love the decent, ascent and 2cent that everyone brings! I even love most of the comments in this article, BTW! It makes these posts so much more interesting, in my mind at least.

    Thanks for reading HBOWatch,
    Tell your friends—


    PS: I love Bill no matter what anyone says! I actually do a great Bill impression at parties where I say “Sookie, if I have offended you– I will atone!” :)

    • mollie

      Jacob –

      ‘Not to say we don’t have standards here, we do.’

      Just for the record, I don’t see that you have any standards whatsoever. But I do see a lot of irresponsibility on your part.

      If you first allow an article to be published on this site from any writer including a title with the words, ‘who should die….’ you are, by the very nature of that challenging language, just asking for controversy, ill-feelings and total discord from some, if not all, the posters.
      This should have been apparent to you, even before you ok’ed the article.

      I dont know if you are really ignorant of that fact. Or if you are just playing coy…seeing as how this article has probably had more responses than you or Serena ever thought would happen.

      But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. However, the ‘HBO’ name is, and always has been, synonomous with ‘controversy.’

      For you then to have the temerity to inject yourself here and ask for posters to ‘stay on topic,’ when obviously it is you who have truly started the discord with your approval of the tone of the article in the first place, is quite hilarious.

      • BillsWikidWomenSoLOL

        I smell a Rho. No, not a rose. A Rho.

        peeeyuuuu! *plugs nose*

        Obvious troll is obvious. Trueblue. *smirk*

        • mollie

          ….speaking of ignorance……

          here’s another good example.

          So glad you are not a Bill fan:)

    • @true2bill

      Mr. Klein, I appreciate that you took the time to comment on your site, the article, the comments, and the replies.
      You certainly have given a great boost to your site by printing Serena’s editorial comments and poll!

      If you would be so kind, I would appreciate you reading my last comment. You may have already. I’m just trying to save some time, since I tend to get very wordy, and I just want to make sure you noticed my main point. It’s about civility and humor and well-meaning verbiage being key components to an enjoyable read and a fun, spirited, and interesting discussion.

      You may be under the impression that the language and tone of Serena’s article fulfills those essentials. I do not share that opinion. The replies that come immediately after the posting seem to prove that the spirit of the piece is inflammatory, rather than humorous or witty.

      I do agree with your request to “tone it down” and your point is well taken. However, rhetoric does not automatically become highly charged. It is a response to something that instigates that kind of expression.

      A few responses have been appropriate, interesting, and non-inflammatory. I completely enjoyed reading those.

      I look forward to perusing here again, and coming across a valuable and enjoyable discussion, rather than the familiar rant that repeats and repeats on some other sites.

      Thanks for reading!

  • @true2bill

    Hi everyone! OK, I’ve been enjoying myself for a few days, so now I’m back to continue the discussion about this article. My earlier comment was quite civil and doesn’t, IMO, deserve acerbic replies. I will use the reasoning that is very popular with those who blog derogatory remarks over and over about TB and the characters that AB&Co. have created and developed.
    That is, it is my right to disagree with the negative outlook posted on Sookieverse and, as I have discovered, here on HBOwatch. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, it is the presentation, the expression of that opinion that can be appropriate and polite, or vitriolic and demeaning. And I guess that’s where we part ways, Mr. Klein.

    If this were a well known EN site, I would expect the tone of articles and replies to be thus. But I had no idea until I came and read this piece that the intense negativity bordering on emnity was going to be considered a fun read!

    It is difficult, after all this time, to read the same complaints about this terrific show, which, 9 out of 10, refer to the ruining of the story as written in the books. But when those of us who are not book fans reiterate that the show is a very different entity, I notice the same answer – yes, everyone knows that. I guess knowing it, one can still complain endlessly about it.

    Since CH has accepted the show as it is, why can’t readers?
    I will say that “inspired by” would have been a much better tag line to the show than the chosen “based on”. IDK if it would have made any difference in the complaining, but perhaps it would.

    If we can, after all this time, agree that the books and show are very different, then we must agree that the characters on the show will not be the same as in the books. So many viewers who post comments on fb and other places have said how much they love the show. The viewership, the dvd sales, and the internet discussions prove to HBO that this is a successful series. The overwhelming public approval is not based on being on a “team” or rooting for one character. It is the show overall that has kept it so popular for four years.

    So , I am completely in favor of differences of opinion. I am also in favor of civility and well-meaning repartee. I love using humor when discussing differing POVs. I’m just not partial to remarks that, by their very nature, preclude a fun give-and-take.

    I wish we all could enjoy this great series. I’m not asking anyone to love the Bill character as I do. I am asking for a decrease in mean-spirited rhetoric.

    To basically insult the lead character in her portrayal of SS is just plain unkind. The character is portrayed as AB and the writers and directors of the episodes want it to be. Making it her fault for not being the book Sookie is irrelevant.

    And, to belabor the point further, it would be so boring if Bill did not have Eric as his nemesis, and vice versa – Eric needs Bill to play against. To wish either character to be gone is to miss the drama, the tension, and the humor that they bring to the table as classic diametrically opposed alpha males. That’s good story telling!


    • SVB

      I don’t have the time, or the care factor quite frankly to address most of your dribble but I would just like to say, for the record, that Sookieverse doesn’t post about True Blood any more.

      We haven’t posted an article about it on the main site since September. Though I’m sure you’re actually well aware of that since you still visit often.

      We’re all about the books, and it’s nice that we don’t have to deal with your special brand of batshit these days, IATTB :)

      • @true2bill

        How mature and reasonable your response is, SVB. If I did visit your site often, I suppose i would know whether or not you discuss the show. As it is, I have looked at your site maybe twice since joining, because once I defended my favorite character and commented on the mean rhetoric on that site, I got notifications of replies on email, so I did go to view them. But I do learn from my mistakes.

