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Westworld Will Resume Production in New Year

By Jacob Klein on Dec 23, 2015 to Westworld

We’ve all been waiting for the new year as HBO plans to heat up their 2016 lineup to a temperature not reached with their 2015 offerings. With True Blood, Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom all ending in 2014, this year has seen HBO struggle to keep the schedule competitive in an increasingly premium TV battlefield.  A season of True Detective that failed to match its Freshman offering’s ratings numbers didn’t help either. Westworld could have changed all that, though. It was all set to premiere in the Fall but HBO pushed that back into 2016 when they decided it needed a bit of rejiggering.  Production has been on hold while the crew retools but we’re happy to report that it appears Westworld will resume production early next year!  One of our readers pinged Helen Shaver on Twitter or comment:

The tweet reads: “it got pushed. Now we’ll start in the new year.” In response to a question by an HBO Watch reader. That should give them enough time to film the rest of the content they’ll need before a suspected late summer premiere, one year after it was suspected to air this year.

HBO will have a full schedule next year with Vinyl leading things off in February. Game of Thrones, Veep and Silicon in spring. Westworld will hopefully benefit from a GoT hand off in late summer and the final season of The Leftovers will air Fall 2016 (we presume). There are several other series including a new Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle and a Pope miniseries so Westworld will be an anchor in a very busy year for HBO.

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This is very non-news worthy. They was always going to have a break because of the holidays.

They’ve actually been on break, since the end of Episode 7 (which concluded in late October). Per the director of the 8th, they start up again in February.

I’m losing interest in Westworld. First, there were the reports that actors had to do very particular nudity/sex scenes that sounded pretty graphic, even for HBO. With all the production delays, makes me wonder if they know what they’re doing. Would love an update on the Foundation tv series.

We are so spoiled as HBO viewers when we rate 2015 as a bit of an “off year”, even though we still got great TV. :)

I agree that the Comedy block was great. However, Game of Thrones and True Detective both had somehow disappointing seasons, so HBO only had a treat in the David Simon miniseries ShowMeAHero and the great season of Leftovers.

Drama-wise that’s an off-year.. okay, we are spoiled! :D

I have to disagree with Game of Thrones being disappointing, but I agree with True Detective, after season 1 I had such high hopes and I only managed to make it through the 1st episode and I was too bored to continue with the rest, maybe I’ll try again in the future.


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