  • OneoftheMean Girls

    At least Serena has the conviction of her opinions to post consistently across the net under her own screen name, unlike posters here, who talk about this thread on the HBO/Talk/True Blood “pro-Bill Compton” threads under one name and here under different ones.

    Perfectly legal and appropriate, but who’s stalkinging/trolling who? Everyone posts/follows the same blogs….we all know who we are.

    I think you’d be thrilled that Bill Compton is actually winning a poll for a change. I think that means Serena has “rigged” it so Bill will win, thereby enraging us Eric fans!!

    Serena, you’re mean!

  • karlskit

    LOL. I just had a great idea! Maybe I can sell it to HBO.

    Put the whole cast of characters up against a wall and shoot them–except for Eric, of course, goes without saying.

    Then, give Eric his own show–and here’s the killer–have his co-stars be. . . THE MUPPETS!!!!

    Come on. . . Eric and Kermit. . . Rainbow Connection?

    You know you love it.

  • karlskit

    “The real vampire viking god”? LOL!!

    Well, at least we got context in the first paragraph. I took the proffered fangirl grain of salt when I read the commentary.

  • FOandDieBeehl

    So Mare, did ya vote?

    I did.

    I voted for Beehl. And he’s WINNING!! Go Beehl!

    That’s who I *want* to die.

    And hey, I’m entitled to my opinion ;)

    C’est la vie!

    • @true2bill

      Yes, …sigh… once again….everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will not vote for anyone to be killed off. I would not be able to decide, as I said, since IDK what S5 will bring. I listed the characters that seem somewhat peripheral right now, but that could change next season.

      My least favorite s/l is the werepanthers and HotShot. But I can deal with it if they show up again, since the rest of the show is so great!

  • @true2bill

    chelad – Thanks for saying it right!

    Serena – you have your loyal band of followers and I think that’s fine, but please, please don’t use the excuse “we are entitled to our opinions” anymore.
    This bunch of TB haters, AB haters, SM and AP haters are the same who post over and over again how terrible the show is and all the ways it has strayed from the books. HEY!

    WE GET IT!

    You love the books, hate the show, hate Bill, want Eric as the HERO, and guess what? It’s not going to happen. The show has chosen it’s path. Bill is the lead. Sookie is the lead. All other characters are regulars who are part of the story, but not THE story.
    AB has killed off main characters before – Nate on 6 Ft Under is a prime example. So I am not saying Bill cannot be killed off, but to think that his, or any of the other eliminations you are touting, is the answer to fixing a show you feel has declined into the “completely unworthy of watching ” category is just unrealistic.

    I have loved, from S1, epi1, and continue to love the Bill character more than any other on the show. He’s the most interesting, the most conflicted, the most challenged on the show. I also get great enjoyment watching Eric. He’s a terrific character. I like Sookie a lot, but I agree she could use some strengthening, and I hope S5 gives that to her.

    I love Lafayette, Jessica, Jason, Terry, Andy, Pam, and Sam. Arlene sometimes. Tara – not much till S4, so I reserve judgement.

    If someone from the writing staff actually asked me – and they haven’t asked me, or you – I might suggest killing off Pam, Lafayette, Tara, and maybe Hoyt. But that’s only because their characters, right now, seem very peripheral. That could surely change.

    I love the show, support the show, and hope the show continues in it’s present path for at least a couple more years.
    I wish everyone enjoyed it, but c’est la vie – you cannot please everyone.

    • Serena – you have your loyal band of followers and I think that’s fine, but please, please don’t use the excuse “we are entitled to our opinions” anymore.

      Get this, you don’t have to read what I write. There is no requirement for you to do so. If you don’t like what I have to say, there are places you can go.

      I will be critical of True Blood regardless of whether you want me to be or not. :)

      • chelad

        Girl, trust me, if this web site’s name was not HBO watch I would not be reading you.
        I watch HBO, and I subscribe to HBO and you are entitled to your opinion and so am I.
        But your opinios are as fair and balanced as Fox news. It would be nice if this site would either find writers from both sides or find collaborators who are more, shal we say, unbiased or impartial.

        • I’ve written exactly ONE article on True Blood for HBO Watch.

          Your point is invalid. :lol: :lol:

        • chelad

          And hopefully this will be your last article written for HBO Watch, for you do not represent the True Blood fandom. You certanly do not represent my views, and I am a True Blood fan.

        • Bwahahaha! You funny. ;)

          You know what I hear? “Serena, please write more about True Blood and exactly where it all went wrong.”

          YES OKAY I WILL THEN. :lol:

        • krtmd

          Since when is an opinion piece for a blog supposed to be unbiased?This isn’t the news, ffs. It’s an opinion, expressed in an amusing way. Serena isn’t reporting casting calls, or on an Alan Ball interview. She’s expressing her opinion, which, last time I checked, was a first amendment right in the United States.

          So, you don’t share her opinion. Big deal. You don’t have to. But your insistence that HBOWatch shouldn’t give Serena space for her to voice her opinion is ridiculous. So is the assertion that unhappy fans shouldn’t watch. We’ll watch what we like, thanks. And talk about it to our heart’s delight anywhere we are welcome. Obviously, that wouldn’t be the discussion forums for the wikid women.

      • chelad

        Well my point exactly, this forum is called HBO watch, if I wanted to read this I would go to Sookieverse . Either you keep it impartial or you voice the opinions of both sides.

        • krtmd

          Then someone should approach HBOWatch with an article. You do know how this works, right?

        • SVB

          Or…you cough up the time and the hosting costs, and start your own site.

          There’s always THAT option.

          Then you can play Switzerland all day long, on your own dime.

          Not interested in doing that? Oh. OK then, quit trolling people who actually have the balls to put their money where their mouth is.

      • @true2bill

        “I don’t have to read what you write?” Seriously?

        I foolishly thought this article, being posted on HBOwatch, would be a fun read about all the many diverse characters on TB, with a good natured spoof on who and how some could be killed off.

        I had no idea it would have the negative tone and sarcastic verbiage that I encountered.

        Nonetheless, as is so often repeated here, I am entitled to my opinion, and I will voice it, as often and as loudly as I wish.

    • chelad

      Well no wonder you don’t get True Blood either.

    • chelad

      No , I don’t know how it works.
      You mean Serena purposely approaches forums to spread her hate through the internet?

      • krtmd

        Oh, ffs. They are actively looking for contributors. Serena writes about TB and GoT. They liked her stuff, so she is now a contributor.

        As to hate, I think you should take a good long look in the mirror. This is a blog post about fictional characters on a television show based on a series of novels. No real humans or animals were hurt in the writing of this blog post.

        A sense of humor would do you all some good.

    • zee

      wow I am seriously amused by all the trolls here.
      This isn’t politics,human rights,or life values related. Its fiction. When u see its something u don’t agree with,move the hell on! Do u see most of us commenting on bill positive posts written by bill fans? No. Because we just don’t give a rats ass. Its a poll..for fun. I realize you have difficulty in grasping that fact since you probably have no clue what its like to have fun,but seriously,u need to chill out. This is ONE article on a site which CLEARLY has no problems publishing many different opinions. Find an article u agree with instead of wasting time,energy and effort on this one and on arguing with everyone over here. I mean,really?! Don’t you find this a waste of your time???! I mean to bother commenting and replying to every single person you disagree with you must care a whole lot about an opposing opinion on a TV show. Is that…normal?
      Serena, every article I’ve ever read by you has been amazing. Love them even when I may not completely agree with you (which is rare), from GoT to TB so keep up the GREAT work!

  • mollie

    You all make me laugh! Get over yourselves!

    Have you ever heard of a ‘contractual agreement’ in which all parties are slated to make oodles & oodles of money?

    First and foremost, this HBO thing is an business. An industry.

    HBO, Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris are up to their necks in $$$$. So are all the cast members on TB. You may not like it but Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are the leads in True Blood. They have contracts. That isn’t going to change. And Alan Ball can do whatever he likes with the plotlines from the books. CH signed away any control over that. Wake up! HBO is making more money from DVD sales and TB merchandise around the world than you can imagine.

    There are people in some countries who haven’t even seen Seasons 3 or 4 yet, and are chomping at the bit for more True Blood. *smh* No body cares if you don’t like it. I suggest you go back to your books and hope and pray CH will deliver your Viking/Sookie HEA in the books! It aint gonna happen on True Blood!

    • @true2bill

      Mollie – great post. I so agree with you. I’m sorry I didn’t add your name along with chelad on my comments.

    • Mollie, contractual agreements or no, mayhaps you missed the part of “this is who I want to die” -schadenfreude at its best. ;)

      • mollie

        Serena ~ I haven’t ‘missed’ anything. It’s just another bitch-fest. It’s time you guys stopped examining your own navels and started looking around. True Blood was never going to be the books.

        True Blood is now in production Season 5! How long have you been waiting for a miracle? That’s One, Two, Three, and Four seasons in the can already.

        There’s probably not much more….and no signs of the airplane turning around and going back to the airport, so to speak. True Blood is on a different course from the one you want. The people who have watched True Blood and have not read CH books are probably a much happier lot than the book readers.

        If some producer/director was tearing up a book series I loved as much as you guys love the SSN….I would never have continued watching past Season Two.

        • heart’s desire

          “No body cares if you don’t like it. ”

          Clearly YOU do Molly. A little TOO much I might add. Why is that?

          Did you read one too many reviews from critics who could care less about the books or the suitor wars agree that the show has gone down hill?

        • mollie

          ‘Did you read one too many reviews from critics….’

          Hearts Desire, I do a lot of reading. Many different sources. Including the ‘twitters’ and the interviews from Charlaine Harris herself, where she says that she is kind of at a loss as to why there is so much blind worship for the Viking. Even Charlaine admits she doesn’t quite understand it. And she has said that maybe her fans aren’t really ‘reading the books she is writing.’

          Did you ever hear that one?

          Whether or not the show had ‘gone down hill’ is a matter of opinion. And true or not, it’s STILL not, not from the very beginning, ever been what the fans of the Eric/Sookie romance want. Not ever.

        • heart’s desire

          Oh boy, don’t hurt yourself trying to come up something I haven’t heard before. LOL And please don’t tell me you are one of THOSE Bill fans still holding out hope in the books. If so, my condolences.

          I happen to agree with Charlaine Harris that too many fans romanticize Eric as well as her other characters. The same is true for the show.

          Being you read so much, I’m sure you know I spoke the truth about all the negative reviews for Season 4. And since you are so well informed, I’m sure you realize there are many Eric fans that are very happy with the show. Just a few minutes on twitter, tumbler, facebook, etc & it’s obvious just how popular Eric & his story lines are.

          So despite your claims, it’s not Eric fans as whole that are unhappy and it’s not just us crazy book fans that feel True Blood is going down the tubes.

          Yet… it’s our opinions that “no one cares about” that has YOU so riled up. Why is that exactly Mollie? :D

        • mollie

          Hearts Desire, you are the one who is ‘riled up,’ not me.

          Just face it. You have wasted 4 seasons watching and waiting for something on True Blood that will not materialise.

          The very fact that True Blood got a 5th season should be proof enough that the’ sour grapes’ of some people, is not having much of an affect. For every critic that finds a negative, I can find two more that are quite positive. So consider your sources. Sometimes people gravitate to what they want to hear.

          ‘it’s not Eric fans as whole that are unhappy’

          Oh really? I totally disagree with you there. And at this point, Eric fans of the books aren’t even quite sure that Charlaine Harris is going to ‘deliver’ the goods on the E/S HEA in her last 2 books, let alone True Blood.

          One disappointment at a time, I guess.

          Most HBO series last for an average of 6 seasons. HBO has not said that True Blood Season 5 is the very last one…..so I guess there’s going to be another. That’s fine with me…I really enjoy True Blood.

        • Mollie, I wouldn’t speak so soon about the books. You know nothing, it is known. ;)

        • mollie

          Serena, I will speak on any subject I please, thank you.

          You bookies will never admit it but in the books, the Eric and Sookie ‘relationship’ has been taking a nose-drive for the last several books. Things are not looking too great for them.

          Have A Nice Day.

        • heart’s desire

          Mollie, it’s obvious you didn’t come here to add to the conversation. Your reaction to this post, while amusing, is also very telling.

          Eric is extremely popular on the show and has a ton of fans who are very happy with True Blood that either have never picked up a book, prefer the show to the books or enjoy both. Maybe if you didn’t spend your time trolling Serena, you would know that. Just a thought.

          Back on topic – for me it was a toss up on who to vote for, Hoyt or Bill. As I was watching The Walking Dead last week, I found myself thinking about True Blood and saying – now THAT is how it’s done. I find myself thinking that about a lot of the other shows I watch.

    • Clearly your reason for being here is to spread your hate of me, merely because I am an Eric-lover and I dare to point out flaws in Alan Ball’s mess of an adaption as I see it. Clearly Bill’s Wiki’d Women don’t like me, and clearly you all have an agenda showing up here in order to bully HBO Watch and myself into not writing critically about True Blood. As you are stridently objecting my presence here entirely, where I have written ONE single post for HBO Watch on True Blood thus far, clearly you don’t think I should be able to express my own opinion even though you don’t make the rules here, nor do you have power of content. … Unless as Krtmd was trying to imply, you ask Jacob if you can write a post, though of course that is entirely all up to him. Clearly that went over your head.

      I suggest getting back on topic to who you want to die in Season 5 of True Blood.

      Thanks for trying to derail my post though.

      • mollie

        Haha! Obviously I have struck a nerve, Serena. You addressed me first. I was not even posting to you.

        But I understand incoherant ranting is a by-product of posting with people who find any other opinion but their own intolerable. As I previously stated, I will post about whatever suits my fancy at the moment. And you do not have to respond to it.

        Please don’t assume why I am here or try to ‘put words into my mouth.’ You do not have a crystal ball or mind-reading abilities regarding someone else’s motives.

        Contrary to your opening line, there is no ‘hate’ in anything I have said. My opinion is different from yours. And I will express it.

        Like I said…..you may be better off sticking with your books. At least there you have a 50-50 chance of getting what you want. If a majority of the fictional members of a series have to ‘die’ before you are satisfied with it…..hmmm…might want to stop watching altogether.

        The very idea that you would even entertain an article with a title pondering ‘who should die on True Blood’ speaks volumes as to your actual mindset. Doesn’t sound like a die-hard Trubie. LOL

        • heart’s desire

          Is it amateur troll hour or something? LOLOL

        • mollie

          Hearts Desire……on the contrary, I did come here to add to the convo. And that’s exactly what I am doing. I’m just not repeating the same kill Bill….blah…blah….you want to hear.

          It seems you want a little more of my attention. And I am happy to oblige you.

          Hearts Desire, apparently, you have had your head stuck in the same Eric-centric blogs and sites for far too long. And it’s obvious you believe that Eric is the only male character on True Blood, worthy of any admiration/recognition. Some of those blogs even think it’s the ‘Eric Northman Show,’ and believe there is some ‘conspiracy’ going on in Hollywood to usurp ‘Eric’ from his ‘rightful’ place as the most important male character on the show. LOL

          Now I am going to burst your little bubble and tell you that you are woefully out of step with what is actually common knowledge:
          The fact of the matter is, ‘Eric Northman,’ as written on the HBO series True Blood, is steadfastly occupying the role of the villain.
          He will never be anything else.

          Eric’s major reason for being there is to cause friction and continue to be an obstacle/problem, an interloper, between the true lovers….Bill and Sookie. Oh sure, he may ‘get the girl’ for a little while, but like all good villians, he is not destined to keep her.
          The sooner you accept this, the less surprised you will be when Eric does not end up with Sookie on TB. If you want to torture yourself waiting and watching for that long…oh well, I guess you do.

          It does not matter how ‘popular’ or what kind of ‘following’ Eric has. I am talking about the ‘range’ of the character that Skars is playing. Eric’s role and purpose on True Blood is set. And it has been, from the very beginning.

          Maybe Charlaine Harris will see things differently by the end of her books series.

          Although, she did say she was not going to ‘tour’ at the end of the last book. That doesn’t bode well.

      • @true2bill

        Serena – in reply to your reply – You do have a clear and distinct agenda. It might be more advantageous to state it outright. Then there would be no basis for readers to question it.

        • I readily admitted I wanted to torch a whole of the show up top there as well as that I am upset about Eric’s treatment as a character on the show. I have previously stated on my Game of Thrones post that I am a notorious bookie, and that I love books first and foremost. I’m not sure what agenda I could have that isn’t stated.

          Please let’s get back on topic to who you want to die on season 5.

        • @true2bill

          Serena – If you read my post – OK, more of an essay, I admit – from last night, you will see my answer to your question of who do I want to die in S 5.
          However, the tone of your article, as well as the replies that it engendered, IS the real topic for me. It cannot be ignored by reasonable people who wish to have fun on blogs about the show, and not to be confronted with mean-spirited, derogatory remarks about – not only the characters – but the actors and producers and writers of this terrific show.

          If your topic had been worded and presented in a fan-friendly, fun way, I would have been more than happy to take it as such, and would have enjoyed the discussion.

          I continue to be bewildered by the refusal by some book readers to look at the show as a separate entity. Many readers have. I am so glad I get to view TB with an open, and non-biased eye. I have had fun watching it, discussing it, speculating about it, rewatching it, and, yes, even becoming a little obsessed with it.

          And I am so gratified to read that Ann Rice loves Bill Compton. I would love this character anyway, but it’s nice to have support from the vampire aficionada herself!

        • Hestia

          I put very little stock in what Anne Rice has to say, as she “jumped the shark” after/well with “Queen of the Damned” and then went absolutely nuts.

          The truth is Season 4 had plot holes so large the space shuttle could have zoomed through them. Completely nonsensical. Forgetting the mythologies and plot points they themselves set up to further some ridiculous current plot. THAT’s why I cancelled HBO. Start insulting my intelligence and I’m gone. I’d be happy if the whole cast of characters died and they started all over again fresh w/new characters and well-written scripts that actually built to something.

  • chelad

    People don’t hate on Bill just because he is a more dimensional character than Eric and he takes the spotlight away from Eric.
    If you think Bill is boring you are reading the books not watching the show. Bill is the most unpredictable character on the show, and Bill was the most interesting part of season 4. Amnesiac Eric was a bore.

    • chelad

      OMG I had not read all the posts, are you guys insane? You cannot kill al the main characters on the show and just leave Eric.
      And by the way maybe you guys are not aware of this, but the male protagonist of True Blood is Bill not Eric. I have an idea, rather than ask for something that really will not happen, why don’t you ask for HBO to make a spin off of True Blood with just Eric, it would be the Eric show, just like you all want.
      By the way, the raitings of True Blood went up in season 4 when jessica was going to meet the sun, and after the Sookie Eric lovefest was over, when Bill gave Sookie his blood, so you guys may not be the mayority you think you are.

    • trixie

      Actually at this point I think every character is equally unpredictable in the sense that they all act like bipolar schizoids with zero consistency or believability and so it’s rather hard to anticipate their moves. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing though, I’m more on the side of it being appalling writing LOL

  • Victoria

    Hmm, sense this is about the show…

    I don’t really agree with all the list.

    I do agree about Jessica though. I liked her at first, but I just don’t see what else can benefit from her at least not right now… And I agree about Crystal as well.

    Hoyt never crossed my mind, I like Hoyt to some degree he have moments though, but I don’t know…If Jessica, Crystal, and Hoyt died…I wonder how that will effect Jason… Speaking on Hoyt, I think he have a rather understanding motive to do that to Jason. I don’t agree with it, but it isn’t like he’s going about it without reason. So I don’t think it’s too pointless.

    I agree about Russell too though for different reasons. He’s an interesting character, but I didn’t feel how they ended him in Season 3 did any justice, so hopefully Season 5 will make up for that. Unless there is some…underlying plan going on.

    I will actually be one of the few that disagree about Bill dying. I honestly feel he’s one of the most complex characters on the show. I half wonder if he’ll be turned to an ultimate antagonist to be honest. He have so much going on in his closet it’s hard to know where his intentions are. There was this scene where I think it was Season 3 that panned closer to the droplets of blood from when he was giving his blood to Sookie to save her. To be honest, I half wonder if he was really taking blood from Sookie than saving her. I actually like Bill because it’s hard to figure him out at least on the show, but I’m not a fan. And I feel he probably didn’t call in the Authority during those times to buy in more time to do whatever agenda he have to. Or rather maybe there is a bigger issue going on and if he were to call them in during those times he probably would have failed…so maybe he’s playing smart to survive.

    Since Eric was mentioned in the beginning, I do wish though they show more character to Eric in the next season. I am not a fan of his nor am I a fan of Bill’s, but for Eric to be an important character I haven’t seen anything amazing about him yet, but I do know it’s there and he have the potential…maybe Season 5 will be his time to shine a bit more especially being intrigued by Bill, he’ll probably find things out to use against Bill when the time is right.

    I guess we’ll see when the season is here though.

    Interesting read despite me not agreeing with it all.

    • @true2bill

      Victoria – Oh my – a voice of reason!
      No, you are not one of the few – you are one of the many who see a lot of great attributes in the Bill character. They just don’t post too often when they read snark and demeaning remarks about their favorite character. Most prefer to stay away from these kind of articles.

      There are a few of us who dare to take on the same posters who post the same complaints again and again.

      I think the show would lose so much drama, excitement, and humor if either Bill or Eric were not on. They are great opposing types, and their s/l works because of that. It’s a big part of what makes the show so much fun and so captivating.

      Thanks for your comment. I really enjoyed reading it!

  • Lo

    I agree with all points you made, Serena! I wish HBO would get the hint. I too am adding Alcide to the list of characters though, as I have no interest in his storyline.

  • viola

    Good list. You know you are in trouble when the two main characters become the most hated and reason for the sinking show. Not to mention the whitewashing of the Viking. Why even have Eric say he loves Sookie? Just to show how pussy whipped he was so Sookie could make an even bigger ass of him when she rejected him and Bill, who correct me if Im wrong but thought she had already dumped him last season. I dont want to watch a show where couples need Beeldos blessing to get together, or his mercy allows Eric to live and Sookie feels the need to apologize to him because he nearly killed her, lied to her, and betrayed her. Can we get any more masogynistic? I have no desire whatsoever to watch any more of this contrived Ballshit Bill Show just so all of the other characters can prop the rapist, murderer up. Please count me out for s5 because I have a feeling it only gets worse from here on out.

    • @true2bill

      Well, I guess you know that IMO, you are missing the point of the show as a whole, and the triangle that is Bill/Sookie/Eric.

      You are certainly …here we go again…entitled to your opinion. But this show is so enjoyable to me, I only wish everyone loved it like I do.

  • Kathy

    Aside from adding Alcide to that list I’m with you Serena.

    I would tie Alcide and Bill to a rocketship and launch them out into space. Then the black holes would be where they belong!

  • Lyta

    the show has deviated so much from the books, which in my opinion, Sookie and Bill could leave / die and the show will survive. I know that I even to think in back to watching the show!

  • Jefd

    *Sigh* Since I try to watch almost everything original that airs on HBO I must admit that I am grossly behind. I cannot comment regarding this post specificly because I am a season behind. I have yet to watch Season 4!The last I remember the Maenad and Eggs were killed.

  • Maja

    Thanks Serena – enjoyed your article and my list is almost the same (I would still leave LaLa though)…
    Yes Bill should go trip to Peru and hopefully somebody will stake him there .. I really didn’t mind him as much because I was convinced that S4 would be a turning point – but look what happened … in general TB turned to be such a great disappointment… I find myself almost fastforwarding 70% of the show and that’s not good… Looking forward reading more of your articles :)

  • Katy

    Beehl has got to go!!!! ENOUGH OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop making him important cause it’s really ruining the show, it’s pointless and stupid!

    True death for you Queen Beehl!

  • AlcideGirl

    I love you Serena.

    That’s all I have to add. You’ve already articulated what I’m thinking with more aplomb than I could manage. :)

  • Sheldon

    Serena you nailed it – Sookie is so far removed from the books that CH should sue for defamination of (a) character :).

    Seriously though, the fact that there are so many fans (shippers, neutrals, casual viewers), who hate her, don’t want her near their guy or roll their eyes everytime she’s in a scene. Says a lot for the disaster that this show has become. We should be cheering for Sookie FFS. She’s supposed to be our heroine (or maybe our anti-heroine is more accurate) and yet I just want to punch her when she’s on screen.

    As for Bill – I have fantasized many many scenarios wherein his sad but hilarious clown tears are the last thing we scene when he gets staked. He really is a whiny git.

  • Kjat

    If you don’t like the show , don’t watch it and quit complaining.
    Charlaine got her money and doesn’t care , so why should you.
    And you would kill Sookie, please. Just make it the Eric Northman show, right. I love Eric , but this is beyond ridiculous. I feel this same
    way about the books, couldn’t read past book 3, so I stopped, that’s what you should do!

    • Leif

      So……you didn’t say who you think should get the axe or who shouldn’t and you didn’t post any theories. You slagged on the books and our opinions with a dismissive “Don’t like – don’t watch” that is just like a broken record.

      You know what I wish?

      YOU would quit complaining about our complaining.
      How about that?

      • Kjat

        So you wouldn’t kill Tara? She’s so like the books!! How about Arlene, Terry and Andy that have become central characters in the show – certainly not like the books. The list goes on and on. Like every cast member , director or writer has said, it’s not the books, it never will be.
        No need to respond, I’ll never look at this site again, too biased and full of hate. This article was the first I’d ever heard of it anyway.
        Enjoy your rancor!

        • You know Kjat, people are allowed to have opinions on the internet. ;) They don’t all have to be positive either.

          Furthermore, the show has provided a lot of material that is ripe for valid criticism on a lot of levels and I’m not going to stop criticizing it because someone doesn’t like the fact I don’t like something. And if you didn’t notice, I put a lot of reasons for people to die beyond “the show is not the books” up top there. Only Sookie and Bill really made the list for that because their characters are so distorted it is not even funny. So that leaves 6 other characters I thought should die solely because of True Blood failings.

          As for Tara, yeah I didn’t even want to bother with her. They’ve squandered her character for a few years now, all she does is cry, scream, and run out the room. Am I apologize for expecting more out of her character after season 1 where she was awesome? Umm, well I’m not.

        • SookieFan

          Expressing dissatisfaction with the show does not make this a hate site. A site of critical analysis? Yes. Hate? No.

          I’m curious as for someone that has claimed to have not read past Book 3 in a (thus far) 11 book series would know who is a central character of the book series and who is not.

          And, yes, we are all aware the “show is not the books.” Further, I do not think the author is advocating that it be like the books since the number 1 character she has listed to die is 1) a book character that 2) doesn’t die in the books.

    • Thanks for trying to tell me what to do, Kjat. I always appreciate comments like this on a cerebral level. Also, your tolerance for dissent is so amazing! Bravo! :)

    • zee

      since you have such an issue with other people’s opinions on the show why don’t YOU stop commenting on these articles? Surely you are above wasting your precious time telling us not to watch the show?

  • heart’s desire

    YES! To all the above. Especially HOYT, why is he still around?! I completely agree – such a missed opportunity there.
    Add Tara to the list while we’re at it – because we know she’s not going anywhere. *sigh* Some cliffhanger that is.
    Excellent points on the villains, although I am looking fwd to Russell – there just isn’t much else.
    Even back when I felt this show was great, the fast forward button was my best friend. :lol: It’s not about whether I like a character or not – if the writers can’t come up with good, compelling story lines for them – LET THEM GO. The show would be better for it.

    Instead it’s become tired & predictable with it’s lack of consequences for this HUGE cast of characters, all fighting for equal screen time. It’s a formula that’s never worked, but A.Balls is sticking to it. Where’s the dramatic tension, where’s the intrigue? I’d settle for a plot without glaring holes in it at this point.

  • LovetheViking

    Hi Serena, Excellent post as usual. This must be one of first things I have read for S5 and have to say I pretty much agree with everything you have said. Love your top 3. They are definitely on my list as well. Plus I have Arlene. I am sorry, but she is just plain annoying me. Love Terry too, but the whole baby is possessed story line suxed. I would also add an dead ghost ever coming back in any shape of form. If I could re kill Ghost Godric I would.

  • KCScout

    If Bill were killed . . . maybe Sookie wouldn’t have to go but I’m afraid we will never know. I love Book Sookie but TB Sookie *is* the crazy girl everyone in Bon Temps thought she was. Bill, Sookie and Tara are my trifecta.

    Poor Frankie – I’d trade Bill and Sookie both to get him back. Or Sara and Rev. Newland – they were both far more watchable than the “lead” couple. *big fat disappointed sigh*

  • zee

    Serena, only you could make me want to read a TB related article now. And I have to say, boy am I glad I read it.

    My list definitely includes Bill,Sookie and Jessica. Bill….the black hole of boredom that has sucked the life out of the show. ugh.. Sookie who is an embarrassment to her book namesake… JFC I can’t even talk about that with out getting majorly pissed off. and Jessica… who is on the show because…???? I have no freaking clue.

    After the steaming pile of crap s4 was they could pretty much off half the cast and it still wouldn’t save it for me. But hey, I would still love to hear of billy boy dying. Hopefully a stupid death like Nan and QSA. Maybe Hoyt could accidentally kill him. (If Hoyts death scene had been real in s4 that would have been a great story line…. but TB is like a Disney show in that aspect… no one freaking dies)

  • Lauren Grace

    Nice article, Serena! While I have to admit I fell off the TB train a long time ago, I can understand a lot of your frustrations with the direction of the show… and it seems many other people agree with you!

    On a totally unrelated note:

    When I read “Sookie – She’s Gone Rogue” I couldn’t help but make a connection with Anna Paquin’s portrayal of my favorite X-men character, Rogue. I don’t know if you intended to make that crossover reference, but I immediately thought, “Anna ruined that character, too!”

    But as in this case, it might not be all Anna’s fault, just poor writing. I’ve never gotten over that X-Men movie. My childhood favorite was strong and a total badass… and in the movie she was shown as whiney and basically worthless. Boo. I didn’t watch any of the subsequent X-Men movies after that.

    I apologize for this tangent.

    • Oh I thought that was intentional! Either way – Awesome.

    • Yes, that, LG. :lol: I don’t put all the blame pie on her for both, but.. it can’t just be a coincidence, right??

      • Lauren Grace

        lol I don’t know why I thought it would so crazy for someone to reference Rogue… apparently, I think I’m the only x-men fan in the universe.

  • Freyja

    High 5 Serena :D Agree with every word. Bill is the first on my hitlist but after the disaster of season 4, I wouldn’t mind if the show would be killed off and all the characters with it. I’m afraid TB is beyond saving now.

  • Lyta

    what to say after this beautiful explanation? main characters in constant risk of dying in this show got old, no longer carries any fear or expectation, you must have “balls” to have a show to be really, really important. death of recurring characters dont count as true courage, for the most tragic and terribly exaggerated like the poor Tommy, the Tara’s “death” has no relevance if she will be literally brought the dead after his brain matter scattered through the Sookie’s kitchen.
    considering that many other shows on HBO killed main characters but that these had great impact, we must move forward True Blood, not to become obsolete.
    sad to say but I agree with Lala die, for real, because your character is a pale imitation of what was in S1, or at least bring his mojo back. I also agree about Jessica if she will stay the same thing over and over again, having loving interest, or let her get involved in the plot of the Authority.
    I dont believe we will see Crystal on this or another season, honestly. I also agree with Russell, I hope it’s a real bang, and not silly like the QSA’s death.

    • VPG

      I agree with you completely about having balls enough to kill a main character on a tv show (GoT won major respect from me for not ‘saving’ Ned). However, I can’t help but wonder if TB has got to the point where even if they kill off a main character…really, really kill a main character… it won’t help anything.

      A main character death should pack a big emotional impact (in my opinion) and I unfortunately think that True Blood has disintegrated to the point that they couldn’t do that any longer. When a large portion of your audience would CHEER for your protagonists’ deaths, you have a problem. I don’t think they could kill off any character now that would actually upset me. Honestly, at this point even if they killed off Eric (and anyone that remotely knows me knows how much I LOVE Eric), I think I would only be relieved because then I could totally completely abjure this show, instead of reading stuff about it and planning on youtubing scenes to see the Viking.

      That being said, my vote in the poll undoubtly went to Bill because if anything could help this show, it would be his death. Plus, I just personally can’t stand that sanctimonious prick.

  • Mony

    Bravo Serena! *clapping hands hard*

    I almost feel ashamed of what they did to Sookie, i can’t believe what she became and how not Book Sookie she is. They totally missed the point and it’s sad, really sad. I don’t even know what they are proud of over the TB round table O.o

    I really hope to see Bill die ASAP but i’m quite sure we’ll have to wait for the finale for that unfortunately.

    I think Jessica stopped being an interesting character in Season 3, at least for me and the fact they kept her to make some stuoid parallel with E/P’s relationship is not enough to not skip her scenes imho.

    • Thanks Mony! (Et al!) :)

      TB Sookie.. sigh. There is just something so off about her portrayal that will never be fixable. And it sucks because Book Sookie has so much potential that could have been explored as a character but now the show is literally touting her magical fairy vagina now. That’s not what makes Sookie awesome, ugh. :roll:

      Eh Jessica stopped being interesting to me halfway through S2, all this mushy romance stuff with Hoyt, blaagh.

      • heart’s desire

        There’s the real Sookie and then there’s TB’s Snookie. I wish I could laugh about it, but it just makes me sad.

        • Millarca

          I think what True Blood has done to Sookie is diabolical. I do not understand why Alan Ball would decide to make a series based on the books in which Sookie is the main character, and then change that character so much that she is barely recognisable. True Blood Sookie is whiny, self-righteous, self-absorbed, and rude, and has none of the charm, wit, and good humour of the character on which she was based. Considering she is ostensibly the main character in the TV show, she is unlikely to be killed off, but I certainly wouldn’t miss her.

          I voted for Bill, as did the vast majority who responded to the poll. I would like Bill to die. I don’t care whether he goes out in a blaze of glory or falls off a llama on the Inca Trail and is accidentally speared through the heart with the branch of a tree, I just want him to die. I resent the way the story from the books – the books that “work” – has been twisted out of shape to accommodate this character, and the way he has been shoved down our throats.

          Excellent article, Serena!

  • Leif

    Lafayette -If Lala continues to be an EMO drug dealing medium prostitute who can channel ghosts *eyeroll* then yes, he needs to die – or give us back his season one personality, bitches.

    Crystal – needs to die. Period. And so does the whole “Hot Shit” mess of a storyline. Just NO! WTF were they thinking?

    Jessica – I am so over her and her precious perpetual hymen.
    She needs to vamp up and show us what being a “Young” vampiress is all about – killing shit and eating people. Not some lovesick forever virgin who’s sexuality is the only thing she has going for her.

    Beehl – oh for the love of Godric please kill Bill.
    Even if they send him out in a blaze of glory – let it be done.
    My lack of love for Beehlyboy has very little to do with Sookie and everything to do with the way his fans (all 5 of them) act as if he’s the second coming, and the way the show’s writer’s have chopped the other characters in order to prop him up, often not making sense in terms of continuity and mythology.But also at the expense of Sookie acting like a weak willed MarySue.
    “I hope you can forgive me, too”
    REALLY!?? WTF? REALLY!?? GTFO! I can’t even…

    What I am looking forward to is the return of Rev. Newlin, Russell Edgington, and or course the fan favorite scene stealing defacto stars of True Blood – ERIC & PAM.
    Everything else is meh.

    Serena – my love grows for you with every word you write!
    I couldn’t agree more with the list and your reasons stated.
    Bravo…already looking forward to your next entry! :D

  • krtmd

    How sad is it that, as your advocating for the death of the main character (however “honorable” your mention might be), I’m nodding along in agreement? Sookie is an embarrassment, and Alan Ball should be ashamed that he has reduced a strong, smart, likable book character to a stereotype that I actively root against. I could go on and on about the mysogynistic tendencies on this show, but since we’re talking about death…

    I couldn’t agree more that this show has shied away from death, unless it’s for the characters written into the show specifically to die – something the audience can see coming a mile a way. They laid the groundwork to make Laffy a vampire, and instead turned him into one of the worst cultural stereotypes – the “Magical Negro”. While characters like Hoyt and Maxine add to the flavor of Bon Temps, wouldn’t there be more emotional impact for Jess if she had killed Hoyt in anger? Shouldn’t she see the darker side of her nature? Don’t all vamps, even the saintly ones, kill in cold blood at least once, ffs?

    Speaking of “saintly” vampires… Oh, if they would only kill Bill. The continued elevation of this character above all others, including the protagonist, is inexplicable to me.

    With S4 falling apart in the middle and sliding into a muddled heap by episode 12, i find my enthusiasm for this once entertaining and compelling show waning Perhaps a few well-timed deaths, that actually had some emotional resonance for the audience could turn things around in S5?

    • Isn’t True Blood based on the “Sookie Stackhouse” novels? Just sayin’ :) Though I do agree with a lot of what you’re saying.. she’s not as compelling as she was in sesaon 1. Sort of 1 note. She needs to turn or have a vampire baby or something AMIRITE?!

      • krtmd

        That’s quite a can of worms you opened with that statement Jacob. I have read ALL the Sookie books, and “based on the books” is a pretty loose statement when it comes to TB. Much to the detriment of TB, they have strayed so far from the books as to render the characters unrecognizable. And Sookie’s character suffers for this more than any other.

        I can no longer predict what avenue AB will take on his show, but book Sookie will never be turned and it is not possible for vampires to sire biological children in Charlaine Harris’ world – so no vampire babies either.

        • SPOILERS! – Won’t be turned or CANT be turned? What’s the fairy ruling on that one?

        • krtmd

          SPOILERS (and sorry for the lack of an alert on my last post)-

          Charlaine Harris has said that Sookie will never become a vampire.

          It has been said about TB that fairies can’t be turned, but Sookie is mostly human, so who knows?

      • Diane

        Jacob, I would not even go so far as to say ‘based on the Sookie Stackhouse novel’ anymore. What Alan Ball has done to the ‘source material’ is stuck in a paper shredder and used the bits and pieces leftover to make up his own crackpot show, this was after a good start to season 1 and a decent season 2. As I said in one of my blog posts, I would rather he make up his own vampire story than touch my beloved SSN.

  • taim

    this site is great and really well done, more people should visit it!!! Is this site connected with HBO?

    and so agree with this whole article, but I am just mainly sick with Alan balls obsession with Bill, it has ruined the show, by making bill the centre of all the storylines the writers constantly disrupt the character development of other characters. Season 4 was such a huge disappointment, but the writers haven’t really learned from their mistakes, season 5 will have a bill eric bromance with Bill being the main player again… it sucks…and waiting this time definitely don’t suck…

    • We aren’t affiliated with HBO but I think we are the only fansite/budding HBO community on the net! Glad to have you here! If anyone reading wants to write about their favorite shows and can demonstrate some ability feel free to contact us. Though you’ll be hard pressed to do better than Serena is doing– her True Blood Articles SUCK (in a “sookieloveseric” sort of way).

      • taim

        well she is just someone who has read the books and talks about what most people are thinking, but maybe she should have mentioned Tara too, it seems like she is going to be turned, it can’t get worse…

        • I’ve abjured Tara. So I don’t know who you’re talking about. :lol:

    • CharlesP.

      Very well written & humorous, with very valid points.
      Thank you, I enjoyed it.

  • trixie

    I agree with pretty much every word.
    Very eloquently and amusingly written as well. Kudos.

    Alan Ball should read this and then take a serious look at his choices.

  • Diane

    This article was spot on and it would be nice if the powers that be at HBO would actually care about what the majority of fans think about the direction of the show. Great job!

    @He is whiney and droll and has been for awhile. But the sheer amount of plot that must be bent to his character on the show, despite the fact he was never represented in the books with such focus, is utterly annoying.

    I can’t ever say enough about the character of Bill really being a non-issue in the show and how much of a waste of time and money it takes to keep him relevant to the story-line. It is now at the point where it makes no sense to keep him around, actually that ship sailed after the Rat-tray reveal, IMO.

    It truly must be exhausting to try and think of ways to keep him relevant without the show becoming less than stellar! What am I saying? It is already less than stellar. If I do watch Season 5 of True Blood, it will be for Alex due to the way he just gets the character of Eric.

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